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Mobile App Development Company India

IndianAppDevelopers is a comprehensive iOS app development company in India with a host of expert iPhone app developers. The company delivers solutions for the entire mobile app development cycle, right from concept to marketing.

Additionally, our app developers India are well versed in extending end-to-end custom mobile app development services for a wide range of iOS devices, including iPad, watchOS, and the like.

  • Specialized App Developers in India: We host a number of experienced mobile app developers that specialize in the development process meant for varied domains.
  • In-House Development Strategy: As an Mobile app development company in India, our development services and strategies are completely inhouse with secured infrastructure letting no line of code to leave the office premises.
  • Custom Agile Development Process: Our app process adheres to agile development methodology process that minimizes risk, and delivers on transparency.
  • App Store Deployment and Support: Our App Developers handle the App Store submission process with an efficient listing, searchable descriptions, assets and the like.
  • Consistent success across the board: Our processes and continued success with a number of niche iOS-based projects, for leading brands has served us in good stead in establishing our company as the partner of choice for many.

Android Mobile App Development India

IndianAppDevelopers has a strong team of Android app developers who are quite well versed in developing a plethora of Android apps of varied domains. The company has cemented its reputation with a successful record of delivering innovative apps of exceptional quality owing to its adroit team of Android app developers in India.

Here is why our team of Indian Android App Developers have ushered in success consistently:

  • Competitive Pricing: As a veteran Android Application Development Company in India, we have ensured that our expertise and experience leads to app development at reasonable cost.
  • Innovative App Concepts: We develop apps of unique standing for our clients, banking on inventive ideas and concepts that benefits Android users in due course.
  • Consistent Technical Support: Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction at all costs with consistent 24/7 technical support and assistance to all clients, even after app deployment.
  • Skilled Team of Developers: Our in-house Android app developers India leverage latest tools and technologies, with optimal use of resources, experience and infrastructure, delivering Android apps at the top of the table.
  • Android Widget and IoT development:Our app builders in India can deliver brilliant widgets and IoT-based apps that attend to various functions on the platform
  • Enterprise App solutions: We deliver integrated Android apps with enterprise solutions that promote smart mobility across the enterprise.

AR/VR Mobile Apps Development India

Augmented reality and virtual reality is revolutionizing the use of visual data through two different platforms of placing experience in the real world and virtual world respectively.

At IndianAppDevelopers, our Indian AR Developers and ensure that clients enjoy sophisticated and interactive applications in augmented reality that enhance its use across education, healthcare, and other fields.

Our Indian VR developers on the other hand create virtual worlds amidst its immersive experience that convert 3D models and videos into reality. We ensure that the high-end user interface involves real-time reactions, simulation and interactions.

  • Our AR and VR solutions make it easy for users to connect with virtual environments with an immersive experience of the digitally created space.
  • We strive to create engrossing AR and VR apps for corporates and firms seeking to leverage the experience to promote their brands and offerings
  • We integrate human perceptions with technology, helping users gain a strong perspective in virtual environments, while interacting with the real world.
  • Our team of Indian AR developers ensures all AR apps are inventive and unique in leveraging the real world with the virtual objects.
  • Our team of Indian VR developers delivers games with infinite replay value along with VR apps that deliver an experience of a product, real estate, a structure or the human body.

Mobile Game App Development India

Unleashing gaming apps for iOS and Android, IndianAppDevelopers ensures complete fulfillment of gaming app requirements of our clients. Our mobile game developers in India ensure that each of our mobile games entice the gaming instincts of the mobile users, matching their interests and intelligence, all at the same time.

  • Versatile Gaming Options: Our mobile game developers in India showcase their versatility in mobile game development by delivering simple as well as advanced games to the fore
  • Best-in-class gaming apps for both platforms: Our Mobile game app developers India continuously deliver successful mobile gaming apps for the most popular categories of the Play Store showcasing innovation and expertise in more ways than one
  • Different Gaming Genres: Our team of outstanding mobile game app developers can develop mobile games for different genres, sticking to the basics of gameplay and market trends related to gaming interest.
  • Beautiful graphics and seamless gameplay: Our mobile app game designers and engineers are well known for delivering impeccable design with seamless, smart gameplay for all games, meant for a wide audience and their evolving gaming psyche too.
  • Unity Engine Support: By leveraging Unity for mobile game development for both iOS and Android, we manage to deliver distinct worlds and gameplay features that are enjoyed by gamers across the world!
  • Use of Analytics: We make optimal use of analytics for game success that delivers insights into the success or failure of each gaming element that we introduce.

Cross Platform Mobile App Development India

Our Cross platform application developers in India are proficient in developing a variety of cross-platform apps, for varied platforms including iOS and Android. Our team’s extensive knowledge in AngularJS, Xamarin, PhoneGap and the like along with their expertise to develop incredible apps serves the firm in good stead to deliver exactly as promised.

Our team of Indian Cross Platform App developers designs aesthetically appealing apps, native to all mobile operating systems with a single codebase, also leveraging powerful mobile frameworks like Sencha, jQuery and the like.

We provide apps for both platforms that deliver comprehensive features and functionality without compromise.

  • Ionic AngularJs App Development: We utilize web libraries of Ionic AngularJs to develop beautiful, and power-packed apps, which provide ample speed and seamless navigation to users.
  • Xamarin and PhoneGap Development: We design several innovative apps for both platforms leveraging features based on Xamarin and PhoneGap for diverse projects
  • Efficient Cross Platform App Developers in India: Our team of cross platform app developers are experienced in writing compact code using CSS3, JS, HTML, for creating hybrid apps with enhanced performance
  • Flexible Engagement Model: We ensure that ever client benefits from our flexible engagement model that ensures routine updates according to client requirements.
  • Unmatched scalability and performance: Our team of cross platform app makers India ensures scalability and unmatched performance for every app that we offer to our clients.

Our App Development Approach

Our app developers India adhere to a stringent app development approach that has delivered consistent success over the years. Our process is broken up to steps that are crucial for the success of any app development project:

  • Requirement Analysis: We understand and make sense of the client requirements along with the app idea before assessing the next steps
  • Conceptualization!: We conceptualize the gameplay as well as the app navigation based on client requirements, the audience expectations and the brand itself
  • Efficient Design: Our team of app designers in India are adept in designing mobile apps for varied platforms balancing aesthetics with features in harmony
  • Code Creation: Our team of app developers in India is keen to explore the latest versions of platforms to develop apps with robust code
  • Integration with existing features: Our apps are also integrated with existing enterprise systems to simplify flow of information, aligned with system compatibility measures, and without posing confidentiality issues
  • Stringent QA and Testing: Each of our apps are passed through multiple phases of QA along with a plethora of testing techniques that ensure that every app is devoid of bugs and errors
  • Play Store/ App Store Submission: We submit our apps on the iOS and Android stores with pertinent information, tags, descriptions that encourage maximum downloads

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Why Choose IndianAppDevelopers?

For the past several years, IndianAppDevelopers has delivered high performance mobile applications for major mobile platforms. As a mobile app development company in India, we have expert and experienced Indian mobile app developers that have the ability to meet all business and industry needs.

Our team of mobile app developers in India relies on agile app development methodology to create apps that adhere to your business requirements. Our aim is to enable clients in enhancing business growth with best tools available in the market, offering exceptional app development services with the best value.

Here is our USP of delivering solutions:

  • High quality mobile applications for several niches
  • Ensure a large user base and boost in business impact
  • High standard functionality & features
  • Drive visual appeal with rich UI and UX
  • Native and cross platform approach for development for mobile apps

As expert and experienced app developers from India, we understand business challenges across the board in terms of complexity of business functions and inherent operations. Our aim is to simplify your processes through our mobile apps and bring ideas to life as part of our comprehensive mobile app development services that attend to the needs of several industries.

We also ensure to stay ahead of the curve, in delivering solutions to clients with app analytics that would lead to mobile app redesign if the navigation is not in line with the requirements. We also make changes to existing apps, exploring the audience psyche as well as design options that optimize user experience and the overall effectiveness of the app.

Our mobile app designers have the “user experience design” DNA that is rooted deep within, ensuring that every icon, theme, layout and element is on par with the client requirements and effective in attracting the intended audience.

Our team of analysts aims to deliver the app that is in line with your business needs, ensuring the results pour in within a short amount of time. Early user testing, and stringent QA are some of the best attributes of working with us.

As a veteran mobile app development company in India, we serve as ideal partners of our clients. Check out our offerings and let us know how we can help you soon!


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