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App developers India for hire at IndianAppDevelopers use modern technology stacks, such as iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, etc., to create reliable, robust, and intuitive app solutions. From full-cycle to custom mobile app development, get unwavering assistance from a trusted Indian mobile app development company. At IndianAppDevelopers, we understand the direness behind your app concept and what prompted you to go for this amazing app idea. And that’s why we ensure that we take our time to understand your startup app idea and then develop your digital product and deliver high-quality outcomes.

Our dedicated young app developers India have curated disruptive mobile apps for all popular domains and still making heads turn with compelling native and hybrid mobile apps from our client’s impactful ideas. We indeed boast a portfolio of 1000+ digitized products that have shaped clients’ success over the years and make us India’s top application development company. Our strength lies in the comprehensive suite of mobile app development services India we offer that are entitled to meet your business-specific requirements, including cloud technologies-based enterprise-level digital solutions & end-to-end software development services.

Indian App Developers ranked as the top-rated offshore mobile app development India, dedicated to digital innovation, with 1% of the top talent offering time-zone coordinated app development services in India. Contact experienced application programmers and Collaborated with us to have 97% quality service, a team of 40+ expert native(Android & iOS) & cross-platform developers(React Native & Flutter), and trusted results with a 75% reduction in overall costs.


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IndianAppDevelopers: The Best Choice to Hire Mobile App Developers in India

Hire professional mobile app developers India from us to build a fully-functional mobile app. India is home to 1,70,000 top mobile app development companies, a whopping number indeed! But what differentiates us is that we have an ever-growing international presence, with headquarters in Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Angola, Switzerland, and the USA. With our outsourcing model as unique as our highly-strategic iOS & android app development India, our team is noteworthy placed to leverage the best of next-gen technologies and foster an environment of true-to-the-age digital transformation!

When hiring experienced app designers, you collaborate and choose the benefits of partnering with India's top application development company. From scalable, robust, higher-ROIs oriented mobile solutions at competitive pricing systems, give real value to your product and eventually your customers with rich native and hybrid app products!

Ping and partner with us today!

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Highly Experienced Team

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Safe & secured NDA documentation

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Agile, mobile app development processes

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6+ years of experienced developers

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Client satisfactory solutions

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Wholesome app development experience

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Market compatibility planning & strategizing

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Fully transparent process

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Timeline based delivery

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Cost-effective price ratio

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Win-win partnership

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Hourly/Weekly/Monthly hiring options

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Flexible hiring models

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3 months post-launch maintenance, free

Our App Developer Technology Expertise

Leveraging our time-tested technologies, hire our systems app development tech wizards and get the best out of mobile app development tools & latest technologies. Partner with a top 10 mobile app development company in India that power-packs your application with the latest tech stacks!

Process Followed by Our Skillfull App Developers

The process our mobile app development experts India follow is a playbook of our client’s victories - intelligent, lean, and agile! From shaping your idea in the initial stages to conducting a market compatibility test and developing it with the most suitable tech stack, our app development for startups India & businesses is a well-thought approach, strengthened from 10+ years of hard graft, developed by top-notch app programmers in India, incorporating steps that fabricate your app into a robust, top-notch, and one that helps your business reach immense success.

With us, your project is taken care of by the highly-experienced India app development team. Hire the best app developers for startups in India who aim to bring the best out of your app concept to ensure sophisticated, full-fledged mobile app development services India from start to end.

Project Requirements Planning

  • Getting closely acquainted with your project.
  • Conducting a market compatibility test
  • Defining the mobile app’s technicalities

Selecting what works best for you

  • Deciding the right fit tech stack
  • Helping you cherry pick best-suited mobile app developers
  • Designating a dedicated software development team

UI/UX Designing of your app

  • Wireframing your mobile application solution
  • Feedback round
  • Fine & final designs

Developing your mobile application from scratch

  • Coding the app based on the technology
  • Programming the app
  • Adding related APIs and plugins

Testing your app to its final touch

  • QA testing the app in and out
  • Checking the app’s quality
  • Carrying manual and automatic testing
  • Configuring the app for deployment
  • Launching the app on the App Stores.

Post-launch support & maintenance

  • 3 months of complimentary post-production support
  • Ruling out post-deployment bugs
  • Incorporating user feedbacks updates
  • Perfectly taking care of your app even after it leaves our premises!

Why Hire Application Developers in India?

No matter how surprising it may seem, you will be glad to know that more than 4.4 Million intellectuals are part of India’s IT Sector! Besides that, Indian App Developers globally is regarded as India’s best application development company, most exemplary at developing software applications. More importantly, When you are looking to hire an app development studio among the top 10 mobile app development companies list in India, you get access to a large talent pool, thus helping you grow & scale at a lightning-fast speed.

And that’s why no wonder why outsourcing mobile app development India & partner with Indian app builders is the most opted and popular. Our custom software development company experience has witnessed the growing demand, with over 75 % of startups & SMBs choosing to outsource mobile app development in India. From low mobile application development cost estimates in India to time-zone aligned work, clients love cheap mobile app development in India and the many advantages of this collaboration.

Competitive Rates

If your plans are big, your budget is small, and the top startup app you’re aiming for, then it’s all good news here! Because outsourcing to the best Indian app developers brings you immense support & effectiveness at comparatively lower costs. ($25 - $50) Cherry-pick from a talented pool of resources & earn 3x more revenue in fewer investments!

Industry Standard Development Protocol

Regarding quality assurance app development procedures, India holds the top position. Top app development companies in USA & India sign an NDA first when you contact them to discuss your app idea. As a leading low cost mobile app development company in India, we have strict agreements with their mobile and web app developers, safeguarding your concept to the fullest.

India is Most Preferred mobile and web app Development Outsourcing Hub

Global enterprises and businesses have regarded India as the most preferred app development outsourcing hub. Clients from the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada outsource their innovative ideas to tech talents in India. The professional attitude and best-in-class digital solutions offering custom software development company in India & cost-effectiveness make India the main hub of IT infrastructure.

Favorable Government policies and Infrastructure

Business minds note that the Indian Government offers 100% foreign equity. Moreover, the Indian IT industry is a part of India’s IT Act 2000, providing more support to all software development companies in India. Also, the Indian Parliament supports IT infrastructure, promoting safe and secured IT segments for clients worldwide.

Extensive Command over Tech Stacks

IndianAppDevelopers offers the best app coders in India for scalable, secure, and advanced mobile application development. Hire top mobile app programmers via us with extensive experts in the latest app development tech stacks at a flexible engagement model.

Proficient Resources with No Communication Barriers

English is a Second Language for most of the Indian population. With no chances of communication barriers in your stride, outsourcing to Indian IT company ushers in talented resources, state-of-the-art technologies, and user-focused products that play a significant role in successful projects developed by Indian app development companies.

Available for Different Models (Part-Time, Full-Time & Project-Based)

At Indian App Developers, we believe that clients should get to hire highly experienced, screened, and talented mobile app builders in the most convenient way possible. Then, from part & full-time hiring to the Scrum team, Hourly rate, Fixed cost, Staff Augmentation, and Dedicated hiring model, we ensure that it’s flexibly convenient for you & helps you get magnificent results!

Maintenance and Support with Top Notch Control Over the project

Above everything else, what differentiates going top mobile app development services in India is we provide complimentary three months of support & maintenance period, where any post-launch issues can be fixed with ease. Collaborating with us means getting support from discussing to deploying on the App Stores.

Best-in-class Mobile App Development
Services India, We Offer

You say we make a way! Hire our skillful top mobile app developers in India who don’t delay in making a way to bring your app idea into the most successful practices. Cater to your massive target audience through our Android app development, iPhone app development, complete 360° services & powerfully leverage the expertise of our mobile app programmers India for hire!

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Customer-Centric Mobile App Development:

Enable your business to scale and earn more significant ROIs with top iOS & Android app developers in India. We offer custom iOS & Android app development in India at our place that complements your business vision and helps your business evolve into a next-level successful brand story.

Through our customer-centric mobile application development, we deliver your user's impeccable personalized customer experience & solid insight into your business vision. Let your customers truly feel satisfied, engage with your brand for real & eventually be brand loyal.

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Android App Development

Trust the skills of our best Android app developer India in creating high-performing, reliable digital business solutions for wearables, TV, tablets, & yes, of course, smartphones. As a leading android app development company India we elevate your path to success with Android app development - one of the first smartphone technologies.

Utilizing our magic potion of Java & Kotlin, We are among the best companies for android developers in India, giving unmatched value to your users’ Android OS system with outstanding Android UI/UX designs for Play Store Submission.

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iOS App Development

Coding in next-gen Xcode and Swift, our top app developers in India create iOS applications that are stemmed to deliver excellent native exotic experiences. Having developed more than 350+ iOS mobile apps, we are experts in custom iPhone app development, UI/UX design, and seamlessly migrating your application to iOS.

More importantly, our iphone app developers are experts at leveraging the full power of Apple’s ecosystem & creating high-revenue generating innovative mobile apps for Mac OS, iPhone OS, tvOS, and Apple Watch OS.

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Flutter App Development

Your excellent application concept should be unrestricted to more than one platform. Partner with us to promote your brand in native style at a cost-effective price ratio. Experience native mobile apps like performing mobile apps for various platforms with our Flutter app development support services.

Our Flutter app developers build platform-independent Flutter cross-platform app development solutions that accelerate your business revenue & deliver highly-quality native experiences. With us, you get zero-platform differences and a multi-platform deployable Flutter application!

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React Native app development

Build cross-platform app development solutions from Meta-backed technology - React Native and create best-in-class native apps effortlessly. By reducing cost & time, hiring React Native app developers from us means doubling your benefits.

What’s more, we offer to React Native app development services backed by React’s unique features, from blazing fast performance to rich mobile UI to hot reload; our proficient React Native engineers help you go beyond in-budget options to a single-code base, but multi-platform deployed application!

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MVP Development

Minimize your cost, mitigate your development time, & maximize your pathway to receive invaluable insights from early users with MVP - a Minimum Viable Product with minimum yet essential features.

Give a great kickstart to your app’s 1.0 version & ultimately turn it into a complete top-tier application with an end-to-end MVP mobile app development company in India! Avail of our MVP app development services today and accelerate your MVP app development with Agile practices from ideation to post-launch.

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Game development

Want to make your users play flashy, high-performing, exciting fantasy sports games? Our gaming application developers in india help you create captivating games with Unity3D, HTML5, and Unreal Engine!

We are a mobile game development company in India that helps you create unparallel 2D & 3D games that grab the attention of your gaming pros in no time. Enable your users to have a next-gen graphics game with our solid expertise. Be it Arcade games to Online Battleground games, bring revolutionary 2D & 3D games to the world of online games.

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AR/VR Development

Take your business to the next level and augment your services into client satisfactory enthralling solutions. We are an AR & VR Indian mobile app development company that can add value to your dull business tasks into interesting AR/VR mobile apps.

Our maestros VR/AR cheap app developers India reinvent your brand identity by bringing in a mind-blowing classic interactive application. With superimposed images, 3D structuring, IoT, sensor-based mobile apps, and customized AR/VR softwares, we create the perfect environment for your business to thrive!

Our Models to Hire Veteran App Engineers

Find iOS and Android app developers in India for hire with models that are not only flexible but highly convenient. Our hiring models suit the needs of all startups, enterprises, businesses, firms, and everyone! We make hiring easy for our clients. Choose from our four flexible engagement models and get started:

Hourly rate hiring model

Choose the cost-effective way to hire Indian developers. And hire mobile app developers at an hourly rate. Take control of your development time and have talented resources in your team on an hourly basis.

Dedicated hiring model

Get your app development done faster and in a more efficient way. Go for the dedicated hiring app engineers model and onboard dedicated Indian developers to work on your project.

Fixed cost model

Go for the fixed Indian App Developers cost model and get your application developed on a fixed budget. Hire veteran application makers in India as a part of your team on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly hiring basis.

Scrum team model

Looking for a skillful India app developer to work on the hardest module of your application? Choose the Scrum team model and get your app’s module done quicker.

How can you hire Top Full Stack App Developers With IndianAppDevelopers?

Hire mobile app makers in India with easy and three convenient steps. Go from cherry-picking your developer fit to making them a part of your team. Hire proficient Indian developers with ease.

Connect us and share your requirements

Select your mobile app developer & challenge their skills

Onboard your Indian app developer in your team

Our Mobile App Development Company Expertise, We Posses

Mobile and web development is a complex art, requiring proper management, strategic planning, successful implementation, and, especially when the project requirements are high-end, extra effort & time. But let’s skip to the good part! We have a self-organizing mobile app makers team in India who are great at turning your critical challenges into competitive advantages with their strategic planning skills.

Whether you want to create a native or a hybrid app, with us as your best mobile app development company in India, choose the undisturbed mobile and web development experience. Hire Indian Coders, the best fit for your project, with client-convenient flexible hiring models. Get set to turn your mobile app idea into a viable solution.

From startup app development to large-scale enterprise solutions, hire developers from India who will help you connect the dots with their best shot without you having to worry about the extra lot!

P.S ~ We have four different flexible, client-convenient hiring models!

Full-Stack Programmers

Hiring separate expert android and iphone app developers in India for the front-end & back-end of your application can get challenging & big-budget, especially if your project requirements are complex. Choose the cheap hiring option - hire full-stack Indian developers, maestros of both the front-end & back-end parts of the application, and a cost-effective solution for you.

Remote Programmers

Don’t limit your talent hunt to your postal code only. Particularly when Indian App Developers have talented programmers, skillful and extensively equipped to put together your mobile and web development needs with a proven, time-tested approach. Hire our professional team of dedicated remote app developers in India, an expert at their craft & making things easier for you, even remotely!

React-Native Programmers

Launch your business solution on various platforms & reach your broad audience with single-code processing. Hire React Native app developers India who can transform your app idea into Instagram, Airbnb, and Skype-like React Native mobile apps. Being the best for startups & SMEs, our React engineers can help you reap the best results from build-fast, launch-fast technology!

Flutter Programmers

Break free from the clutter and hire Flutter app developers India who are adept at getting your application upper on the App Stores. We have a team of 25+ veteran Flutter builders who powerfully leverage the potential of this Google-backed rich technology & help you grow your business digitally with rich & intuitive results.

Cost To Hiring Our Programmers

From being affordable with quality services to be efficient and effective in everything, we assure the best services at the best possible prices, with no inch of compromise on anything. Through the cost we have penned in black and white, get insights on the estimated mobile app development cost in India to hire skillful app developers from the Indian app development agency.

Ping us and our business analyst will connect with you in 48 hours with our mobile developers' cost in India based on your project requirements and the duration it will take to develop your application.

Rate Table of Hiring Resources

Developers Hourly rate
Android developer $50 - $100
Flutter developer $30 - $75
React Native developer $50 - $100
iOS developer $75 - $150

Cost of Developing Mobile Apps

Developers Cost
Android apps $45,000 - $150,000
iOS apps $55,000 - $2,00,000
React Native apps $25,000 - $1,00,000
Flutter apps $30,000 - $75,000

Industry-specific tailored mobile app development solutions!

The industry is the soul of business and the keystone of prosperity - Charles Dickens.

Indeed, your business matters, and so does its industry. And that’s why from perceiving the demand of the on-demand industry to understanding the significance of reliable healthcare industry solutions in the 21st Century, we have a knack for offering mobile application development services India that are instrumental in taking your business transformations a step ahead. Through our decades of experience in creating industry-wise solutions, our expert Indian builders help you give your customers a highly personalized experience that amplifies your business in the best possible way.

As Mobile application development experts for startups in India, our coders are fond of working with different domains and giving them a Tech makeover, be it EdTech or Fintech. Blending our expert expertise with next-gen technologies, we are proud to mention that we have developed softwares for various industries worldwide.

Through our industry solutions, we have

- Significantly boosted productivity

- Simplified the lives of users

- Enhanced customers’ experience

Choose the industry-leading best mobile app development company in India that knows how to bring tremendous opportunities in your stride & help you generate more significant revenue.

Hire famous app developers in India & let’s develop something great together!



AR for Museum

On-Demand Mobile Solutions

Our portfolio

Our clients have been simply in awe of our work! Check massive India mobile app development studio portfolios that will awe you too. Designed by the best creative app designers, backed by the latest tech stack, developed by application wizards, and managed by excellent project managers, our portfolios and app development india reviews are proof of what we will accomplish for you!


List of the Top 10 India Mobile App Development Companies

  • 1. IndianAppDevelopers

    IndianAppDevelopers, a top mobile app development company based in Ahmedabad, India, has a Strong Team of 85+ Mobile App Developers, typically charging an hourly rate ranging from $20 to $45.

  • 2. ImperoIT

    ImperoIT is the best Android & iPhone App Development Services provider company, with the Power of 100+ Web & Mobile App Developers on their team. If you’re looking to hire them, be prepared to pay between $40 and $80 per hour.

  • 3. 7EDGE

    7EDGE is a leading software and product development company based in Bengaluru, India, with a team of 80+ web & mobile app developers. The average hourly rate per platform is somewhere between 25$ & 50$.

  • 4. Radiansys

    Radiansys is the leading Full-stack Mobile app development company based in India & USA. Their talented team of 85+ Web & Mobile App developers usually charge between $40 and $80 per hour for their services.

  • 5. Strivemindz

    Strivemindz is a top full Stack Mobile App & Web Development Company established in 2007 based in India with a large team of 100+ Web & Mobile App Developers; the hourly rate range from $25 to $80, depending on their experience and expertise.

  • 6. Pairroxz

    Pairroxz is a leading mobile app development studio. When hiring its Strong team of 100+ Web & Mobile App Developers developers, the average hourly rate tends to hover between $25 and $80.

  • 7. Kmphitech LLP

    Kmphitech is one of India’s fastest-growing Mobile app development companies having a full Team of 249+ web & mobile app developers. The hourly rate for a developer is typically between $25 to $80.

  • 8. WDI

    WDI is one of the top digital product creation companies based in India, and they are proud to have a team of 100+ expert web & mobile app developers. Their developer charge between somewhere 30$ to 90$.

  • 9. AXAT Technologies PVT LTD

    AxAt Technologies is an award-winning mobile app development firm based in India. They have the power of 100+ Web & Mobile App Developers on their team. Hourly rates of their developer are typically in the range of $40 to 80$.

  • 10. Crest Coder

    Crest coder, a trusted mobile app development company based in India to hire a team of 50+l developers, expects to pay an hourly rate in the range of $30 to $50.

Definitely, it is.

We are regarded as one of the best mobile app development companies in Ahmedabad, India, located in North Hollywood, California, USA, mainly specializing in Android, iOS, React Native, game, and Flutter development, making us different from freelance app developers India.

Moreover, Indian application programmers have some of the best mobile coders on their teams. Our team of developers is included in the top 1% of talented developers in India, and that’s why clients hire mobile app developers from us to get excellent innovative mobile solutions.

Undoubtedly, end-to-end software solution is our specialty, along with complementary post-launch support & maintenance services.

Using the latest tech stack for all our mobile app projects is something we are passionate about at IndianAppDevelopers, or as we fondly call it. Not only using the latest tech stack but also the best functionalities software is what mobile and web apps are made of.

For native Android, we use:

• Java

• Kotlin

• Android Studio

• ML Kit


• Google Assistant SDK

• Google VR

For native iOS, we use:

- Swift

• Objective-C

• X-Code


• iOS Native Dev Kit

• ARKit-6

For cross-platform React Native, we use:

• JavaScript

• React Navigation

• MongoDB

• PostgreSQL

• TypeScript

For cross-platform Flutter, we use:

• Dart

• Android Studio

• Visual Studio Code

We have taken the technology information directly from our app builders genius, so you can fully trust them!

Before you enter an official partnership with any Indian mobile app development company, you should be utterly satisfied with your decision. And that’s why we always suggest to our clients that they know about us thoroughly before choosing us as the extension of your company. Below are some factors you should consider while deciding on a trusted app development partner.

Seven factors to consider while deciding on a mobile app development company in India

• Thoroughly researching the company.

• Checking the company’s portfolio comprehensively.

• A set strategy for further development procedures.

• Being informed about the technologies they use.

• Their post-launch support & maintenance policy.

• A clear scope of work by the mobile application development company.

• Strict NDA policy and adherence to the achievable timeline.

Undoubtedly. We want our clients to feel the safest and most secure collaborating with us. As soon as you share your application requirements with us, the first thing we make sure to accomplish is signing the NDA document.

Moreover, we have a strict treaty with our application makers to keep your concept under full wraps; your idea remains within our four walls of the office. So when you hire an app developer in India, your app is bound to stay super secure, our promise!

The benefits of outsourcing your application to India hold much prominence in terms of talented resources and cost-effectiveness. Listed down are some of the costs for Indian app development companies.

Benefits of outsourcing developing an application to India

• Getting your app developed by highly talented, skilled application developers.

• Cost-effective development. Reduction in your total investment budget.

• On-time delivery, round-the-clock aligned work.

• IT-friendly government policies.

• Excellent infrastructure with prompt and efficient services.

The cost of developing a mobile application by Indian app creators depends on many factors. The application development project Cost in India is derived based on a project’s complexity, functionalities, and features.

At IndianAppDevelopers, the average estimated cost of developing the application lies between $15,000 to $100,000. To know more about the cost of growing with us, click here.

Depending on what type of application requirements you have, the application development time can be anything between 3 - 9 months. Building an application is divided into phases and modules, and each set stage and module has its timeline.

For example, an app's design part can take between 3-6 weeks.

Whereas the app development part of the application can take 1 -3 months.

Followed by QA testing, which can also extend upto a week or two.

From researching your app idea to successfully launching your application on the Play Store, the time to develop an application varies with every other application. Contact our project manager to get a detailed view of the timeline.

Client speaks!

Take a closer glimpse of our success stories from our clients!

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“We collaborated with Indian App Developers as they really comprehended our goal. They are incredibly professional, host the best talent, and are excellent at project management. We are very impressed with how the app has turned out to be. I must say their dedication & quality is top-notch. Highly recommend them.”

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