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Portfolio Keepappy
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Selected as a top startup at Web Summit 2019!

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Raised funds of more than $20M through an app!

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Finalist in 'The Education Awards 2020' - Ireland!

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Used by more than 500,000 downloads!


Here's how we get AR to work:

  • Leveraging AR software, these apps work on different platforms to deliver interactive experiences. Point the smartphone camera towards images, objects, or even point towards a direction and see stored digital information in the form of text, graphics, audios and videos on the display itself.
  • The app captures the present location of the user with the help of GPS and oversees phone's positioning with help of its electric compass based on the direction.
  • The app scours for text, hyperlinks, videos, and other stuff in the database, tagged in a location accurately.
  • Once the app fetches relevant information based on location, point the camera towards the image of the object on the display.
  • Let clients experience an interactive visuals triggered from pointing to specific objects or images right on the display!
  • Reinvent your brand and organization identity with help from app developers India, specifically hire our augmented reality app developers who can create compelling marketing campaigns and establish an interactive relationship with clients, boosting their experience.
  • We blend innovation, ideation, creativity and research to deliver persuasive apps with brilliant details.

Our technical proficiency

As a veteran augmented reality app development company in India, we depend on cutting-edge technologies to deliver the goods. Our team comprises of experienced augmented reality app developers who consistently deliver best AR app as per branding and publicity needs. We are well versed in working with

  • 3D Modeling of Diverse objects
  • Comprehensive Rigging & 2D/ 3D Animation
  • Markerless & Marker-based Tracking of Characters
  • 3D Rendering of Environment

Working with IndianAppDevelopers for AR development


Enhance branding & marketing strategies

As one of the best Augmented Reality App Development Companies in India & USA, we can enhance your branding and marketing campaigns by several notches. We are well known in creating outstanding Augmented Reality apps and can tailor them in accordance with your company objectives and requirements. We help you forge better connection with existing clients and attract new ones. Our immersive solutions facilitate two-way interaction between the brand and its customers.


World class solutions at affordable rates

We are a unique augmented reality app development company in India that has consistently delivered unmatched AR apps and solutions at affordable prices. Here is a team with expert and experienced augmented reality app developers that follow Agile/Scrum Methodology to the tee while providing consistent quality and tangible results. Our transparent processes enable communication of project progress constantly. What's more, every solution is tailored to target customer requirements, realizing our client's vision.

Prompt and timely
Quick app marketing process
Expand on customer

Multiple device compatibility

We are one of the few Augmented Reality App Development Companies in USA & India to develop custom branded AR apps for all mobile platforms including wearable devices. We ensure outstanding experiences to customers by creating intuitive apps with engaging front end and impeccable graphics.

Swift loading times for apps
Robust back-end and security
Minimalist design layout
Cross-platform ready solutions

Consistent support

Get all processes, from concept development to post development support in the form of enhancements and upgrades from our team of AR developers. We constantly test iterative builds on different devices including Google Glass, and other high-end smartphones, tablets and wearables. We build marketing campaigns aligned with your strategy for marketing these AR apps.

Bug-free programming and coding
Stringent testing methods
Re-engineering of AR apps
Support for app deployment


Laura Brennan Co-founder of EthiCart, Ireland

"IAD helped us accomplish an array of development complex projects on time with fast paced and suitable outcomes! I feel it has been an excellent experience working with them."

Lorcan Hassett Founder of Feistim, Ireland

"Anyone looking for a developer company with fresh creative ideas in Android app, should check this developer company. From offering great impromptu ideas to backing it with flawless development, they proved exceptional."

Aimee-Loiuse Carton Co-founder of KeepAppy, Ireland

"IndianAppDevelopers really beaten our expectations with great quality of work. Their professionalism and continuous focus to excel gave us the perfect solution for our enterprise mobility requirement."

Avril McMonagle Founder of Mosaic - Meantóir, Ireland

"With 10 years of offshore experience, I have rarely experienced such a dedicated supplier. The Cerdonis team are driven by delivering the best product. Their service and commitment are in the top class! Can definitely recommend this team."

Paul Osborne Co-founder of Scoreboard, USA

"The project's scope changed various times, but the team was flexible and patient throughout. Cerdonis responded quickly to all queries and was able to provide suggestions on how to make the app better. They were able to find solutions and were skilful during development."