Problem statement.

Paul Osborne (founder of Scoreboard) observed that fundraisers around the USA were having a hard time keeping track of total sales carried out.

Osborne wanted a digital solution to help users execute the entire fundraising journey the easiest way. As the best mobile app development company, with a group of expert app developers India, Osborne collaborated with us to create a hi-end app that has replaced manual, complicated tasks with an automated process. The app is towering high, with more than 40k+ athletes executing their fundraising journey chaos-free.

What is Scoreboard FR?

Intending to provide the best fundraising journey to athletes in the USA, Scoreboard FR is an automated app to track sales & scores of a fundraiser. Founded by Paul Osborne in 2015 partnering with Indian App Developers, Scoreboard has aided 15,000+ fundraising campaigns in the USA.

The app’s dashboard is made upon - Model - View - Control approach that allows users - to get updates, have a glimpse of sales total of different fundraising campaigns, and enter total sales information accomplished by fundraisers.

The fundraising platform also has impressive features to make fundraising an exciting task. Checkpoints based system is included, which encourages athletes to reach targets. Once the targets are achieved, the athletes are gifted with delightful prizes like hoodies, duffel bags, or even cash prizes.

The app also has an inbuilt map; whenever an athlete makes a sale, the athlete’s location is tracked & is pinned. The app allows other athletes to view the pin & decide whether they want to go to that place again or cover a different area & save time & collect more funds. The scoreboard is a smart way to pitch in sales & raise more funds.

App features

  • MVC (model-view-controller) based software
  • User-friendly sign-up options with Google, Apple id & Facebook.
  • Enhanced secured portal with Anti-malware integration.
  • 24/7 availability
  • Recorded list of sex offenders in prospective sales areas.
  • View/compare total sales
  • Check the map to track sales
  • Pin on the map when sale executed
  • Collaborative tools for efficient teamwork.

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Achievements & recognitions

  • Raised $20 million in just 1.5 years.
  • Over 15,000+ fundraising campaigns registered.
  • 40k+ athletes using the fundraising platform.
  • Go to fundraising platform among millennials in the USA.

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