Problem statement.

Having experience of more than 20+ years in the early childhood sector, Avril McMonagle, the lead consultant of Meantóir noticed an absence of an efficient solution in Aistear’s Early Childhood Curriculum Framework development in Ireland. Avril connected with our application developers India to bring forth a solution that strengthens early childhood education.

Holding an MEd, Avril and her Meantóir team were on the lookout for a solution that could boost education locally, regionally, as well as nationally. Together working on her vision, with our many years of education sector as a mobile app development company, we pioneered a quality practice tool for early childhood education across Ireland & built a practical solution that supports Aistear themes wonderfully.

Mosaic is the leading learning app in Ireland, with 85+ schools & 5500+ children in registration. It offers an extensive set of services, including — CPD mentoring, training & development, research, and policy for individuals & groups to help them achieve quality early childhood service.

What is Mosaic?

Developed by the resources of Meantóir & designed for early childhood care services, Mosaic enables parents to keep track of their child’s activities at day-care in real-time!

Avril McMonagle, a proficient & honored member of the early childhood care field in Ireland, is the lead consultant of Meantóir. The educational app comprises of two apps - one for educators & one for parents. The educator app allows educators to record a child’s progress in the daycare. The storybook feature of the educational app permits the educator to effortlessly document the child’s progress & make it convenient for parents to see it. The app follows - observation, assessment, planning & transition methodology to ensure that every child is cared for.

The parents’ app lets the parents view a child’s learning at the daycare with ease. Also, the parents’ learning app is developed to pave the way for real-time communication between parents & teachers through instant chat messaging & group message boards. The learning app aims to cater to every child from every background, learning ability & learning stage.

With excellent reviews on App Stores, the early childhood learning app is a go to-go option for early childhood care. And we’re proud to say that Over 3500+ parents are using mosaic across 85+ schools.

App features

  • One stop solution for all information related to a child.
  • Track/update daily care log of a child
  • View the records of a child put in by the educator.
  • Check upcoming events at daycare.
  • Access to real-time communication between parents & teachers.
  • Document a child’s progress in the form of a storybook.
  • Analyze Aister’s themes & goals.

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Meantóir - the specialist support group for
early childhood education.

Standing true to its meaning, Meantóir means mentoring. Meantóir is a specialist support service group with over 20+ years of experience in early childhood care services. They offer an extensive set of services, including CPD mentoring, training & development, research, and policy for individuals & groups to help them achieve quality early childhood service.

Achievements & recognitions

  • Awarded as a leading startup by Ireland Rising Business Star Awards.
  • Used by more than 85+ schools in just 5 months.
  • Assisted more than 5500+ children in learning adroitly.
  • Served more than 3500+ parents in helping their children learn effectively.
  • Applauded for easy to use interface.

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