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Hire the cream and create an amazing team!

Don’t limit your search to your zip code only! Talent is worldwide and especially at our place. Indian App Developers offers world-class developers, programmers, designers, and engineers to help you scale higher with your amazing team.

The advantages of hiring remote developers are not only limited to cost-efficient solutions but also access to a large pool of talents, which is indeed a HUGE advantage. We at Indian App Developers have a very reliable, tested, and proven approach to help you hire the cream and make a fantastic team!

Our Remote Developers offerings

We are ready to take on your development operations & transform them into full-fledged solutions. Yes, we are here to make things easier for you, even remotely.

Our development approaches

To help you scale at your convenience, we offer both Agile & Waterfall approaches. At Indian App Developers, our clients hold all the rights in choosing the approach they find suitable for their project. What our resources do is - get flexible and offer their best services to you.

Agile development pattern
Waterfall development pattern

Hire remote development team in 4 easy steps 🙂

1. Speak with our industry expert.

2. Discuss your project.

3. Cherry-pick your development team/developers.

4. Work with the right fit, pinky promise.

Hire a remote development company with the most flexible hiring models

Fixed cost model

If your project consists of a strictly defined scope of work and you’re sure there won’t be any alterations, then this model is exclusively for you.

At Indian App Developer, we offer a fixed-cost model at a guaranteed fixed budget regardless of what time it takes to complete your project. The model is well suited for large & pre-defined projects.

Dedicated team

If you think your project is large and needs to be completed in a fast-paced process, then a dedicated team that gives you undivided attention will be appropriate.

As a mobile app development company, we offer a dedicated team at a fixed price and a specified period to clients. The dedicated team size can be augmented as per your requirements.

Scrum team model

Meant for clients who only want experts for a short period of development time. Suppose if you only want a developer to work on one specific module or in a particular phase.


The scrum team model is especially meant to pace up your development work. Also, we have the option of a scrum team as per flexible time zones.

Hourly rate pricing model

Also known as Time & Material rate pricing model, it’s a cost-effective policy that you can easily adopt. You can take control of the time & resources, without shedding an extra cent! So that means you only have to pay for the hours the developer has worked.

The hourly rate pricing model is mainly used for complex projects and leaves more room for future integrations & in-between development changes. At Indian App Developer, we offer an hourly rate pricing model to clients who want to hire remote developers.

Advantages working with us

  • Hire in 4 easy steps.
  • Flexible hiring models.
  • Cost-effective monetization policy.
  • Strict NDA policy.
  • 4+ years experienced developers.
  • Agile & Waterfall methodology accessible.
  • Completely transparent process.
  • Result focused development pattern.

Work that speaks for itself!

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We have been working with Indian App Developers for the past 7 years. They have been a very responsible team from the beginning. They are quick at responding, available whenever we need, and are extremely supportive when there’s a high-priority fix. All-inclusive, IAD can be your best bet for app development.

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