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Looking for a mobile game development studio to develop your next dream game project? Look no further. IndianAppDevelopers build innovative gaming solutions with fascinating experiences for players.

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How We Help Being Prominent Mobile Game Development Company

IndianAppDevelopers offers a full suite of mobile game development and monetization strategy services. Leading with a vetted in house team who works and plays together, our gaming connoisseurs are experts at creating engaging gaming stories with in-app gamification techniques and the most-advanced gaming frameworks. From fabricating brilliant & visually striking games, we develop games for Android, iOS & Windows mobile platforms.

Enthralling your target audience with powerful gameplay is our passion. Being industry leaders, we indeed love to play as well as create marvelous games. Our stunning gaming portfolio is a track record of games that run smoothly and are liked by gaming whiz all over the world. Together, let’s bring your gaming vision to life that operates flawlessly on all platforms!

Our Mobile Game Development Expertise Across All Genres

From fulfilling all your mobile game requirements to supporting you at every step in manifesting your dream, we are a prominent mobile game app development company with the best mobile game programmers squad who are definitely inclined towards playing your way to growth. Our primary focus is to create remarkable games combining the many genres of mobile games with the many forms of developing games. Our quality mobile game solutions are one step closer to helping you deliver your users stunning game apps.

NFT Game Development

Augmented Reality Game Development

Virtual Reality Game Development

Mixed Reality Game Development

Unity Game Development

Unreal Game Development

HTML5 Game Development

Android Game Development

iOS Game Development

Our Comprehensive Mobile Game Development Services

Our cumulative technical expertise in creating fun-filled, interactive, and addictive games has indeed bestowed us with exploring many game platforms and saying goodbye to a few of them. With our high-quality game development services, our project manager make sure to enable the best forms of gaming styles and techniques in your gaming project. From Android platforms to Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality games, grab the attention of your gamers with the most embraced gaming platforms.

Android Platform Game Development

Give your users the most addictive of games on the most favored platforms. We are a top-tier Android mobile game development company that loves to go beyond the ordinary. Our dedicated team of in-house Android game architects not only engineer games for your users’ Android smartphones, but our expert mobile game developers India are maestros in building games even for Android tablet devices, Android TV, and Android wearables. Our Android games are built in Unreal Engine, offering an unmatched gaming experience on all fronts.

iOS Platform Game Development

Talented at iOS game development, we bring you the best iOS games that consistently rank in the Apple stores. IndianAppdevelopers’ development team of veteran iOS game engineers blend their expertise with Unity and SpriteKit to lead your way with fascinating thrilling iOS games. Our skillful iOS game builders make sure to incorporate stunning native graphics and create Role-playing, single-player and multi-player games for all the iOS platforms, including iPad games, Apple watchOS, and even Apple TV, making your game available on all the platforms.

AR/VR Game Development

Surpass the usuals and offer a gaming experience that is filled with gripping visuals, ambisonic audio clips, and high-defining animation. Our reliable AR/VR mobile game development services considerably take into consideration your quest for adventure and immersive vision. We unleash the possibilities of AR/VR as a top-rated game builder garage using Unity and create a playable prototype first and then turn it into a rich real-world environment with ARKit and ARCore. Our AR/VR game creators and Unity developers are best at bringing your imaginative app idea to a virtual high.

Unity3D Game Development

With Unity3D, everything is doable. Develop your game with the most popular game engine and give your gaming audience an unparallel touch. From advanced toolset to fast-forward render ability, our certified Unity developers make robust & flexible gaming solutions with an exciting touch. An open-source platform, choose the Unity platform for fantastic graphics effects and a striking virtual world that keeps your users hooked for a long time.

Unreal Engine Game Development

Art and animation are crucial parts of any game. We deliver immersive, scalable mobile games with Unreal Game Engine with immaculate art and animation that impress your gamers at the first go. From full-fledged Unreal Engine games to complex AAA games, our highly-talented game experts create performance-oriented games that increase your revenue tenfold.

Exploring the Diversity of Mobile Games We Create

Whether you’re a fan of online word games or the best battle Royal games, our custom mobile game development is oriented towards crafting games that are a part of your target gamers’ smartphones. We have especially roped in SME gaming connoisseurs - Subject Matter Experts to have an in-depth guide about the gaming genre you’re interested in and facilitate an immersive gaming experience that your gamers will love to get challenged with!

Puzzle Game Development

Adventure Game Development

Shooting Game Development

Action Game Development

Arcade Game Development

Casual Game Development

RPG or Role-playing Game

MPG or Multi-player Game

Online battleground Game

Racing Game Development

Crypto Game Development

Educational Game Development

Our Concept to Launch process

We are acknowledged as the top mobile game studio in India with a revolutionary approach, especially when it comes to designing & developing awesome games. Every project that comes to us is important to us. And that’s why our project manager aim to materialize your idea into one that reaps extraordinary results. Our in-depth process to create a mobile game is based on exceptional gamification strategies and hands-on insight into how excellent your final product will be!

  • Brainstorming about your unique game idea
  • Building an engaging storyline & characters/avatars
  • Creating a rock-solid game strategy
  • Selecting a game monetization strategy
  • Game designing
  • Developing the game
  • Testing your game to its final finish
  • Launching the game to above & upwards!

Technologies We Excel In

Our senior cross platform pre-vetted mobile game developers put great effort into bringing you a game that beats the ordinary in the gaming industry market. From developing 2D & 3D games to NFT games, Our strategically chosen mobile game development tools are the best ingredient to build exciting games.

The Competitive Edge of Our Gaming Solutions

With the increase in smartphones, game downloads have increased drastically, and the growth drive games are witnessing is fascinating. Being one of the top 50 mobile game app developers in India, we’re proud to mention that we’re a one-stop solution for all the excellent game development needs. With us, be ready to have the highest-grossing game in your stride. Being game industry veterans, we know the ins and outs of creating a mobile game and getting it on the top ranks on the App Stores. These qualities define us and make us an exceptional mobile game development firm to partner with.

  • Complete confidentiality - NDA documentation
  • Free Consultation
  • Creatively experienced developer
  • Absolute support
  • Complete technical competency
  • Professionalism and transparency
  • Advanced technology and coding
  • End-to-end Top mobile game development services
  • Broad-spectrum gaming portfolio

Our Affordable Development Packages

We make developing a game easy for our game fanatics. At IndianAppDevelopers, our foremost priority is our clients, and that’s why our hiring models are flexible, beautifully blending in with your requirements.

Scrum In House Team Model

If you think you want a game expert for one particular game module, connect with us and hire highly skilled game app developers in 3 simple, painless steps and launch your game on your most-favorite game platform faster!

Hourly Rate Model

Looking to hire dexterous cross platform game developers in a budget-friendly way? The hourly rate model is mainly for entrepreneurs thinking of going big! Choose the hourly rate model and only expend the total hours your veteran game creator has worked on.

Fixed Cost Model

Big plans, game requirements fixed, game latest technologies decided? Go for the fixed mobile game development cost model, all in one solution to all your gaming needs. Regardless of how long your game development takes, we will guarantee you a fixed in-budget cost.

Dedicated Hiring Model

Want your game to be launched faster and well-experienced gaming experts to only work for your project? Choose the dedicated hiring model and get an uninterrupted development experience.


List of the 10 Best Video Game Developers

  • 1. IndianAppDevelopers

    IndianAppDevelopers, a top mobile and Game app development company based in Ahmedabad, India, has a team of 25+ enthusiastic mobile game designers and developers, typically charging an hourly rate ranging from $30 to $45.

  • 2. Dotsquares

    Dotsuqres is a CMMi Level 3 Mobile game development company founded in 2002 based in London, UK, with the power of 100+ Game developers. Usually, an hourly fee ranges between $80 to $120.

  • 3. EJaw Games

    EJaw Games is based in Tallinn, Estonia, a top 3D game development company with over 50+ 3D game developers. their hourly rates for professional gaming services are typical $30 to $45.

  • 4. N-iX Game & VR Studio

    N-iX Game & VR Studio, a USA and Ukraine-based company specializing in VR game development, was founded in 2012. They have the power of 40+ game designers and developer teams. They usually charge their clients 40 to 100$ per hour for their services.

  • 5. Goji Labs

    Goji Labs is one of the top Gaming development companies based in Los Angeles, USA. They have a team of about 30+ developers to launch successful NFT games. Their hourly rates are typically set at $100 to $150.

  • 6. HitBerry Games

    HitBerry Games is a top mobile app development company in Porto, Portugal. They have an expert team of 35+ AR game developers. They usually charge 60$ to 80$ per hour for their game design services.

  • 7. Whimsy Games

    Whimsy Game is a software company based in UK & Ukraine. They have more than 50+ teams of expert designers and game architects. They normally charge 50$ to 90$ per hour for their specific service.

  • 8. Emirates Graphic

    Emirates Graphic is an Android game and art production company based in Dubai. They have about 30+ expert employees, and generally, they charge 60$ to 80$ per hour, depending on the expertise required.

  • 9. Mode Games

    Mode Games is a leading iOS & Android game development company founded in Sydney, Australia, in 2014. Their team of 40+ developers is an AR, VR, and Unity 3d technologies expert. They charge an hourly rate that ranges from $60 to $110.

  • 10. Double Coconut

    Double Coconut is a top game and Web3 studio founded in San Francisco, CA, in 2011, with a team of 50+ expert developers. The hourly charge 100$ to 150$, dependent on the project's nature and complexity.

Mobile game development is developing a mobile game using different gaming tools & technologies & game engines. Mobile game development consists of many steps of planning & researching & eventually building up your game idea through solid coding, integrating gaming functionalities, and more. The entire mobile game development process is carried out by a talented game app developers’ team.
The average cost of developing a mobile game app in India varies from from $10,000 and may go up to $3,00,000. In particular, creating a simple 2D game costs between $10,000 - $25,000, whereas developing high-end games with 3d features, rich graphics, etc., starts from $25,000 and above. You can connect with our business analyst to get the exact cost of developing your game application.
To create a rock-solid game, at IndianAppDevelopers, we have devised an 8-step process. It includes taking care of your game app idea from start to finish and launching a game that leads you above & upwards.
Consider the points below if you’re looking to hire gaming company.
  • Kinds of mobile games they have developed
  • Total years of experience
  • Strength of the game development team
  • Game development procedures
  • Game development tools, technologies & gaming engines

India is home to a talented, skilled pool of developers. The Indian app development market is a hub for innovative ideas that have become well-recognized entities. India hosts the top 1% of tech talent, and game developers form a significant part of that 1%. Moreover, outsourcing to India is not only developing your app idea in the most conducive manner but outsourcing your gaming idea to India is very cost-effective, which is an added benefit. Above everything, outsourcing to India shows proven results in all aspects, and entrepreneurs globally consider India the most preferred location for outsourcing.

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