Designing Mobile Apps using the latest UI Design Principles

The mobile technology world is growing at the speed of light, and the apps have become an integral part of our daily life. We can now see an influx of technology with tools that can help create mobile apps. All of them are becoming more accessible and hence people are getting on their first app making journeys. Since the mobile app industry is getting bigger and better than ever, businesses from all corners of the world are trying to develop mobile apps for their operations and marketing. Designing a mobile app for businesses is the first step, though. Company owners are in charge of the basic look and feel of the designed product. With a brilliant mobile app design, one can establish a relationship between app and user very well.

Mobile app UI design – The best approach

All the leading mobile apps for iPhone and Android are fairly designed with the optimal UI/UX view, especially the use of creative design and structure that is aligned with the mobile platform rules and customer expectations. While the essential function of UI is to explore the looks of the app and interact with a user simultaneously, UX determines how a user feels about an app.

Many factors are considered to gauge what is effective in a mobile app design and hence one needs to put in a lot of effort to elicit the perfect response. The major motive of such apps is to live up to key business objectives for generating profits. The best user Interface design succeeds in delivering the best impression and even stimulates a positive customer response.

Role of user interface in Mobile app development

This is the time of digitization, where consumers prefer to access business enterprise information with a single click. They get products and services delivered to them right from their smartphones in a convenient way. Therefore, it is important that websites and apps are fully compatible with multiple platforms and operating systems and need to feature a well-designed user interface within a great-looking, intuitive, seamless mobile app. Every element needs to be managed properly to get the perfect overall performance of a mobile app. Knowing this, the possibilities are endless, but one should understand the importance of having a well-organized and properly designed UI to avoid the mishaps of app uninstalls.

Tips to Design a Mobile App Using UI Design Principles

If you want to create a design with functional mobile app user interface, you would need to understand the basic principles of UI designs. These principles guide the developer and remove a lot of guesswork thus doing the job of designing quite easier.

  • ResearchIf you are planning on becoming a mobile app designer and design some excellent UI based mobile apps, then learn to know what you like and don’t like in an app.  Understand which fonts look the best and which layouts are easiest to use for the business purpose. Mobile app design is quite different than designing websites as they are meant to be focused and specific in their approach.Even the platforms they are used on are variant, helping your app to be the newest, shiniest version of itself. Research on the prime need of the app whether it is a marketing move or is it simply a mobile showcase of your online product?
  • Check out your competitionIn the case of mobile apps, there are many different sites, about apps. A few hours can give you an excellent picture of what is on the market and will help you to know your user’s preferences before you even begin to design the app.
  • Get inspired from different sourcesEntering into this huge, dynamic field needs some inspiration. You need to be different but approachable among others, and visual inspiration is an important part of this procedure. Learn about the latest gestures that are existing on mobile phones and the techniques that are used to get the work done. Inspire with all the updates but never steal them you can do it by improving the app what is already out in the market.
  • Details matterAll the simple details of beautiful accent or a stylish font will help your app to stick out in a huge market and make your app the unique one.
  • NavigationNavigation of your mobile app should always be easy. No need of putting extra efforts into navigation elements or else consumers might get difficulty in adapting to the systems.
  • TypographyThe most important aspect of designing your mobile app designing is Typography. The font should be simple and readable and must have spaces between lines and words to make sure you get the right impact from the texts. It gets even more impressive if your clients get options when it comes to the font.
  • Color schemePicking out the perfect colors from a range of vibrant colors to complement your User Interface design is difficult and importantly adding too many colors can be a distracting part in terms of users. Try to make sure that your colors aren’t clashing and that your text is visible on your background.
  • Testing is vitalThe last and the final part is incredibly important to ensure that the user will receive maximum enjoyment and productivity from your mobile app UI design. Test and inspect all the keypads with one hand. Check if the designs replicate on an older or inferior model than the device that you are using to test your prototype on. Make sure that your users get the complete enjoyment and satisfaction in using your designed app.


You are about to embark on a journey that is filled with fun, excitement a little difficult, and incredibly rewarding. As we have shared all the basics of designing mobile apps with perfect UI, go and make your masterpiece. Remember to work closely with the mobile app developer and achieve the perfect final product.

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