The Advantages of A/B Testing for Mobile App Development

When building a mobile app, every company wants to release the app as fast as possible, but one should be patient enough to evaluate the app with its positives and negatives too. Checking it out can make the difference between actual success of the app or its failure.

One can say that the most under-utilized practice in app development is A/B testing. The process has always been used to create competent marketing campaigns, and even to test notification strategies but has not been used for enhancing the mobile app user experience.

The Role of A/B Testing

A/B testing makes use of two versions (A and B) for assessing promotions, broadcast ads and the like wherein there is a single variation that affects the result. It might be an existing ad which has the title, layout, and even the image different from the other. The test audiences then gauges the options based on which is more effective to be rolled out for a full campaign.

The user experience for mobile apps can be effectively tested with the A/B testing method. The app delivers useful and pleasing features for the audience enabling the success of the app. This factor is important since 90 percent of apps never achieve the stature that they promise. A/B testing can remove guesswork, showing managers and developers what users prefer.

The merits of the approach

  • Boost in Sales: A/B testing can drive sales forward since one can always experiment with screen layouts, and learn more about converting sales. Sometimes the design of the buy button and its position might work better. Testing the right phrase and design to elicit the right response is important.
  • A/B testing can provide useful analytics and even some push messaging ideas. Developers can receive data and can learn whether it is better to send push notifications during afternoons or in the morning. Even the appeal can be experimented with and judged to get better responses.
  • A/B testing can ensure terrific user experiences too since experience matters a great deal in mobile app development. A/B testing can successfully show what users need with respect to the app.

With so many reasons for mobile app teams to embrace A/B testing for testing new products, not many organizations opt for it. Time and money are the two factors that actually force companies to release the app as soon as possible and amount of pressure is enormous. The usability windows is limited in terms of innovativeness in today's market and hence the apps need to be released as soon as possible.

A quickly released app sometimes also delivers better long-term results than the one that is extremely usable. The time-to-market and the quality factor is both important but one has to strike the right balance. Fortunately, A/B testing does not have to play with a project timeline or delay it. Developers can, and should, get some elements tested before time. The A/B test can determine how users can transition between different pages seamlessly.

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Implementing A/B testing for mobile app development process

With the benefits of increased customer retention and also revenue generation with the introduction of the approach, A/B testing for mobile apps can be implemented widely in the IT industry. Many case studies will suggest and hint at the benefits. Walmart for instance drove mobile commerce conversion rates on a record note in 2013 while Facebook also used the approach for launching its mobile offerings. Socialcam used A/B testing on its blog successfully too.

The success of the implementation of mobile app A/B testing can be implied when one checks out the number of vendors offering similar tools for ease of developers. Some companies offer analytic tools for desktop along with some additional A/B mobile app testing tools that work very well in different scenarios. A/B testing is also supported by several marketing and app generation platforms including Android's Developer site that showcases the process of integrating Google Analytics with a mobile app.

A/B testing makes sense for developers or product managers who need the new mobile app to be optimized before launch and free from options. By learning the best processes that work and features that do not before the app is launched, gives better freedom to know beforehand if users will embrace the app and make it successful or not. A/B testing always is the preferred approach of many mobile app development companies who have launched successful apps. But now every firm should implement the practice in their app and product development timelines for better results.

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