How to Get New App Ideas that Make Money?

Thousands of people at this very hour are searching on the web for the best mobile app ideas that make money. Unique app ideas offering solutions to relevant user problems can easily work as the foundation of your success. When inquiring about how to create an app from scratch the first and foremost thing to focus upon is finding a great app idea and validating it. Since most of the app ideas have already explored our everyday life problems and needs, finding a winning app idea is more challenging than ever before.

The app design process starts with brainstorming ideas and validating the ideas to come up with something relevant, valuable and unique for user needs. Before getting onboard the app developers and starting development, you need to work on the new app ideas. You need to challenge your assumptions regarding the idea and validate it in the market.

How to get a great app idea to make the foundation of your future business success? Below, we discuss some of the trusted, tested and tried processes for finding successful app ideas for your next app project.

Discover a Unique Problem for your App Solution

Every app comes as a solution to problems users face in real life. This is why the real search for app ideas should begin by discovering problems that have not been addressed yet. That is the only way to find app ideas that haven't been made yet. Is there still such an idea that has not been built already? Well, it is difficult to find but maybe, there are still a few out there.

By any chance, if you can build an effective app solution to a relevant problem, the success is likely to be within your reach sooner or later. The challenge of finding solutions to such existing problems can be met with creative brainstorming, customer needs analysis, and market research. When coming up with some cool app ideas that seem unique, make sure you validate their uniqueness and market relevance.

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Researching the App Marketplaces

Another important and must-follow method is extensive research of all app categories and niches in existing app marketplaces such as the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. If you wish to know how to get new app ideas, start by researching other apps' solutions to user problems. All of a certain sudden, gaps in these solutions can be revealed.

Finding gaps in other apps and areas that remained unattended can help you get some effective and trending app ideas that you can pursue in the next project. Remember, the world's greatest tech solutions often began with simple ideas for some of the most nagging problems.

It would help if you understood how to think of unique app ideas based on the existing apps across stores. When researching the existing app stores, it is also a good practice to use several niche-specific keywords and research the store results to see if there are still gaps or unattended areas to create a new app. Using different keywords for your research allows you to get new ideas quickly.

Extend the Value Propositions of Existing App Ideas

Do you want to try some cool app ideas already validated by the market demands but poorly executed by others? You can easily extend their value offerings with more app features and capabilities and actually can turn your app into a unique solution. If an app solves a too general problem, you can further inquire about more solutions it is capable of offering.

There are also other ways to use some existing app ideas for your new app project and still turn your app into a unique one. Yes, apart from equipping it with more features, you can transform the user experience and make things more effortless for the users. There are many simple app ideas that in terms of execution have not served their target users well. This is where you can try to excel.

Go Deeper into your Business for App Ideas

The ultimate way to find the most relevant mobile app ideas with an existing audience is to research your industry, business operation, partners and stakeholders and existing customers. Finding app ideas to address customer issues and operational problems your business is suffering from can be highly effective.

Moreover, since you already have an existing business with a customer base, finding customer problems and detecting operational bottlenecks will be easier. Based on these customer issues and operational requirements, you can come up with business app ideas. When app ideas are based upon practical business problems, they are more likely to resonate with customers and business users.

Finally, if you are looking for new app ideas based upon mint-fresh technologies, several business and entrepreneurship websites provide unique tech solutions for business problems of all types. Websites like Entrepreneur, Trendwatching, Springwise and crowdfunding platforms like KickStart and Indiegogo are great places for brainstorming new ideas.

Attack Your Biases and Assumptions

Last but not least piece of advice will be to become unapologetic and ruthless in challenging your biases and assumptions about new app ideas. You can assume something to be a trending app idea for beginners, but the idea may already be outdated with little value in terms of business in the present context.

It would help to constantly challenge your assumptions and biases through a rigorous validation process. Always reach out to the target audience and the industry influencers for their honest opinion about the idea of such an app. Do extensive market research, conduct social media discussions and ask your existing customers and trusted peers for their feedback before pursuing an app project.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, let us say that no app idea is complete and flawless. There are always scopes to develop an app idea further and develop a better product. At a time when mobile apps have penetrated every known sphere of our lives, you may not always find a virgin app idea. But a little bit of value addition and exceptional user experience can ultimately help it appear as something unique and never-before.

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