Problem statement.

With thousands of students returning on campus in the Covid-19 pandemic situation, Declan Doyle, Vice president at the Institute of Technology Carlow, realized a need for a solution that could curb the spread of the virus in uncertain times.

It was clear that they needed a digital info guide. Being the leading mobile app development company, we have far and comprehensive knowledge of the benefits of a cloud-based solution. We recommended them a cloud-based mobile app that could store all the information in a single place. Our application developers in India partnered with the Institute of Technology, Carlow, to bring out an official student app that works as an excellent guide in helping students make life easier on campus!

What is the IT Carlow student Info 101 app?

Institute of Technology, Carlow is one of the top-rated colleges in Ireland. Famous for part-time & full-time undergraduate & postgraduate courses, IT Carlow offers one of the best hybrid learning methods. The student info app was developed to help thousands of students in reducing contact in the pandemic era.

The student app comes as a handy approach for students who want to access information regarding their college life. Available both on Android & iOS, the student info app provides detailed guidelines along with timetables & forms which the students can download. Its easy access comes as an excellent comprehensive guide.

App features

  • Cloud-based app for effortless information storing.
  • Access to FAQs for student support.
  • Access to numerous links & pdfs in a single app.
  • Push notifications based real-time updates sharing.

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