Problem statement.

Doing a Ph.D. in compliance & early childhood care, Wendy Oke, the founder & CMO, realized that educators were more flooded with administrative work than focusing on a child’s learning. She knew she had to build a solution that can make an educator’s job effortless.

Realizing the state of circumstances, Wendy Oke set her foot on developing a solution that’s worth the hard work. Along with our veteran app developers India, she commenced her journey to make a difference in early childhood education with software that is the first compliance & management solution in Europe!

What is TeachKloud?

Europe’s early childhood sector is bound to reach a revenue of €215 billion by 2025 with an expected number of more than 15 million children in preschool. But the early childhood sector was continuously proving to be a thorn for the government due to a lack of a proper solution.

Developed by us, TeachKloud, a cloud-based solution, is the first-ever solution that provides management & compliance for the early childhood sector in Europe. Founded by Wendy Oke, a Ph.D. graduate from Cork University, TeachKloud has two interconnected apps - an app for parents to monitor their child & an app for educators to put in the child’s log.

The cloud-based solution covers everything from attendance tracking to staff schedule. It has come as a rescue and at the right time for early childhood care. The app saves up to 60% of an educator’s time that goes into admin & compliance to truly focus on what they love. The app has also proven to penetrate effective communication between parents & teachers. In a nutshell, the app is a hands-on solution for parents & teachers to focus on a child’s learning constructively.

The app also has an inbuilt map; whenever an athlete makes a sale, the athlete’s location is tracked & is pinned. The app allows other athletes to view the pin & decide whether they want to go to that place again or cover a different area & save time & collect more funds. The scoreboard is a smart way to pitch in sales & raise more funds.

App features

  • One app for creches & preschools covers attendance tracking, daily recording, reporting, assessing, and many other personalized features.
  • Access to in-app child enrolment, child registration & child profile.
  • Personalized interests & trends for each child.
  • Instant messaging with reading receipts.
  • Voice to text for saving time & reducing writing.
  • Push notifications for teachers to update parents about changes.
  • In-app payment integration.
  • Staff check-in with timesheets & staff rosters.
  • GDPR regulated app for enhanced privacy.

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Achievements & recognitions

  • The cloud-based solution raised €750,000 through Dublin-based funding platforms.
  • The compliance software was featured in the ‘startup of the week’ series by Silicon Valley.
  • Wendy Oke’s TeachKloud app was also selected as one of the prominent startup apps in the list of Forbes 30 under 30 Rising Business Stars.
  • TeachKloud, the startup app, was recognized as a national finalist for Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur competition.

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