Problem statement.

Getting unnoticed for years, Donaghmore Museum was slowly witnessing a decline in visitors. The management committee at the museum realized that they needed to put up with a solid, viable solution to regain the popularity of the 18th Century museum.

Besides, they even wanted a solution through which they could even reach out to the younger generation. The committee at the museum put out a very strong vision to make the museum experience as accessible as possible! Our app developers in India collaborated with the higher authorities of the Donaghmore Museum and delivered a totally interactive museum app that has increased the visitors numbers to 3 fold and ground hours to 1.5 hours extra.

What is the Donaghmore Museum App?

Authorized in 1850 and opened in 1853, the Donaghmore Workhouse museum is situated in rural Ireland. Hosting a number of 300-years-old artifacts, the local museum was finding it challenging to promote itself outside the local community. Therein, Indian App Developers got an excellent opportunity to develop the Donaghmore Museum App.

Integrated with 3D & Augmented Reality Technology, the app makes the entire process of viewing the 300 years old artifacts an interesting & exciting experience. Visitors just have to scan the antique heirloom piece through the app & they can easily know the history of the piece with an enchanting 3D model.

The museum app allows an audio-visual approach to 300-years- old pieces that give visitors an immersive experience. We specially developed the app to offer visitors an enhancing, exciting experience of the local museum.

App features

  • Scanning the objects to view details.
  • Instant Object detection
  • Shows animated 3D model in Augmented reality using AR core
  • QR code scanner
  • Image detection using ML Kit
  • Access to controlling the 3D artifacts as users wish.
  • Artifacts hunt feature for a gamified experience.

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Achievements & recognitions

  • First digitally enhanced museum in rural Ireland.
  • Launched by Sean Canney - Minister for Rural Affairs and Communities.
  • 3x increase in visitor numbers.
  • Nationally recognized by Heritage Center, Ireland.
  • Increase of 1.5 ground hours.
  • 30% increase in business growth witnessed in surrounding areas.
  • Achieved global appreciation.
  • 57% rise in tourists from around the globe.

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