Problem statement.

The personnel at the Indian Army were having a hard time handling & servicing the equipment in their possession. Human mishandling & lapses could transpire in keeping a clear record of the equipment. Also, due to the inability to manage equipment, delays were occurring in servicing the ammunition properly.

All these issues led the Indian Army to wish for a solution that could resolve all the obstacles. Our app developers India developed software that could manage all their data in one single frame. Over a period of 3 months of implementation, the Katar Regiment incorporated records of data in the KEMAS software. As a mobile app development on a mission, we succeeded in creating the KEMAS software, which has made the entire process of servicing & maintaining an easy affair for the Indian Army.

What is the KEMAS?

KEMAS stands for Katar Equipment Management & Analysis Software. The Golden Katar Regiment of the Indian Army was in need of software that could easily track & manage the number of available equipment with the Indian Army.

We created KEMAS to help the Indian Army manage its possessions well. The software stores the equipment data onto the server of the Indian Army, which is secured by Intranet. The software has enabled a smooth overflow of communication across battalions in India & has completed the entire process of managing the equipment an automated process. Initially, KEMAS was only used for 1 battalion, but now it is used by 12 battalions across India.

Software features!

  • Secure software based on SQL system server.
  • Equipment data suggestions on the dashboard.
  • Manifold of data stored on the server.
  • Intranet-based solution for easy access.
  • User-friendly access to the soft copy of service notes, receipts, invoices & repair notes.
  • Effortless check-in & check-out for service workshops.

Achievements & recognitions

  • Though developed for only 1 battalion, KEMAS software is now operated by over 12+ battalions across India.
  • Over 3 months of implementation, all transactions were carried out through KEMAS.
  • Loopholes were identified & that paved way for preventive measures.
  • KEMAS improved 30% efficiency in maintenance & repair tasks.
  • Fascinated by our excellent software development services, the Indian Army awarded us with a ‘Certificate of Excellence’

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