Problem statement.

Spanning across Ireland, EI Travel Group is the leading travel agency in Ireland. Known for offering the best travel experiences, EI Travel is a collection of Ireland’s best known & loved tourism brands.

Having delivered 4389+ days of a memorable experience, they were facing this one problem quite often—language barriers among tourists and the guides.

And that led them to yearn for a solution that could break the language barriers and be a fantastic guide. The travel agency contacted us to create an app that could work as an excellent multilingual guide. With combined efforts, we at Indian App Developers rolled out a product that is multilingual & has multiple features. The app Irish Day Tours is rocking in the travel industry to date.

About Irish Day Tours

A part of the EI Travel group, Irish Day Tours is a multi-lingual digital guide for tourists to ditch those high-cost local guides & opt for a more user-friendly solution.

We developed the travel app to increase the global engagement of tourists in Ireland by providing them information in their native languages. It comes in 5 different languages; Irish Day Tours works as a navigator and a multilingual guide for international tourists across Ireland.

The mobile application hosts several features such as tourists have the option of viewing timelines, audio & video of the travel destinations, travel information, etc., in their native language. The tourists can also navigate their way to the destinations & also bookmark places & rate their experience.

App features

  • Multilingual app with 5 languages - French, Spanish, English, German, and Italian.
  • In-app navigation with detailed information and travel routes.
  • Access to the offline version of the app in connection to failing conditions.
  • Bookmarking, planning & sharing of content available.
  • Access to 250+ voiceover explanations of Ireland’s most remarkable places.

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