Hire Front End Developers Remotely - How and Why?

Front-end or client-side development plays the most crucial role in shaping the look and feel of any software development project, irrespective of the niche. Naturally, to hire front-end developers you need to be extremely quality conscious and uncompromising in prioritizing experience, expertise, and track records.

To hire top front-end programmers for your app project, you can either opt for in-house hiring or outsourcing or a remote hiring model. Hiring remote developers is now the settling trend in the job world. According to Tech Crunch, major brands such as Google, GitLab, Buffer, Twitter, Toptal, Automattic, Invision, Facebook, and Zapier all now have 100 to 1,000 or more remote employees in their companies.

Below, we will explain the key advantages of hiring remote front-end developers, and then we will provide a detailed guide on how to hire remote front end developers for your projects in a step by step manner. But before anything else, let us explain what front-end developers do.

What do Front-End Developers Do?

The front-end or the client-side of a technology stack refers to the representation layer of a web or app responsible for the primary user interactions and user experience. The front end requests the server or the backend to make specific data available or allow user interactions.

Front-end developers shape this representation layer or the interactive user interface using a programming language or framework. The core responsibility of the front-end developers is to ensure that the visitors of a web app can interact with the page content and functions as effortlessly as possible. They use their expertise and skills in UI design and client-side programming. Web projects hire a pool of skilled frontend developers to shape the appearance of a website and to design and develop all clickable elements that web users see or interact with.

Some of the common tasks and responsibilities for web projects to hire the best front-end developers include the following.

  • Developing the web interface
  • Improving the web user experience
  • Optimizing the website for mobile users
  • Developing interactive features and functions for the web interface
  • Maintaining the web interface.
  • Ensuring cross-browser and multiple-platform compatibility
  • Easy management of software workflow
  • Carrying out usability testing and fixing coding errors and bugs
  • Ensuring SEO best practices

The common programming languages used by front-end developers include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Thanks to several leading JavaScript frameworks widely used for front-end development, front-end development has enriched front-end development. Knowing these elementary front-end technologies is a must if you want to know how to create an app from scratch. Apart from the above three, some of the most notable frameworks and languages used by front-end developers include ReactJS, AngularJS, Flutter, Vue.js, Xamarin, Ionic, MeteorJS, TypeScript, Backbone.js, and a few others.

Why Hire Remote Front-End Developers?

The development skills and technology expertise for client-side development vary widely, and hence finding the particular skilled resource for your project cannot always be an easy task. It becomes more challenging if you don't keep hiring experienced remote front-end developers from any world. Besides finding the right skills, remote hiring can offer several crucial advantages. Let's explain them here below.

Access to a Global Talent Pool

You can easily access the global talent pool of expert developers with years of proven experience and track records across many app projects by hiring remote developers. When you look for front-end engineer skills within your vicinity or in the same country, you may not find too many choices with the same skill set and expertise. According to the Developer Skills Report published by HackerRank, 41% of employers consider the shortfall of talent as the primary reason for remote hiring. The worldwide market is open to evaluating and getting the right resource onboard with remote hiring.

Do you want to hire dedicated front-end developer for your project? Though such an accolade is still doubtful, remote hiring can always help you find the most skilled and experienced ones. You can also access developer talents versed with skills for different business domains and app projects by hiring remotely. For example, India and China are traditional markets for low-budget startups and small business app projects. Naturally, if you look for developers with domain expertise relating to startups, you can find too many development teams.

Accessing the State of the Art Infrastructure

When you hire the right frontend developers remotely, you get ready access to the established IT infrastructure of a seasoned development company with an excellent track record. It is quite likely for a small business or startup to have little technical knowledge or exposure to modern app development projects and methodologies. Hiring seasoned and experienced development companies for such small businesses can be beneficial since they can quickly get the edge of the IT infrastructure for their app projects.

In contrast, in-house developer resources require you to make fresh investments for servers, software tools, licensing, and other infrastructure elements. Such a vast investment done single time for an app project can ultimately make it challenging for the app project to stay profitable. This is when remote hiring or outsourcing can benefit by making the state of the art infrastructure at a negligible cost.

Experience in Dealing with Security Risks

Another crucial reason for hiring remote developers is to avail the experience of developers and reputed development companies in addressing significant security risks and vulnerabilities. Many businesses hire expert full-stack developers to rely on the same team for client-side interface and server configuration resulting in fewer security loopholes. The security risks and vulnerabilities are too many that app projects frequently encounter. Since security risks are increasingly getting sophisticated and multifaceted, startups and new businesses entering the mobile app space often have little knowledge about dealing with them.

Sophisticated bot attacks can put your app security in the doldrums and compromise mission-critical business and financial information. This is where the experience of the expert developers who previously dealt with similar challenges comes in. The expertise of the developers with best security practices, tools, and methodologies can help stay safe from significant security compromises.

Cost Advantages

Though the cost can never be put behind the quality considerations, the cost is still a crucial and major aspect that comes at the decisive end to making the final choice among the development companies or developers with equal attributes or offerings.

But it is always advisable to hire the right front end software developers by giving optimum priority to development quality and output. Cost of development should only come in the end when all quality parameters are duly met.

Some countries such as India, China, the Philippines, Ukraine, Poland, and several others are known for competitive cost advantages. You can hire app developers in India who are notable for their fast-coding skills, ensuring more cost savings without compromising quality parameters.

Compliance Norms and International Regulations

Another crucial factor is adhering to app project norms and international regulations. App development companies operating in some geographic locations work in a stricter environment when considering data privacy standards. When you hire front-end developers remotely, you may take advantage of these stringent compliance norms and international standards.

Incorporating Out Of The Box Perspectives

Sometimes, the development environment in a particular country is tuned to specific preferences, tastes, and choices. In smaller countries with a homogenous market nature, the creative exposure for the development companies remains minimal. They are less trained to have out of the box approaches for an app project. According to a recent study, around 80% of SMBs express plans for hiring remote developer teams. In the same survey, 26% of the company heads have shown growth prospects and expertise as the principal reasons for their preference for offshore hiring.

In contrast, when you hire specialized front-end developers from a country with a diverse market, you can easily incorporate creative perspectives into your app projects. For example, India, traditionally known for a startup-dominated development environment where everyone is looking for creating shortcuts to make things easier and less expensive, can easily provide you with a lot more choices than usual.

Higher Employee Retention

Higher employee retention is another major reason to hire remote front-end developers. It has been observed that developers working from their convenience have higher productivity and more output than developers working with fixed time constraints and under strict supervision. According to a recent survey, 60% of developers prefer remote working instead of a full-time in-house role.

How to Hire the Best Remote Front-End Developers for Your Project?

Now that you have a fair idea of what front-end developers do and the advantages of opting for remote hiring, let’s look into the process. Moreover, Coursera study suggests that the front-end developer job demand is growing at a fast pace, and is taking a leap of 23% growth which is above average. So, rest assured, follow these steps and considerations and hire the best front-end developers for your app project. Let's explain them.

Prepare a Detailed Project Requirement Document

Before you reach out to the developers, it is important to prepare a detailed project requirement document that describes everything you need and aims for. The document should mention everything vividly, from the project's goal to UI/UX design objectives to target platforms and compatibility to the required technology stack.

Evaluate Portfolio & Experience

Results speak a lot about the skills and abilities of any developer. Hence one must begin by evaluating the portfolio and experience of the developers first. Ask their most notable front-end development projects and judge the built quality by yourself.

Next, interview a few of their previous clients and ask about the vital positive aspects and drawbacks of working with these developers. Lastly, ask them how they can make these projects even better. This will help you to know their evolving commands on front-end development.

Test Their Technical Proficiency Well

As per the required skills you mentioned in the requirement document, you need to find the developers proficient. At first, we need to shortlist developers based on their experience, track record, and portfolio. Once this shortlisting is complete and you have evaluated their portfolio, you can test their programming and development skills.

To test the developer's skills and proficiency remotely, you need to take a technical interview on leading video conferencing platforms such as zoom or Google Meet. A coding test should follow this interview process. As the last evaluation piece, you can also facilitate a pair programming session to test their collaborative skills in a development environment besides the core coding skills.

Ability to Work in a Test-Driven Environment (TDE)

When you hire senior front-end engineers, you must be looking for professionals who can handle all tasks, from development to testing to version control to maintenance. One of the principal responsibilities of the front-end developers is to make sure that the app runs smoothly without crushes and loads quickly.

This is why modern front-end developers carry out testing and debugging alongside development, and we refer to this as the Test-Driven Environment (TDE). Can the front-end developers write test scripts before writing the code for the intended app? Are they versed with the test-driven environment (TDE) as well? To hire the best front-end web developers for your project, you must evaluate these aspects.

Don't Undermine Soft Skills

Last but not least piece of advice will be not to undermine the soft skills that matter for a developer. Some of the unique soft skills and personality attributes that front-end developers must have, include the following.

  • Proficiency in the English language
  • Creative brainstorming ability to find out of the box solutions
  • Team spirit and collaboration skills
  • Readiness to own and take responsibilities
  • Experience in working with collaborative development and communication tools.

Wrapping Up

There will be continuous demand for famous front-end developers as long as there are web and web apps. Since the front-end development skills are fast evolving, the web and app projects also need to hire an experienced front-end developer who meets their requirements. All the key tips and steps for hiring quality client-side developers have stood the test of many successful projects.

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