Use of Flat Design UI in Mobile Applications

The mobile technology world is growing at the speed of light, and the apps have become an integral part of our daily life. We can now see an influx of technology with tools that can help create mobile apps. All of them are becoming more accessible and hence people are getting on their first app making journeys. Since the mobile app industry is getting bigger and better than ever, businesses from all corners of the world are trying to develop mobile apps for their operations and marketing. Designing a mobile app for businesses is the first step, though. Company owners are in charge of the basic look and feel of the designed product. With a brilliant mobile app design, one can establish a relationship between app and user very well.

Mobile app UI design – The best approach

In this digital world, designers are switching from skeuomorphic designs to flat user interface designs especially for mobile apps. They are designed especially with textures and 3D physical elements to get away from gradients.

By choosing careful selections of typography, muted color palettes and single colored backgrounds designers have the freedom to design their mobile app. The flat mobile UI has become a standard among professional designers, because of its performance that is nailed by this interface. Flat design label as one of the most popular design trends of 2016 especially in social media, which has embraced this approach because of its clean, simple as well as desirable features. It is only getting started and is more popular than ever when it comes to mobile UI design.

Principles of Flat design

The principles behind this flat design technique are so universally pleasing and lauded by the social media networks that many companies have adopted design frameworks with flat philosophies in mind. Flat design works are very adaptable; therefore, they are now much more usable with tasteful touches of skeuomorphism. There is no need of metaphorical visual cues to navigate, and with some eye-catching enhancements, the flat design is evolving tremendously.

Characteristics of Flat design

  • Lack of over-embellishment - Design techniques such as drop shadows, gradients and other decorations are returning in mobile apps with more subtle ways.
  • Distinct color palette - Flat design colors characterize by bright, fully saturated hues with a wide array of color choices.
  • Simple elements - Elements are designed in simple shapes with a more content-focused design that does not distract from user tasks.
  • Strong focus on typography - Typography becomes a dominant visual element and is a popular choice to create more contrast and emphasis.
  • Less is more approach - Everything about flat design includes plenty of space, but not a lot of elements.

The Evolution of Flat Design

Flat design is excellent design approach that helps designers to give original dimensions to mobile design and focuses on simplicity and minimalism. Its design style and patterns create a common visual language for users so that they can move easily from device to device that is the reason why all the major phone operating systems use a flat design aesthetic.

Flat design modules are well fitted into responsive frameworks and mobile-first design thus fulfilling responsive for adaptive design ensuring a consistent experience regardless of device. Flat design trends are rather straightforward and lightweight; therefore loading is not much of a concern.  Even the layout is much easier to adapt to multiple breakpoints and adapts to the style quickly.

The advantages of flat design for mobile app design

The benefits of flat design are pretty universal which is mentioned below: -

  • Colors appear at a better resolution
  • Content-driven interface is perfect for mobile users
  • Simpler to re-arrange for breakpoints
  • Easy for users to understand and navigate
  • Speedy loading times since elements are simpler
  • Works well with responsive frameworks
  • Simple style is easy to browse
  • Vibrant color palette is highly engaging
  • Graphic icons are fun and easy to operate
  • Bold lines and shapes express a logical, almost architectural feel
  • Typography is designed for readability
  • Space provides plenty of room for gestures
  • Simple buttons make calls to action and easy to distinguish
  • Designing for vibrant colors and sharp contrast make elements highly visible in different environments

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Flat Design 2.0 to Replaces Flat Design

Flat design lacks some elements like icons and buttons, which fail to adequately communicate functional design elements. The latest Flat design 2.0 is like Material Design used more in 3D effects like shadows, gradients, and lighting effects. However, in the near future, this Material Design of flat design 2.0 will surely address the shortcomings of previous flat design approach thus giving designers more breathing room and visual maturity too.Fresh Flat-style Mobile App Interfaces

  • Taasky by Jakub Antalík has a refined appearance
  • PicLab by Roberto Nickson utilizes bright colors and also provides colorfully executed footer
  • Hunt a Place is a new exploration in flat style
  • Profile Screen by Zane David gets the feel of flat style
  • Snapseed Redesign by Shiping Toohey features full-screen photo background
  • iOS App Liga Moche by Duarte Pires strongly relies on three-color scale
  • Turkish Airlines Redesign by Umut Isbilir leverages clean and fresh appeal
  • Chamonix Experience iPhone app skillfully utilizes a lively spacious appearance


Flat style has the extra flair of sophistication, elegance, and neatness to design any mobile app interface. With embedding, these models especially in social media, most of the apps got more spacious and organized visually. All the simple graphics and standard icons get flamboyant touches. Even the absence of styles and effects give the design a slightly intricate appearance.


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