Top Mobile Application UI Design Trends to Follow

In the recent past we have seen wide ranging evolution in the arena of mobile app UI design and UX attributes. New things continue to come up making past UI and UX backdated but obviously, there are few aspects that stood relevant over the years. All in all, app UI has been the most vibrant area has been the subject of immense creative spurt and energy by app designers from every niche. While some mobile app UI design trends are just look-wise great, there are few that would make the programmer’s job easier and make the app more user friendly and engaging. Here below we picked 10 mobile app UI design trends to watch out in this year.

Blurred background with eye catching CTA buttons at front

Readability is more important than ever in any app interface. So, background images can be blurred to make the CTA buttons at the front more prominent and readable. This is the newest app UI design trend that has been applied by countless apps across all stores. The design has other beneficial elements too. It makes the app sleek, smart, slimmed down to the basics and truly purposive with the CTA buttons waiting for the user’s finger tap to open road to more engagement and app features.

  • Prominent and purposely designed CTA buttons will orient the first time user at a glance.
  • The design is pretty essential and stripped off unnecessary clutter.
  • As far as engagement of users is concerned, the design is ideal and straight to the point.

Flat UI design

For more than a year flat UI continued to grow in popularity delivering great user experience from an array of apps covering all niches. Flat design has almost become a major cornerstone of modern UI design for both mobile apps and web in general. Naturally, there is strong expectation that this overly popular app UI design trend will continue to enjoy popularity among new apps in this year as well. Flat UI is simple, clean and truly purposive in its approach.

  • Clean design with prominent display of every feature and necessary information in front of user’s eye.
  • There is least distraction and clutter you can expect with this design.
  • It helps to optimize user experience to a great extent as the app features are laid bare in simple and accessible manner.

Multilayered UI

Layered interface involving different colors for every layer is a design trend that takes the clean design interface to further augmented benefits. Multilayered UI offers a 3D look and feel to the app UI and it quickly orients the user with the purpose, features and benefits of the app. Furthermore, separate layers can be actually used as CTA buttons to engage the users quickly.

  • Displaying basic app content in layers you can augment readability to a great extent.
  • You can create a 3D look and feel making the app more interesting for the users.
  • Layered buttons will make ‘call to action’ more prominent and engage users more.

Material design

If Apple played the most innovative role in making flat UI design a big success, then latest material design from Google is just a natural progression of this design trend. Like flat design it offers a clean, simple and purposefully engaging layout but all of these are done without much design elements. Material design works by offering the user visual hints. The icons are displayed in a way that the user can feel what to touch next and what to skip.

  • It is clean, simple, intuitive and smart UI design.
  • Orients the user to the purpose and action instantly.
  • The user gets automatic suggestion by the way of visual hints and thus enjoys a far smarter, speedier user experience.

Cards layout

The main point behind every different UI design is the prominent and engaging display of information that enjoys more user loyalty. Many design layouts offered smart results as far as displaying information is concerned. Cards layout is one such great app UI that displays all app information in a smart card format enhancing readability and user engagement.

  • Simple cards displaying different categories of information make it instantly readable and decipherable for your purpose.
  • You can enjoy the highest ease of use with this design layout.
  • Cards layout offers the most engaging layout with every bit of information readily accessible in clear format.

Integration of social media login

Integrating is not just a necessity but it has become now a prerequisite to let users connect the like minded people and this makes the app more functionally optimized in nature. Offering social media profile login you give your users ease and save their valuable time. If your app is getting popular and getting followers on social media page, then remember that without social media integration it could not have been possible.

  • The social media campaign of the app will be stronger with social integration.
  • Social media login will save valuable time of users.
  • The users will be delighted to share their preferences, achievements and objectives with other social profiles right from the app page.

Customized app theme layout

Only a minuscule number of apps until today offer design elements that can be customized by the users. It is obviously a great idea to let users decide and choose their preferred ‘look and feel’ of the app. An array of app theme layouts can really add fun to the user experience.

  • With scopes of making a choice of app theme the users will feel greater freedom.
  • It is fun to change the look and feel of an app whenever you wish.
  • The app makes a bigger and deeper impression than other apps with just one design layout all over.

The above mentioned mobile app UI design trends are popular than many others and that is precisely why they deserve priority in our discussion. But, there are other promising trends that seem to have robust potential. Smaller and thinner icons to parallax scrolling to lightly coded animation features, there are great many emerging UI trends that show potential for the apps to come.

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