10 Trending App Ideas for Beginners

Mobile apps have penetrated almost every single walk of life, or to put it more eloquently, and there is at least one app for every single purpose. Despite this overwhelming role of apps in helping human activities, still, there are possibilities for new innovative app ideas.

Some trending app ideas are still underrepresented. Some solutions still couldn't make enough inroads into the app development world. As a startup, do you want to know about these unique solutions and ideas that can shape the next Uber or Airbnb? Let's explore 10 unique and trendsetting app ideas that haven't been made.

Digital Farming App

Farming and agriculture can go digital, thanks to a mobile app. A farmer can take real-time stock of his corps in the field before harvesting or monitor the irrigation in the fields round the clock just by looking at the screen. Through a few cameras placed in the field or a drone camera, he can get a real-time picture of the entire farmland, and after that, by analyzing the visual data, the

When used by many farmers and farm-owners, the app can deliver rich agricultural data and data-driven insights that can be further used for R&D activities, advanced farming activities, irrigation and soil improvement measures, etc. Such a farming app can also connect farmers to merchandisers and wholesale buyers in their region and beyond. A farming app should also provide environmental and sustainable farming tips.  

Personal Security App

Personal security is still one of the most isolated and grey areas in people's lives, especially in densely populated urban areas. As terror attacks and racist violence are increasing, many people feel the need for advanced digital security and safety measures when going out in public spaces or boarding transportation. In some cities where the crime rate is higher, such an app can help people take safeguards against potential threats well in advance.

Real-time security advice and suggestions based upon user location powered by a robust database on the crime map of a city and recent security threats can be a great feature. Similarly, sending SOS calls and messages to administrators and police personnel can be handy to people facing intimidation. A GPS-based guide map to reach the nearest police station is also a key feature for such apps. The mayors of many cities can announce rewards for your app for your role in reducing the crime rates.

An App for DIY Life Hacks

Online and mobile app-based learning tools are already popular. People can learn all kinds of online skills, from coding to interior decoration to cooking to graphic design. But there are not many apps that help you develop your Do-It-Yourself (DIY) skills for everyday tasks in life. An app for all sorts of DIY hacks in everyday life can make your app popular in everyday households. Online portals for life hacks are plenty, but how comprehensive and interactive you can build the app remains to be the key challenge.

Yes, the DIY life hacks covered by your app should come with short, crisp, and well-articulated video content covering all the steps and measures. Beautiful graphics, catchy words, funny presentation, and detailed graphic imagery will add value to the app. Start with a few unique DIY hacks that most people will love, and then continue adding more tips and content covering the most useful areas in everyday life.

Digital Gardener App

There are already a handful of apps that allow people to know about various plants, their benefits, and how and when they are grown. You can create a more comprehensive gardener app that makes one learn gardening in a step by step manner and help sharpen the gardening skills and plant knowledge over time. It's not just about knowing the varieties of Bougainvilleas, it's also about learning how to improve the soil quality, store and nourish the seed, take care of the plant and prepare for the harvest.

A digital gardener app like this will have a detailed guide on many plants across all categories and help the user quickly search for their favorite plants and respective details. The user should also be able to access some frequently used content offline. The app should offer a feature to capture real-time images of the plants and soil and analyze the same with computer vision techniques. To make things more interesting for your users, you can even allow them to plan their garden and indoor plantations with the most suitable options.

Competitive & Job Exam App

After graduating from universities, B-schools, engineering degrees, and healthcare institutes, all the students often run helter-skelter searching for the next competitive exam or job test they can attend to begin a long-haul professional career. Many of them cannot take stock of all the job and professional exams that perfectly fit their skills and capabilities. A comprehensive app cannot guide students in selecting competitive job exams that suit their education and career objective.

Such an app should at least try to cater to all displaces and career paths and allow users to choose their menu and options based on their career stream. This will give a cleaner user experience as every user will only use a portion of the app content and features that are meant for them. Besides career guidance, updated exam information, and details like the previous year's passing percentage and scores, the app should also provide mock tests for students to help them prepare better. This concept can be the next blockbuster app material for students and college pass-outs.

Design Your Home App

People spend fortunes on their homes and remain unsatisfied with one small glitch and another missing thing. Even after relying on professional planners and interior designers, the output is not up to their desired standards. This is why custom planning with a consultation with professional planners and designers is so damn popular these days. Why not build a unique app that allows homeowners to exercise their creative ideas alongside professional knowledge and skills?

Such an app does not necessarily need to cater to only big designer mansions. The app should have a multitude of options for every budget home. The app should cater to every home planning and interior design needs, from providing design help for small condos in high-rises to planning for large country villas and mansions. You can create an Augmented Reality (AR) feature to help users try different design and layout options for their home interior. The app can be an instant hit among construction and interior design companies and people with an ardent interest in making their homes beautiful.

Quit Smoking App

An app to help you quit smoking? Yes, we are not kidding. Such an app can only provide secondary help for quitting smoking, and having the will to quit should be the primary basis. The app should be equipped with a deep learning algorithm to understand the key triggers and situations when the user feels an irrepressible urge for a fag. Through chatbot interactions, the app can collect a lot of data concerning the user's habits, mood and mood swings, history of addiction, health concerns, and the reasons for wanting to quit.

Based upon these data and data-driven insights, the app can make suggestions, set alarms for predecided distractions to delay the next fag, give contextual tips to consume a chewing gum or a cup of tea, and show a small video boosting the will to quit or can engage in chat to pursue the smoker not to smoke. Since humans often need rituals for the simplest of actions, the app can trigger a whole set of activities to reduce the smoking habit over time. If implemented successfully, the app can be an instant hit like the way many meditation apps broke records.  

Love Chatbot App

In Japan, there are robots to handle your loneliness problems and engage you with amorous chit-chats. Why can there not be an app to pay the dummy wife or next-door girl about whom you are crazy enough? Well, this is not just possible, but this can be a million-dollar hit idea saving a lot of lonely souls from their frantic and often unrequited exercises on dating apps. Just open the app, and soon it will make you forget that you were talking to a chatbot program. It knows you already and can understand your reactions and repercussions for every moment.

A deep learning algorithm and an AI chatbot will be key technologies for creating the chatbot personality just after the user preferences. Over time, the intelligent chatbot will not only appear with an avatar just shaped after your heartthrob or deserted girlfriend but will also talk just in the same manner by imitating the voice intonations and modulations from the audio clips you have uploaded.

Over time and through chat messages and your information, it will continue to learn more about your personality. In just a couple of months, it will behave, talk, get hyper, become sad or share mirth exactly as your girlfriend used to do. Does it sound too futuristic? Just give it a try, and maybe, you can get hold of the future.

Viral Content Tracker App

Not every content over the web or on social media goes viral. But some seem to go viral apparently without any reason. The next day, someone can feel that despite publishing hundreds of similar contents, he couldn't experience what it feels to be going viral. He doesn't need to worry. Going viral with content is still not a fully developed science but most viral content shares some sensational values. You can rather create an app to help them track and see every viral content across social media and all online platforms.

Such an app can be a content creator's dream-come-true app. Seeing and tracking any viral content as soon as it starts getting rapid traction can be a boon to the learning of other content creators. On the other hand, the same social media app ideas can also bring awesome entertainment value to regular users who can grab so much popular content in just one place. Content dedicated to viral content can easily get viral in no time.

Fake News Tracker App

The global mainstream news media, online portals, and social channels are long experiencing the menace of fake news. Fake news has become so sophisticated and deeply rooted that exposing them continues to pose a major challenge. You can embrace this challenge with an app dedicated to tracking and exposing fake news. There are already several fake news busting platforms and apps, but none could be exhaustive enough. This is where you can try to deliver a better and more capable app.

Maintaining a regular and rigorous fake news timeline and exposing each one with a valid and time-tested method will be the key to the success of such an app. The app should also have a dedicated section to educate users about evaluating the authenticity of news or an image or faked date by using industry-acclaimed measures. The app can make some big media buffoons angry, but mass acceptance is guaranteed with successful execution.

Wrapping Up

Do you think that some other unique ideas are missing here? It is quite natural since you can always come up with more unique ideas. These trending app ideas are equally awesome and challenging simultaneously because, without successful execution, they can still just get mired in oblivion, just like so many other ideas.

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