Advantages of Real Time Mobile Applications

Instant interaction with users is increasingly being popular UI aspect for great number of apps. Real time apps are a new denomination extending this interactive feature and app idea. There are numerous technological facets pertaining to the popularity of real time apps. The availability of data over real time network across devices has been a big contributing factor to the emergence of real time apps. Cloud network and apps contributed a lot to these new emerging trends in apps. Today, users are quite expectant in getting their required information shared on a live and real time network. The real time sharing element is a success factor in most apps.

What are real time mobile apps?

By definition, any mobile apps that can facilitate real time access and sharing of information are real time mobile apps. In that respect typical apps for chat, messaging, video conferencing and real time file sharing can be considered in this category. Cloud apps that enable real time sharing and data access on a variety of remote devices and platforms are great examples of real time mobile apps. From real time file sharing apps to cloud apps to real time messaging and communications apps to real time collaborative gaming apps, you can name an array of diverse apps from various niches that have ‘real time’ element as their core value.

Business advantages of real time mobile apps

As BYOD environment in business premises is getting positive nod from the management and data security concerns are becoming flexible over usage of mobile devices in workplaces, real time mobile apps are increasingly becoming important for business communication and sharing. Real time mobile apps can lead to an array of business specific benefits including cost reduction, better collaboration and engagement, better response and business conversion and finally enhanced branding and marketing edge. Let us have a quick look at some of these business advantages of real time mobile apps.

  • Cost benefit: Real time data sharing and collaboration among employees or a larger group comprising clients and professionals through mobile app will reduce the dependence on IT infrastructure and consequently will reduce cost. Moreover, faster data sharing and result oriented approach of real time apps will prove to be less cost intensive.
  • Less data fragmentation: Data quality issues and inconsistency will not be a major issue as there will be no data fragmentation thanks to real time sharing. The BYOD principle in business premise can take control for access to critical data and make a centralized approach to certain data of critical importance.
  • Quicker access: The speed of access to data will prove to be a major strength for real time enterprise apps. Faster and quicker data sharing will make business process smooth and user engagement better. Whether it is for optimizing internal business process or for addressing user concerns real time mobile apps can accelerate the process and reduce latency.
  • Innovation through collaboration: Most important advantage of real time apps for business is the huge scope of collaboration in workplace that would obviously help fostering innovation. Collaborative spirit emphasized in real time sharing and communication through mobile apps would lead to open innovation driven workplace culture that in the long run would contribute to the growth of business.

User benefits of real time mobile apps

For general users apart from the workplace environment these apps offer a separate bevy of advantages. There is an array of real time mobile apps that users prefer because of the ease and transparency they provide. Faster, smoother, transparent, funnier and easy, these prefixes can ideally describe many popular real time apps. Let us have quick look at the advantages of real time mobile apps from user’s point of view.

  • Transparent: Whether it is a chat room or collaborative gaming or cloud sharing app, the real time elements of these apps offer a transparent view of the activities on both sides. Thanks to this transparent view of other contributors the app becomes more engaging.
  • Fast and smooth: Data sharing and communication in real time apps is smooth and fast with exceptionally low latency. This makes the app more popular and engaging for the user.
  • Funnier and easy: Real time collaboration and shared activities make these apps funnier for use. With cloud sharing in place you can access shared data in real time over an array of devices with absolute ease.

Real time mobile apps would make the so called high latency mobile apps obsolete in the time to come. The above mentioned advantages explain the dynamics behind this emerging mobile app trend. If you want to know more about the real time mobile application development process or looking to develop real time mobile application than contact to IndianAppDevelopers Company market leader in mobile application development for all mobile platform.

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