Questions to Ask Before Hire Expert App Developer in India?

Both access to a robust talent pool and cost advantage are key motivating factors for hiring app developers in India. The app development cost is far higher in North America and West Europe than in Asia, East Europe, and Latin America.

For many years now, India has emerged as one of the most sought-after destinations for hiring talented app developers at a highly competitive rate.

According to Statista, the overall revenue from the app market in India is destined to go beyond US$2,365.00m by 2026. India is arguably the happening IT outsourcing destination now.

Questions to ask remote Indian developer before hiring?

Since the Indian outsourcing market is big and there are an overwhelming number of options, you need to focus on the proper screening and evaluation practices. Here are the top five questions you have to consider before hiring an app developer in India for your project.

Do they have the skills you are looking for?

When hiring an app developer from India, it is the question you must ask at the very beginning. The developer job posting needs to be implicit in the programming skills and technical commands you are looking for in the app project. To begin with, have a clear understanding of whether it is the full-stack developer or front-end developer, or back-end developer that your project needs to hire.

Secondly, you need to ask whether you need specific app developer skills such as JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, or others. It would help if you also mentioned their position and responsibilities for the project. Are they supposed to be hired for the code development team or as members of the QA testing team? When you have fixed the requirements and are accordingly doing your search, you will likely get the best talents onboard.

How much exposure and experience do they have?

An essential consideration for hiring remote app developers from the country is to check their experience and exposure level. An experienced developer will likely have more remote collaboration skills than the newly hired in-house developers. It would help if you also asked whether they are versed with the most acclaimed remote collaboration software tools like Trello, Jira, Basecamp, etc.

Even though a highly talented software developer sometimes offers higher performance and quality than experienced ones in the same team, you cannot leave experience considerations aside. When the experience differs from the team, they should have a good attitude, commitment, and flexibility to see the project succeed. The experience and exposure of the developers are best tested when you conduct a technical test.

Which types of apps have they created? 

An important aspect while hiring developers is checking what categories of apps they have developed. For example, suppose you want an eCommerce shopping solution. In that case, it’s crucial for you to have a developer onboard who has worked on an eCommerce solution before or knows the nuances of developing an eCommerce app, the process, the APIs which need to be added, payment gateways system, 3rd party integrations, etc. 

Having a developer who has previously developed your application category will ease your app development process. Thus, before hiring the developer, ask them to show you their portfolio and the kinds of apps they have worked on. The candidate should have a diverse portfolio of apps; one of the app categories they should have worked on is your domain. Checking their portfolio will give you much-needed insights on whether you should hire them. We also recommend you use their previously developed mobile applications & assess if the candidate is the right fit for your project. 

How good are their communication skills?

Many developers need more communication skills when hiring app experts from India. Since developers need to appear as brand champions for many development companies and as they are required to write technical blogs and presentations while working, evaluating their verbal and written skills is extremely important.

Besides the so-called written skills, the developers should also be able to communicate well verbally. The remote developers’ seamless and unhindered verbal communication ability is key to a successful collaboration with the in-house team. When evaluating their communication skills, also try to determine whether they are good listeners.

Are they disciplined and committed?

Many remote software developers like to write code in the dead of night, and some follow the project schedule and regular delivery timeline. To do away with the risks, most businesses prefer a disciplined workforce with some commitment and career aspirations.

Evaluating work ethics and commitment level is essential when hiring a developer from India. Since India is tremendously diverse and thoroughly multifaceted, with many cultures and individual preferences, the sense of discipline and commitment towards excellence remains a key attribute.

Besides going deeper into their attitudes, routines, work schedules, and work ethics, you also need to know whether and to what extent they are adaptive to changing work schedules and varying timelines. Can they quickly adjust to new routines and schedules with ease? This remains a crucial consideration.

Did they pass the rigorous technical skill test?

When the primary screening of the developer candidate is finished, it is time to move on to a rigorous coding skill test. It is up to the technical team to take responsibility for the test. The technical team head, accosted by key members versed with sought-after skills, will take the test and engage with the candidates for hire.

If you think the process is tiresome and consuming enough, you can always take help from leading test platforms such as HackerRank. There should be similar and parallel tests to check the developers’ aptitude level and problem-solving skills. This rigorous technical test is crucial for evaluating coding skills and equally for knowing how well they can solve problems.

Why choose IndianAppDevelopers for remote hiring?

Indian software and app developers are known for their multifaceted skills in mobile and web app development projects. IndianAppDevelopers has offices and development labs in India, and the USA is the symbolic organization for hiring app developers in India with talents across different skills. Having widely varied skills and robust project experience, we remain the most sought-after choice for hiring remote developers.

The company has become the preferred destination because of fair mobile app development costs and the team of the most seasoned and skilled developers across different expertise, platforms, and tech stacks. Over the years, the company has made a prominent name by building apps with trending technologies such as AR/VR, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), conversational AI and chatbots, DevOps, deep learning, multi-cloud, and many others.

Wrapping up

Over more than two decades, India has been regarded as the world’s IT outsourcing hub, and at present, it stands miles ahead of other outsourcing destinations worldwide. Since there is no dearth of tech talents here in India and as the cost advantage always stands out from the rest, India will continue to stay the focus of global companies for outsourcing. But to make the best hiring decisions in a sprawling IT scene like India, businesses need to ask deep-scorching questions, some of which we discussed above.

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