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Smartphones and latest wearables are arguably the most popular platforms for game development needs. The graphic battle between consoles and smartphones is getting intense, and even the 3D touch will improve gaming experience across the globe. Mobile game development has advanced in these couple of years and therefore there is a constant challenge for game app developers to raise their bar and create impressive games with the help of right tools. These development tools handle the coding well enough for developers to focus on elements that make their games unique.

All over the internet, we can see a variety of mobile game development tools just as good as the ones mentioned in the below list. But to create a complete resource for developers we have listed some key tools to get the most out of your planned game.

Unreal Engine 4

Created by Epic Games, Unreal Engine 4 is not just a powerful engine for new-gen consoles and PC, but also a high-end tech. It includes an integrated Unreal Editor suite, C++ source code and also a free edition of Unreal Engine 3, the Unreal Development Kit.  The system of Unreal Engine 4 provides a tried and tested high-quality development environment for mobile development that can be kept for standout titles to compete in the crowded mobile app space.

Regarding specifications, it is considered to be a high-end technology that is built for use in a DirectX 11-class computer. Furthermore, this tool was developed to create ideal graphics on some of the most complex games, which can be easily adapted for apps like Tappy Chicken. As per the experience of gaming developers, this tool is integrated with leading middleware technologies and operates across a range of mobile platforms, to offer you the best possible service.


Unlike the other gaming tools, Unity offers everything one requires for a full game development cycle and thus by far it is a complete package in the market. From its animation to its new suite of 2D tools this firm has also been busy expanding its mobile gaming offerings.

Unity is favorite among developers for its accessibility, efficiency, dependability, and massive cross-platform capabilities. It has a key feature that offers a growing selection of services making it a one-stop shop for all your games development needs. Developers are at ease to create games for any range of mobile devices as Unity is integrated with the special development environment to port their apps to all the major mobile platforms. The fundamental Unity tools are available for free while the Unity Pro is priced starting at about $750.

Corona SDK

In this current age, developing mobile gaming apps that run on all key devices is getting harder, due to this, there is an increasing need for cross-platform content. The easiest and quickest SDK for mobile development is Corona SDK.

Corona SDK offers the ability to seamlessly publish apps across multiple platforms with a single codebase. It comes with an advanced physics engine that enables development of a huge number of games with just a few lines of code, thus giving developers room to focus on creating high-quality games.

The toolkit of Corona SDK has over 500 different useful APIs that can be used for effortlessly creating high-quality, high-speed, game apps from animation to networking. The basic Corona SDK is available free of cost while the other version of Corona SDK Pro is priced at around $588 and the other Corona Enterprise version costs about $950.


The sound is a critical component of any gaming experience, so mobile gaming developers are keen to get sound elements right as it is important for any mobile gaming effort.

WWISE is one of the leading audio tools for consoles in the industry. With numerous plug-ins, it meets the unique needs of sound designers to mix unique sounds that can be leveraged for mobile game development. The basic aim of WWISE is to empower sound designers and audio programmers to create reverberation with help from real acoustical spaces. It also includes a comprehensive authoring tool for creating exceptional game experiences.

This tool is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Phone and other platforms and it can also be used in collaboration with a selection of best mobile game development tools like Unreal Engine 4, Unity and Marmalade.


The cross-platform game build is necessary, and the latest Marmalade SDK is easily the most popular tool for developers to create multi-platform games. It is also billed as the fastest way for building such games as it includes a bundle of premium partner plug-ins.  This versatile tool enables you to use Xcode or Visual Studio to create a project file and then compile it for Android, iOS, and a variety of other mobile platforms.

This SDK is providing a package of tools designed to get some game developers up to generate revenues from their apps. Marmalade SDK is priced from $500 per year and comes with Marmalade C++, including Marmalade Quick and Web Marmalade for free.

All these mentioned tools can be used by mobile game developers and can make their games more advanced among gamers across the globe. Before using any tool, be sure to explore all of the features of these tools and check if other developers have developed complex games with the same. Remember, there is no scope for losing when it comes to efficient mobile game development.

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