Fuelling Business Growth with Big Data Based Mobile Apps

If you are into a business that enjoys a fair amount of digital exposure, you must have heard about Big Data and the significant role it plays to fuel business growth. Most businesses these days enjoy unprecedented exposure to mobile apps and mobility solutions. Mobile apps with their continuous reach to user data are continuing to widen the horizon for data driven insights. Big Data analytics, and actionable data driven approach to garner consumer insights has made mobile apps more promising now to drive business conversion by catering to individual user needs.

Already arrays of consumer and enterprise apps have garnered benefits in terms of engagement and business conversion with the help of big data analytics. In fact, with Big Data analytics in place, apps can decipher user data for better actionable insights and driving growth.

What statistics say?

Apart from the entire clamour about the role of Big Data in pushing business growth we need to take a look at some recent statistics concerning the steady increase in sales and marketing figures with the use of Big Data analytics in business apps. As of now various use cases in business organizations suggest that this advanced data analytics has benefited all operational areas in varying degrees.

According to a recent study published by Forbes, Customer Analytics is the biggest beneficiary with around 48% use cases of Big Data analytics belonging to it followed by 21% for Operational Analytics, 10% for Optimization of Enterprise Data Warehouse, 10% for new service and product innovation and 12% for Compliance and Fraud control. With mobility playing a prominent role in allowing deeper and richer access to user data, in future, such advanced data analytics is expected to play a bigger role in decision making and operation of businesses in all fronts.

Understanding the new role of mobile Data

The hegemony of Big Data is already taken as granted and ascertained truth and mobility is only supposed to make this hegemony of data centric decision-making approach stronger with a steady supply of richer, deeper and multi-faceted user data thanks to the advanced feed from the device sensors and round the clock device interactions. But while data will continue to usher in volume, variety and velocity, understanding the new role of mobile user data is crucial for the businesses to succeed.

How ecosystem of mobile apps in various countries continue to thrive in value and outreach can help us understand why mobility is an integral part of Big Data now. The net worth of app ecosystem crossed an all-time figure of $143 billion.  To add more surprise to it, development companies located in small cities and suburbs account for 83% of most successful apps in the US. This deeper and wider outreach and penetration to remote and not so known locations is what mobility stands for. This is why when it is about widening the scope of data analytics for business specific uses; mobile apps play a crucial role.

Mobile data corresponds to all areas of modern life with a diversity of apps. This diversity and variety are further broadening the scope to produce data driven insights for shaping business decisions. Thanks to cloud support in a vast majority of these apps, the accessibility to the real time user data have become easier than ever making analytics even more actionable. Multifaceted data coming through various types of apps is ensuring more precision in analyzing user behavior and their preferences.

Finally, the nature of mobile apps as anytime-anywhere digital instruments further helped business causes. The real time on the go user behavior in contrast to user behavior with stationed devices has the edge of feeding decisions with real time actionable insights. Thus mobility made deployment Big Data analytics quicker than ever. It is a two-way communication and collaboration that forms a whole circle.

The new role of mobile data and data driven analytics will also have a big role to play in mobile advertising of the future. Thanks to the real time feedback about mobile user behavior and preferences, mobile advertising particularly in-app advertising can be more precise, audience targeted and relevant. Thanks to data driven insights allowing more customization in-app ads will enjoy more traction and conversion than ever before.

Location ruling the interaction

These days’ mobile apps are increasingly focusing on making their apps relevant for the particular user contexts and in that respect user location tracking is playing an important role. Various apps, particularly retail apps are now focusing on the ‘when’ and ‘where’ part of the communication to address users more contextually. In this respect, the emergence of latest location tracking technologies like Beacons, geofencing, etc. is playing an important role.

The location and context data coupled up with other information layers like preferences and constraints can deliver a rich reserve of resources to the Big Data pool. Mobile sensors allowing richer data about the user location and a wide variety of contexts can add substantial value to the user experience. Businesses with their mobile apps now can address their audience more contextually and precisely as per their chances of response in different real life situations.

Big Data is continuing to prove big for the business audience. Mobility with its tremendous potential to generate rich reserve of data driven insights is continuing to add value to the big data pool and opening more precision driven and customized avenues for companies to address their audience.

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