Why Hire a Full Stack Developer from India? Key Advantages

The skills of full-stack developers are distinct and sought after as they represent multifaceted expertise across different front-end and back-end frameworks and languages. App development projects needing separate teams of front-end and back-end developers can reduce the team size by choosing instead full stack development.

Regarding full stack app development in India stands as one of the sought-after outsourcing destinations. India, for years, hosted a large pool of talents with full-stack development expertise.

We will explain the reasons behind the popularity and demand for full-stack developers in India. But before that, let us briefly try to understand the full stack development, major tech stacks, and where Indian developers stand.

Full-Stack Development: Key Stacks and Developer Skills

As we already explained, full stack development refers to the multifaceted front and back-end development skills. Developers capable of building both with the required frameworks and languages are called full-stack developers. When one developer can develop both the front and back end, this ensures many cost advantages, flexibility, and ease of development.

Several different tech stacks are popular among developers in India. The expertise of full-stack developers in India varies from the widely popular MEAN stack and traditional LAMP stack to evolving options such as MERN, MEVN, Python-Django, and several others.

Here we are going to explain some of the most popular full-stack development skills.

  • MEAN Stack: MEAN stack is the most popular tech stack used by full stack developers in India. Key technologies used for MEAN stack development include MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS for database, middleware, front-end, and back-end development.
  • MERN Stack: MERN stack is nearly the same as the MEAN stack, and only the front-end technology is different here. React replaces Angular for front-end development, and the rest remains the same. As a JavaScript-based tech stack, it is also hugely popular.
  • LAMP Stack: LAMP is a traditional stack consisting of a Linux Operating System, Apache Server, MySQL database, and PHP back-end scripting language.
  • Python Stack: Python is a highly functional and object-oriented language with leading databases and front-end technologies used for building versatile, high-level computing apps.

All these tech stacks used by full-stack developers are common in app projects built in India. But other tech stacks are also getting traction and increasing in popularity. For example, Flutter and Google Firebase for the back-end are often used as a tech stack for cross-platform development, including the web app.

Now that we have explained the leading tech stacks popular for full-stack development in India, it is time to give our attention to the most important reasons for choosing full-stack developers from India.

World’s Biggest Developer Talent Pool

Businesses worldwide and emerging startups from North America and West Europe prefer to go for developers in India because of the developed IT outsourcing market. The talent pool of full-stack front-end developers in India are vast and unparalleled in the world.

Naturally, companies worldwide trying to expand and make their footprints beyond the border prefer to opt for full-stack developers from India. On the one hand, full-stack development will help them reduce the cost with a concise team size. On the other hand, the exceptional skills and expertise of Indian developers will allow their projects to stand out from the competition.

India Offers a Large Pool of Expert MEAN Stack Developers

We all know the dominance of the MEAN stack in comparison to other tech stacks because of its time-tested performance and excellent standards of excellence. Particularly in India, the MEAN stack is extensively used for robust and feature-rich web projects.

Suppose you are looking for industry-grade certifications by full-stack developers for your upcoming project in India. In that case, you will find the most certified developers with expertise in the MEAN stack.

MEAN app projects and developers in India prefer stack for several reasons, such as the support for incremental development approaches like MVP, the ability to use the same isomorphic code for both server-side and client-side, easy understanding and deployment JSON code format, faster development with MVC-pattern architecture and sprawling community support.

No-Holds-Barred Hiring Models

You have an extensive range of hiring models when you hire full-stack developers in India. Indian full-stack developers are versed in mobile OS platforms and cross-platform development skills. Hiring full-stack developers in India has become more accessible thanks to flexible and extensive hiring and engagement models.

Irrespective of the app project needs and whether you need dedicated app developers or need to hire for specific hours, you have every option in India to hire the best experts with the most conducive hiring models.

Since cost-competitive development always remains a crucial concern, the flexibility of hiring developers on different engagement models is always a plus factor for the Indian outsourcing market. This flexibility of hiring models makes India a more cost-competitive remote development destination.

Fluency in English Language Communication

English is the default language in India for higher studies, technical courses, university programs, federal government offices, top agencies, and most private companies across niches and sizes.

It boasts the largest anglophone population outside of the US. English is also the dominant language for the software development industry worldwide. This is why India remains the most sought-after destination when hiring full-stack developers for your project.

English language proficiency of the Indian populace is particularly visible in software development companies where the vast majority of developers and techies write, speak, present, and think in English.

So, whether your business hails from a francophone country or a Spanish-speaking nation, developing your app for the worldwide audience will be more accessible by involving an English-speaking remote full stack developer team in India. The huge pool of English-educated tech graduates passed out yearly makes India a viable choice for remote hiring.

Outsourcing-Friendly Business Environment

For years, India has stood as one of the global IT hubs thanks to its popularity for IT outsourcing. Over the years, India produced a multitude of global IT giants that started only as outsourcing development companies for enterprise software projects in North America and Western Europe.

Software continues to be the biggest export for the Indian economy, and naturally, no other industry enjoys the favor of the government as software companies. This conducive and outsourcing-friendly environment is a big reason for remote projects to hire Indian development companies.

While the Indian federal policies continue to give impetuses to boost the software industry’s growth further, the country is also experiencing an organic growth of tech-driven enterprises across all sizes and niches in recent years.

Indian companies with regional flavors instantly shape any new tech trend or enterprise software that hits the international market.

Time Zone Difference is not a Disadvantage in India

Whether you are located in North America with a time-zone difference of 12 hours from India or in Western Europe with 6-8 hours of the time difference, Indian developers can turn it into a distinct advantage.

Many development companies in India offer round-the-clock software support for enterprise projects in the West. This is a distinct advantage of hiring full-stack developers from India.

Let’s explain this in some more detail. The time zone of India is nearly 9.5 hours ahead of New York and 12.5 hours ahead of San Francisco on the West Coast. So, when the IT staff of a company in the US leaves the office, their Indian colleagues working remotely from Bangalore, Hyderabad, or Kolkata can stay active and offer support for another eight hours straight. This is what turning time-zone difference into advantage means.

The Great Indian Hacks

All those weird life hacks that Indians are capable of showcase the unconventional problem-solving skills of Indians and this is reflected in software development projects as well.

Despite having a poor IT infrastructure in most cities and poor socio-economic support for its young talent pool, India thrives in the IT outsourcing market for the express reason of this ability to think out of the box.

Full-stack developers, often working as know-all experts taking care of the whole project, are often seen to have this problem-solving aptitude. All the small startups that, within some years, achieve multi-billion dollar growth mostly rely on this multifaceted expertise and problem-solving skills that Indian developers organically possess. Full-stack development skills just fit into these characteristics.

Ending Notes

So, India is the ideal destination if you want to hire full-stack developers for a remote environment. On top of everything, you have the most competitive development rate to stay ahead of the pricing curve. The flexibility of hiring models further boosts your economic advantage. The country’s robust IT outsourcing market also makes it natural for IT companies to adhere to the best development practices and industry-acclaimed benchmarks.

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