Our process

Every app is like a unique dish being served out. They have their own ingredients and the app building recipe is also different for the various apps.

While each app is built in a different way, IndianAppDevelopers has ensured there is a single quality process for app development process and streamlining the apps. This way the app development becomes a holistic process and final outcome is a quality app

Understanding requirements

This is the first step towards app development process. We hold a meeting with the client before beginning the app development process. We try to know what kind of app, and the exact platform requirements for the client.


Story boards are excellent way to tell a story to the clients. We develop ideas, based on understanding of client’s requirements, using story boards. We tell how, what and why of the app development process using story board ideation strategies. This storyboard helps develop a prototype.

Designing the prototype

Once ideation is done, it is time to model out the prototype for the app. This is an important step. A prototype would show how the app would look, and how it would work. The design framework, the user interface and overall experience of the app will be defined using the prototype. The overall graphical interface of the app can be determined with ideation and prototyping. This is beneficial in explaining how exactly the app would look.


Prototypes of the app need to be approved to move on. Once the prototype is approved, the designers begin working on the main app. Our team of designers start working on creating the interface and graphics for the app. At every step of the design stage we take in client’s feedback.


Development is a very important step of the whole app development process. We offer clean codes as well as a variety of rich programming services at every level of development. We work in phases and stages, and once a stage or phase is over we move on to the next level. We offer development following the ideation set on storyboard.

Testing and quality Control

We offer testing and quality control services as one of the most important step in app development process. We release beta version, test it and finally release it. At the beta stage every bug encountered is fixed, and finally a complete app is released.

Releasing the app

This is the final step of the app development process. This is the step after having tested and performed quality control on the app. Once the review is done, the app is released on the respective app store. The review team of the platform will review the app, send in a feedback and finally accept the app on the store. We take into account all the possible quality control guidelines before actually releasing an app.

Values we inculcate

Belief in customer

Our clients are important to us! We deliver products that are targeted to indulge our customers and keep our clients happy. Satisfied customers and happy clients make us what we are!

Affordability with maximum quality

While we don’t compromise on quality, we ensure that you get our products at the best possible prices. We are known for the affordability we offer.


Efficiency and effectiveness are the measurable for the apps we create. Our team ensures complete efficiency to give you quick solutions. Our main aim is to make sure apps are completely effective and give you excellent ROI.