Xamarin Mobile App Development Best for Android & iPhone Platform

The development of iPhone apps is becoming easier day by day. Building the mobile apps is as easy as opening a framework for development. The developer just needs to complete basic three steps:

  • Build the app
  • Test the app
  • Monitor the app

The mobile world has changed completely. If we think of building a mobile app, then we have the option of traditional approach of using iOS, Android or Windows platforms. These traditional approaches are slow in progress as mostly the developers keep on solving the platform specific issues rather than introducing cool new features in the app.

With the advancement in mobile development, the developers need not to choose between the above mentioned platforms for app development. Xamarin is there!

Xamarin works with only a single language, C#. The runtime of Xamarin works with all the traditional platforms. C# is chosen because it is quite easy to learn and use.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why developers should go for Xamarin Mobile app development.

  • Cross-platform mobile developmentXamarin developer will be able to use almost all the creative and powerful IDEs of different platforms.
  • Compiled codeAll the code is compiled, similar to the compilation of code in other popular IDEs.
  • A number of native APIsA number of Android and iOS APIs can be used in Xamarin code using C#.
  • Native UI across all platformsXamarin app development company mostly works with different platforms. And in order to work with these platforms, they need a full-fledged team as well. But with Xamarin, the company can only hire a Xamarin developer who will work with all platforms by using only one single platform, Xamarin.
  • Different operating system SDKs integrationsThere are SDKs from almost all the OS available and are integrated into the Xamarin framework.
  • XamarinTestCloud available for testing iOS or Android appsTesting in Xamarin is very easy and simple.
  • Language integrated queries using #LINQ can be used in Xamarin.
  • Creation of amazing appsAmazing apps creation can be done using Xamarin.
  • Easy to learn and developA C# developer can learn and use Xamarin framework easily.
  • Always up-to-date with latest APIsThe developer is always updated with the latest APIs from both iOS and Android SDKs.
  • A number of .net libraries available.Net class libraries are integrated into Xamarin.
  • Modern IDEAll the powerful features of various IDEs are available in Xamarin IDE.

A number of platforms are supported for Xamarin app development:

  • Visual Studio on WindowsAndroid and iOS apps can be developed using Visual Studio. To test the iOS apps, a networked Mac system is required.
  • Xamarin Studio on WindowsThis is the IDE of Xamarin. It is similar to a Visual Studio IDE where you can get a world class development platform.
  • Xamarin Studio on MacThis is considered as the most favorable option to develop the iOS apps.

How Xamarin Works?

One of the main advantages using Xamarin is that the developer has access to all the iOS and Android APIs. The developer can use them as C# class libraries. The code uses the full power of .Net and C#. When the code is ready to get compiled, the Xamarin produces ARM binary in case of iOS app. In case of Android app, just-in-time compilation is used.

No performance degradation can be seen during the Xamarin development of apps.

Native iOS apps using Xamarin

Using Xamarin, the developers can create native iOS apps easily. The AOT compiler compiles iOS apps to native assembly code.

  • iOS SDK to C#You can use all the iOS APIs in C#. All the .Net naming conventions are used, making the developer to work in a comfortable environment.
  • Objective C codeThe developer can easily use the Objective C code in the Xamarin app. All this is done using the automatic binding generator.
  • Apple updatesLatest iOS features are available in Xamarin. The developer can use the latest APIs in the code.

Native Android apps using Xamarin

Use of Xamarin is considered as the best ways to create wonderful Android apps.

  • App performanceJust-in-time compilation is used in order to optimize the app’s performance. Native Android packages can be used in Xamarin.
  • Android APIsThe developer can use a number of the Android APIs in the Xamarin code using C# language. A sync support is also provided in Xamarin. The developer can easily work using the .Net naming conventions, making the code friendly.

A number of Xamarin app development companies are available all across the world today. Xamarin development is likely to attract more attention and will be on the rise in the coming days.

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