Using Angular 4 for Mobile App Development Efficiently and making the most of it

Since mobile apps have already transformed our work habits, in the same way, app development has also been through a lot of changes. We get to see a lot of cutting-edge tools, frameworks, and platforms specially designed to help developers. A competent Angular 4 App Development Company can create incredibly useful and high-end native apps and cross-platform apps easily. Consequently, the developed apps are helpful for organizations as well as businesses to improve their overall business presence as well for different purposes.

Introduction to AngularJS and Angular 4

AngularJS is a complete JavaScript-based for web application framework. It develops single-page applications. The process is simplified both in the development and the testing phase of such applications as it is integrated with the best client-side model view controller. Angular interprets those attributes by binding input or output parts of the page. Thus, those JavaScript variables can be manually set within the code.

AngularJS is built on the belief that programming should be used to create user interfaces. The framework of the software adapts and extends traditional HTML to present dynamic content. This indirectly de-emphasizes explicit DOM manipulation with the goal of improving testability and performance. Angular implements the MVC pattern and brings traditionally server-side services, such as view-dependent controllers. Ultimately this reduces the burden on the server.

Ionic an SDK is a new entry in the range of mobile app development platforms that is built on the most useful AngularJS JavaScript library. It requires lesser efforts of development and reduces maintenance costs providing developers with an array of benefits on one single development code across several mobile platforms.

AngularJS’s design goals include:

  • To manipulate the DOM from application logic that will ultimately affect the way the code is structured.
  • To help the client side of an application from the server side as it allows development work to progress in parallel and reuse of both sides.
  • To provide structure for the journey of building an application from the starting of designing the UI to testing.

How to create a cross-platform and native app mobile app with Angular 4?

There are a few options available for creating cross-platform as well as native app mobile apps using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. For AngularJS users and the latest version Angular 4 users, Ionic adds a bunch of new services as it uses Cordova, which provides access to the Cordova library from AngularJS. It is the ultimate combination of creating mobile app systematically.

Features of combination of Angular 4 and Ionic in App development

  • One App, Many Platforms: Technology has advanced and has come up with new ways to create interactive and customizable mobile apps. This is the most comprehensive SDK available for HTML5 mobile app development framework.
  • It offers plenty of advantages than most native apps: It reduces code writing for several platforms and can run on all mobile platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS, without any extra development time.
  • It is the best platform for debugging, UI, build and performance: It is the one platform that has useful components and extensible options. The quality of each of these components is exceptional as they offer seamless interaction. It also follows the intricacies and of minute transition with platform-specific behavior.
  • Component Creation: Ionic comprises a few dozens of components extending to different functionalities. It is possible to build fast applications, offering various services like analytics and push notifications.

AngularJS limitations and disadvantages

Sometimes working on Angular 4 is complicated. With so many ways to do the same thing, it is hard to tell which way is better. The coding styles and habits might complicate integration of different components into a whole solution. Developers will need to compile and link which is not intuitive, and specific cases can be confusing.

With growing times developers likely will need to throw away existing implementations and create new versions for native and cross platform mobile apps. It can severely lag the UI and may have limited edition especially big data grids and lists.

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