Upcoming Trends in Mobile App Development to Watch Out

This is a techno-savvy era in which smartphones and tablets have become an indispensable part of our lives.  Affordable prices with attractive features have connected many people to the world of internet. This has resulted in a world of mobile apps providing various functions to the users making their interests a priority.

For instance, many businesses today are relying on this medium to promote their sales and services and connect to the masses. Because of this shift, mobile apps are in greater demand. Many costumers use mobile apps to order food, listen to online music, for payment transactions, or to keep in touch with their friends across boundaries through social media.

Apps today are providing entertainment, commerce, design options and various gaming strategies. The apps now even cater to Internet of things [IOT] trends. As the number of apps grows consistently with Google Play Store holding 2.2 million apps and Apple’s App Store featuring 2 million+ apps, it is time to leverage the functional demand of apps to participate in immersive technologies too.

Here are a few mobile app development trends:

  • New developments in cloud technology: New powerful apps based on cloud technology, which can directly thrive on a cloud, use less space on the smartphone and companies are pushing for such apps owing to improved web connectivity across the world. Using syncing facility, working on the phone with the apps and then carrying on the work on tablets or desktops will be an added advantage. The apps are developed by competent mobile app development companies to include messaging, browsing, entertainment and smart apps for commerce.
  • Enhanced security features will take centre stage: Apps using UI and UX tend to omit the security feature making them vulnerable to attacks. For instance, some planner apps or fitness apps record data of your day to day activities, or your some personal details which. Apps are always designed with security features, but hackers exploit every gap to gain access to confidential and sensitive information of users. Google recently announced an App transport security feature is making it mandatory for every Android app to be secured. Every mobile app development company is keen to secure their apps in the best possible manner and vying to introduce new platforms related to mobile security too.
  • M-commerce will prevail over other Mediums: Google and Microsoft wallets along with Apple Pay are now replacing debit cards and Paypal in popularity although there is still a long way to go. People today are using apps for banking, making payments to vendors, purchasing stuff online and so on. These apps are filled with features, which make multiple functions and actions easier. To make these transactions safer finger print scanner apps are being used in phones.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) with the Changing Web App Landscape: Google started the AMP Project last year. Google also announced about the separate search index that will be exclusive for the mobile web. This step changes the Mobile app development trends with regards to SEO perspective too.
    Google AMP supported web apps will load much faster on mobile devices and reduce the overall bounce rate drastically. The new technology will also benefit publishers with enhanced ad visibility and more visitors too.
  • Integration of IOT: IOT or internet of things is steadily making its place in the mobile technology world. Using apps to connect various devices through different platforms by providing the user with technology to ease many tasks. Industries, business analytics, are just few to list who can benefit from the IOT technology.
    IOT can be used for many processes to connect to devices and provide information with regards to the product. In industries, this has led to an efficient process of production processes by creating a channel of communication between the machine and the software. Business analytics make use of collected data to make future plans and designs methods of increasing performance and methods of improvement. Different organizations are either using IOT or are in the process of deployment of these techniques.
  • IOT is being at present for the following instances
    1. Controlling electricity usage in the house or offices.
    2. Communicating between teams by providing the data stored in the processes through cloud technology.
    3. IOT services are even catering to solve certain mechanical problems being faced the aeronautical field.

Wrapping up

This is a market of demand and supply. User-friendly apps with good features and security options are every required by companies and users worldwide, but they need to keep changing to keep up with the needs. Though their behavior patterns are ever changing, new technologies and apps can keep users and companies interested.  An ideal mobile app development company can aid companies to deliver mobile apps, which ease diverse tasks efficiently.


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