Top Trends and Tips for Android App Development in Today’s Times

As smartphones have become a big indispensable part of our lives, the apps controlling our smartphone are increasing on an unprecedented basis. Android phones are the most used smartphones in the world as their dynamic features brought a revolution in telecom as well as the IT sector. Android phones are way ahead of their competition with their multiple features and now offer scope for third-party app development for boosting device functionality.

Enterprises are also having a tough time in keeping up with their own mobile apps along with their updates. Businesses are expecting to have an edge over the competition with apps powering customer interest in more ways than one. The main focus of Android app developers will be to reduce the development lifecycles and timeframe between ideation to launch.

Rapid App Development

One can expect more rapid app development tools and frameworks ushering in the market. Every enterprise now has to meet customers expectations of apps faster for their own business. Also, the rapid development frameworks are used to deliver continuous value to customers with every launched app along with rapid iterations. The response from varied businesses has scaled immensely too.

Cloud Driven Approach

The cloud technology will play important role in Android app development. With the influx of wearable tech and other technologies, app developers have to think about ways to integrate and sync apps on multiple devices. The cloud approach will assist mobile app developers to build app that are accessible on diverse devices without any change in function, feature or data.

App Security

Numerous instances of hacking and information leaks have been part of the news in recent years. As per Gartner's prediction, about three-fourth mobile applications are expected to fail security tests. The hackers are expected to exploit security gaps in apps for deriving sensitive information. Security is crucial to all Android mobile devices. Mobile security is one area where companies need to put their act together soon.

Location Based Wi-Fi Services

Beacon technology is now working well for online and offline usage in both the retail as well as the advertising sector. Apple has utilized the technology in iOS and Android is expected to follow the same soon. Wi-Fi is soon going to provide more benefits than ever before and people will love to splurge in data consumption. With the maximum use of Wi-Fi in the near future, one can expect Android to leverage its features of connectivity for better location-based apps and even engage consumers on their mobile devices. More businesses and app developers are sure to make use of iBeacon and Wi-Fi technology for offering right information and smart retail pushes.

Wearable Tech

Wearable Technology is one of the hottest topics in tech and consumer electronics wherein most were geared towards fitness and health only. Now Android apps need to align themselves with wearable devices to enhance overall productivity and efficiency. Many industries are adopting wearable technology to create an edge over their competition.

M-commerce and Mobile Payments

According to eMarketer, much of the retail ecommerce sales were made through a smartphone or a tablet. This is sign of a positive trend as consumers are increasingly adapting to m-commerce. Many will start using their own mobile phone to pay or purchase products and services instead of smart cards. Developers will be required to build mobile apps that will help in processing of financial transactions without the need of debit/credit cards or cash.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is growing exponentially as it is fast connecting and integrating technologies and multiple devices. Android apps are expected to mature soon and the focus will be on user experience. With IoT, customer engagement platforms based on Wi-Fi are sure to make an impact to help businesses reach varied users with the right set of apps.

Big Data and App Analytics

The need of app performance tracking is very high in the market today as analytics are expected to be lapped up by decision makers in various enterprises. Big data and analytics will prompt Android app developers to focus on adding varied and innovative data collection methods in their apps for deriving better insights and actionable items that meet client’s expectations.

As the present-day Android application development is drastically changing its approach, many businesses are already starting to benefit diverse business sectors including advertising, publishing, travel and cloud-based services. Apps help businesses to function in a quicker way and is reasonably quite inexpensive. One can even witness significant rise in mobile banking worldwide. One can expect new forms of banking with Mobile payment and other innovative methods too.

With location-based tracking, wearable technology, IoT and cloud mobility being assimilated in daily technology, one can expect Android apps to become more advanced and useful than ever before!

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