Top Mobile App Strategies by Online Taxi Network Companies like Uber

Since its inception as a cab service, Uber has raised high enough to become an international taxi app phenomenon. In spite of multiple hurdles including legal fights with governments, Uber continues to grow.

The primary reason for the success of the online taxi app is that they offer products, which are in demand. Their mobile app marketing strategy, in particular, is multi-dimensional and innovative. It is a company that is now valued at $62.5 billion.

Uber has gotten the bad press of late, but the service continues to grow owing to its compelling service. No wonder, each online taxi network company is trying to be an Uber clone in terms of success. Here are the tactics that have helped the company grow so quickly.

  • Early Adoption: Uber’s marketing strategy initially fostered an innovative idea and got the influencers to advocate for their brand. By rapid adoption, Uber also leveraged sponsoring events, a free trial for early riders, and a strong hyper-local strategy for every city.
  • Referrals: Uber and many other taxi startups have taken advantage of referral programs especially the concept of earning credits. The strategy has worked for both Uber and its fans. Even drivers are given lucrative referral incentives thus making it a win-win situation here.
  • Transparent Reviews: Uber and some Uber clones that are independent online taxi systems have opted for an active rating system for drivers and passengers. Drivers are motivated by their ratings since passengers opt to choose the best ones out there on the roads. The system thus rewards better behavior for both drivers and passengers.
  • Marketing Stunts: Every time Uber introduces a new offer, people cheer all over the world. Some passengers get to ride with celebrities while some are subjected to exciting “surprise and delight” tactics that in turn generate positive buzz, and gives Uber an advantage over rivals.
  • Partnerships: The cab service has also implemented partnerships to entice both customers to take rides. Users who are Capital One credit card holders are offered discounted rides, while Spotify users can connect their account with Uber for playing their preferred music. Partnerships have given more legitimacy to Uber’s legacy.
  • An Omni-Channel Approach: The Uber’s marketing and mobile app marketing strategy are of multi-channel nature. The experience is seamless and enjoyable since the rides combined with seamless mobile experience and better driver ratings have revolutionized cab services for the better. Uber partnered with Facebook Messenger to let its users request rides from the social giant’s messaging app. There’s even an entertaining Uber mobile game! UberEATS, on the other hand, is a rapid food delivery service while UberRUSH attends to the needs of businesses for delivery.

Uber-like competitors and Uber clones need to offer different functions, leverage mobile technology and also data for delivering the strong customer-centric experience. Uber’s marketers view consumers as individuals with varied needs who also desire convenience and very fair prices. Communication is the key here, and Uber get its dead right.

Marketing strategies adopted by Uber and its competitors to evolve:

  • Grass Root Marketing: The marketing from such online cab request service companies included an offer of free rides and strong incentives to people who are referring the service to others. They also employ local people for getting help in core analysis of customers. Uber and some companies adopt the hyperlocal marketing strategy that differs from area to area and locality to locality.
  • Redefining the Taxi Experience: Previously, it was tough to board a cab, especially in a traditional manner. One could wave their hand in all conditions unless there was a taxi dispatched. One does have to bear with driver’s tantrums too. The experience of private transportation has changed, and with GPS and Google Maps, it is easy to locate and search destinations. The charges are automatically charged, and customers can look for options for the ride. The satisfaction level of taxi experience increased considerably too.
  • Innovative Marketing: With brilliant PR strategies; viral videos and strong customer service, Uber has reached great heights. They celebrate by giving goodies and discounts on rides. Be gimmicky in your approach, but one need a lot of research and preparation to attend to the local audience needs. Let your stunts keep them happy.
  • Build a Brand Without Spending Much: Taxi app marketing strategies should be revolving around building its brand. The product core and service strategy has been spot on. Build a team that can deliver a good product. The brand launches product strategically and makes a connection with customers. Use integration with social media for maximum benefit to users while they board your taxi and even use mobile payment gateways to pay the fare.

Concluding Thoughts

It is important to focus on making a strong mobile marketing strategy relentless. Uber tries to deliver maximum exposure to the outer world with publicity and then takes advantage of the app for meeting client requirements. Uber app marketing strategy would work well too when implemented.

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