Tips to Write Powerful App Description

When you see a new app, or game in the app store, what is the first thing you do with it? You go and check for the app description to understand what the app is all about. App description is the driving force towards more downloads.

You will see that if the description makes sense, and intrigues the users, there a high probability of download. Of course, the users check for reviews too before finally downloading the app. But a powerful description is enough to drive the users and make more and more want to download it.

The power of app description lies in the way it creates interest. To get people to read the description, your app name should be interesting. Here are tips to write a powerful app description seeing which more and more users are attracted towards your app, and begin downloading it.

Searchable Phrases

Your job does not end at creating the app; you will need to make sure it is marketable and obviously known to the people. You will see that web SEO and app store SEO are totally different. Both depend on keywords, but in case of app store SEO you will need to make sure that they have searchable phrases. These searchable phrases will make your app more popular. Make sure you have a witty phrase that gets to the audience and finally compels them to download the app. You will need to polish the keywords and phrases thus developed. You will need to put in some hours to understand the phrase requirement.

Clear & Precise

When you are writing the app description, you need to make sure it is clear and precise. Too many words can make it too boring and long. You need to first make it clear what you want to write about, and what is your motive behind the app and its description. Once you are clear about that, you need to make sure you write clean and precise, every word of the app. The app description would be read way too quickly by the user, and you need to explain the things in 10 minutes.

Keep it Short & Witty

Set a minimum number of words for your app description. Read descriptions of popular apps before you begin indulging in writing an app description. You can have short and witty sentences to write the app description. In a single sentence, the opening sentence, try and convey what your app does and how it works. Begin with the best information you are in possession and try to work that out in a way that it helps audiences relate. Don’t give away everything, else they may not download the app. The idea is to intrigue them, and make them want to download.

Facts & Testimonials to be Included

When writing an app description make sure you include a lot many facts and testimonials that have been publicized about your app. You can mention any awards your app has won, that would be great way of winning audiences. You can even mention instances where people made your app popular. Mention downloads stats if you have any!

Benefits & Features

When you are writing a powerful app description that is sure to compel audiences to download the app, you need to mention benefits and features. You can tell the audiences why they should download the app, and what makes it beneficial to them. You don’t need to have lengthy sentences over benefits and features, but you need to make sure that it is conveyed. You can use technical jargons, but don’t overdo it.

Don’t Write Too Much

When you begin writing the app description, you would need to write just the things you will need to mention to drive the users to your app. Make sure you don’t write a whole essay on the app. You just need to explain in a few lines. Anything more than that will not work in favor of your app.

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Call to Action

Always end your app description with a call to action. Make sure you have a call to action stated which will compel viewers to download the app. This is the most important part.

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