Mobile App Development for a Sound Social Networking App and the Right Strategy

Social networking sites have redefined the business marketing. Hence, having a user-friendly social networking app into the Android smartphone has become a necessity. The development and integration of social networking apps are sure to fascinate target groups and even boost brand loyalty among companies.

Expert mobile app developers do not only develop fascinating apps but are also good for successful mobile app social network integration. They understand business needs and objective of your app development project and deliver the goods. Because of the clarity and extensive experience in this field of social network integration, developers can help you to generate huge revenue through your app only if you have a germ of an idea that is unique and useful.

They incorporate some of the following features -

  • Message Notifications/Alerts
  • GPS and Geolocation Features
  • Social Sharing with different accounts through centralized app control
  • Photo Sharing and Uploading through social sites or editing apps
  • Live Chats and Web messaging apps

Importance of integrating social networks with apps

Previously, companies enrolled their marketing strategy with a website. But now marketing campaigns are based on mass markets. The mindset of customers has driven change to the web strategy while the sales funnel is working out.

These custom Android-based social networking apps are easy-to-maintain and can improve your presence on different social networking sites.

Here are some services provided through social networking apps: -

  • Fully custom, full-scale social networks
  • Messaging, chatting & conferencing tools
  • API integrations for popular social networks
  • Social networking widgets for web apps
  • Social bookmarking tools
  • Community-based, forums based tools
  • Blog creation, social network marketing

Five fundamental principles of good application design for social networking

  1. Consistent User Experience The interface of your application should be driven by vertical application strategy that allows branding with a company logo and colors. It creates attractive, easy-to-use applications that enrich the user experience and controls, thus letting app designers create anything they can dream up.
  2. Business Intelligence All mobile applications should be developed with a good data that aid in decision-making. It is important to consider social networking integration options for enterprises with the help of addons that use Web services, standard ERP and CRM adapters. This continuous interaction optimizes the data feeds from legacy sources without writing a single line of code.
  3. Break the Mold It is very important not to buy any off-the-shelf application templates, or else app users will notice stale applications they have seen before. Always aim to develop mobile applications with your unique business proposition. This will allow you to take a standard industry application and enrich it with features to target your users. So, stay on top of cutting-edge feature that updates your app frequently.
  4. Hybrid Technology Sometimes there are setbacks in application platforms, and if you have a designed mobile app to reach a broad user base, it is important to have the app developed with hybrid technologies.
  5. Engage the Customer It is an important aspect to engage your customers by keeping your customers hooked on to your apps:
    • Provide great deals and personalized offers on their mobile phones, with features directing them to receive these deals through social media.
    • Always try to get the real-time feedback from through feedback forms, GPS-based locators, online help, and videos on social sites.
    • Provide your consumers with the specific tools to browse the entire catalog from their smartphones. There should be basic features to get all the product details of specific criteria to get their search done effortlessly.
    • If you want to develop your mobile app in a unique way in this competitive market, then you need to think strategically about designing your app. It should contain rich features and should be optimized for fast loading speed and above all multiple interactive features.

Steps to be taken in social networking for mobile application development

As social media marketing is a revolutionary ploy for business, most of the times crucial steps need to be taken as per priority. Focusing on a vast audience is critical to the success of every business, and for that cutting-edge solutions are required for social app development requirements. Hiring good app developers with extensive knowledge and experience in this field will get your apps the position and success that it deserves.

Along with those ‘must have’ features, it is important to install additional attributes to your apps to stand ahead in the crowd. It includes instant messaging, SMS option, uploading photos and videos with video conferencing and chat options so that those who try to remain connected have multiple options for the same. Giving importance to attractiveness and user-friendliness makes sure to grab more users in the process.

  • Look towards getting your social media application to enroll in more users by getting the social impression right.
  • Always keep sharing your product or service offerings with their customers and fans across different networks and platforms.
  • Update your app with a buzz feed that is a vital component that converts into sales when the companies launch a new product or a new service.
  • Tie up with an excellent social media software development service to get the buzz generated and get it viral.
  • Maintain a good social connectivity to have a social approach to it making it easier for users interact with one another easily.


By enabling social networking mobile app development, you can encourage visitors to visit your site, and use your services as well. This will help you to create robust, reliable and result-driven social networking mobile apps according to your specific business need and help you to capitalize on the social networking revolution.

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