Microsoft Azure - A New Set of Tools for Mobile and Web Applications

Microsoft has launched a cloud-based service that allows the developers to use a single service for building both the mobile and web apps for any platform and any device. Microsoft Azure app development services for mobile app developers combine various tools for automation for various business processes.

Azure is a new service for building and consuming APIs. All the parts of this new package are not new and Microsoft has built the new App service on top of the existing tools like Mobile Services, BizTalk services, etc.

The users of Azure mobile services will migrate to the new service, but the move breaks some of the existing API services. The Azure app service has integrated many different features into a single service. This has made the app development much easier than it is now as the developers have to create different service for different platforms which is time consuming.

  • Create and deploy web and mobile apps
  • Automates business processes
  • Integrate with SaaS applications
  • More engagement for iOS, android and windows apps

The Azure app service supports building different app types:

  1. Mobile apps: Cross-platform apps that can be connected to different enterprise systems can be created using the app service. The apps provide the backend capability for android, iOS and windows. platforms.
  2. Web apps: Scalable and enterprise ready systems along with continuous integration can be built using the app services. Web development framework support is available as well. The web apps enable the enterprises to connect with existing apps through hybrid connectivity.
  3. Logic apps: Business processes created by combining different APIs is offered using the app services. It allows any developer to automate process execution across different commercial services.
  4. API apps: APIs can be developed and managed by using public galleries. The developers can also include built-in support for different enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle, etc.

Let’s look at the details of some of the amazing features of Azure app services.

Build fast mobile and web apps

Microsoft Azure app services for mobile app developers rapidly build, deploy and manage mobile apps as well as web apps by using single back-end service.

Existing languages like Asp.Net, Java, PHP, etc. need to be used with this app service. A rich gallery of APIs is available for the developers to make the creation of the apps easier.

Corporate sign-on

Easy authentication of users with Active directory is available with the app services. The cross-platform frameworks can also be leveraged in order to build enterprise-grade apps for the employees.

Simple integration

Integration of the data across various clouds has been much simple. The business processes can be automated in minutes. The developers can easily integrate their logics with any mobile or web app using standard APIs.

B2B solutions can also be created using the EDI services.

Fit for business

The app services can be easily configured for both the mobile apps and hubs for notifications according to the app needs. The developer gets an easy access to data centers managed by Microsoft that allows connecting to the users all over the world.


Continuous integration and optimization are some of the amazing features of the app services. The developer can focus on improving the apps and do not worry about the infrastructure.

App updates can be easily deployed and the developer can enjoy in-production testing capabilities.

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Service connectivity

The developer can connect the web or mobile app to various enterprise systems with different built-in connectors available.

There are around 50 connectors available for the enterprise systems like SAP. Popular internet services like Facebook and Twitter are also available.

The App services also include a component for API management. But this is not a replacement of the existing API management service.

Azure App services are open & easy-to-use services and allow the developers to build apps for any device. This platform is regularly updated by Microsoft and it will continue to add more features. More connectors and APIs are also expected from the app services. Microsoft is targeting the developers who are looking to build business apps for enterprises.

Future of Azure app services

Azure is a cloud computing platform that is designed to enable on-demand computing for hosting applications and services.

High degree of automation is available with large pools of commodity. Azure comes with necessary platform components which is necessary for building enterprise applications.

Microsoft Azure app services have a bright future and are expected to rise in both the mobile and the web apps. Microsoft is fast and is investing in the cloud and it is sure that the prices will go down.

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