Leveraging Big Data Analytics for Smart Mobility that Signals the Tech Future

Enterprise mobility is one of the prime factors of the rise of Big Data and certainly, would benefit from the burgeoning data analysis. With the horde of mobile devices being used specifically for business purposes, while millions more are being consistently used for personal use, data is growing by the hour and each tidbit of information can deliver a better view for scores of organizations.

The Emergence of New Trends

The enterprise technology landscape has evolved considerably in the past several years, shifting from legacy systems to disruptive ones. Cloud platforms and massive IT growth in different spheres has impacted business technology in a positive manner. Mobility and big data are two new concepts that if blended together can bring about a huge change in terms of convenience and utility along with behavior.

The disruptive trends related to mobility also bring about factors such as ubiquity, transparency, immediacy and consistent relevance, especially with the help of big data. The impact of Big Data is also dependent on mobile devices since it is about accessibility too. Millions of mobile apps are abandoned within months of being downloaded since the makers do not reap data and analytics about their audience and how to make them impactful and engaging.

  • Mobile devices had generated more than seven exabytes of data in 2015, and the expected growth has spilled over to communications and transactions, including the rise of mobile app payments and e-commerce through mobile devices.
  • Salesforce.com, the CRM giant, had revealed that nearly 60 percent its volume is derived from mobile devices while Facebook attributes its growth to the mobile platform along with Twitter, which gets 75 percent of every month’s users through mobile channels.
  • This dramatic growth fuelled by social platforms has necessitated that businesses start using reasonably priced, large-scale data architectures for “Big Data” to capture relevant data, analyze it with trends, and help the decision-makers to act in real-time for maximum impact on revenue.

Big Data Analytics – The ROI Pitch for Mobility

Sample a trucking company tracking geo-location data through an app in one of the employees’ mobile devices, getting and updating real-time information every second. This data can be converted into insight that the company can use to make better decisions related to the scheduling changes along with the routes that they have targeted in the present, to drive further efficiency, and in turn bigger margins and profits!

The use of enterprise mobility in this regard can drive ROI to a bigger extent, thus encouraging the constant monitoring of their mobile devices, while even making custom apps to make the most of this information. This information can bring about new actionable insights to aid their decision-making, after all.

A company mining data from an enterprise mobile app about its products can ascertain about the change in marketing strategy and the direction of efforts that need to be taken based on Big Data Analytics and compatible mobile apps. The effectiveness and reach of the efforts can be gauged to make the approach adaptable to entire business operations to target customers.

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Big Data Driving Innovation

Innovations can be driven only by thorough analysis of big data derived through enterprise mobility.

  • New solutions and systems can be developed to address problems that have till now been undetected.
  • The other impact is on operational improvements that can be helped by insight provided by big data.
  • Customer relationship management and the expansion of reach is another area where big data can help. The reach can be expanded based on average mobile usage.
  • New mobile apps geared towards gaining information and for distributing surveys can be improved and implemented.

Storing and processing massive data sets will now aid enterprise mobile apps to collect data and make sense of the complete information. Enterprise mobility is dependent on big data, for data collection, data storage, and its overall analysis. The boost in mobile app development for the enterprise can drive enhanced business mobile usage, primarily to simplify operations, drive operational efficiency and expand reach to more customers.

  • A health insurance company can create an app that derives claims data from public health data and also connects it to data derived from expert personal fitness information from other apps.
  • The opportunity for powerful analytics here is to help the consumer for making better decisions for his health based on current scenario and options.
  • By setting up a context, personalizing a solution, and then assess consumer actions with big data and analytics on mobile is a win-win all the way.
  • Personalized and custom interventions can help drive consistent behavior change for healthcare sectors including wellness, retail, and others.

Big Data is also pushing for the convergence of people and objects with IoT or Internet of Things. The new technologies including QR Codes and near-field communication (NFC) have also played their part in helping people to interact with objects. There is the scope of growth for big data here too, especially to analyze mobile users and their overall interactions with different things in their environment. The interactions with things will boost demanding expectations and even push the need of Big Data beyond mobility.

Mobility and big data are now being a talk of the tech town owing to their importance in driving business impact and individual behavior too. Most companies are keen on expanding their horizons but are not so sure to embrace scalable and secure Big Data solutions. One can witness the success stories, though, especially with crowd-sourced traffic (Waze), prompt transport service (Uber), and healthcare platforms (CarePass) that the transition period is happening right now. The marriage of Big Data and mobility is just going to witness better days in the future too.


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