Leveraging the Advantages of DrupalGap App Development for Mobile Apps

DrupalGap is an amazing tool for creating multi-platform mobile applications. It allows the developers to present the content on the web with versatile capacities. DrupalGap is a connection between mobile applications and the Drupal based websites. It is an open source application development kit that is used to build mobile apps and web apps for Drupal websites. It is created by Tyler Frankenstein with the first release in the year 2012.

There are basically three types of apps:

  • Native apps
  • Mobile web apps
  • Hybrid apps

Native apps are created to target a specific mobile. The internal features of the mobile devices can be integrated in native apps. These apps are available for download on Apple app store and Android Play Store (Google). Native apps deliver great performance to the users.

Mobile web apps are the apps that can be accessed on any mobile devices with internet connection. There are a number of apps nowadays and any app can be downloaded from the internet easily. Cross platform compatibility is there in mobile web apps.

Hybrid apps include the features of both the native and the mobile web apps.

If a mobile application needs to be created using Drupal, then the best choice from the above apps is the native apps. Some of the advantages are:

  • Native functionality
  • Access to the file system of mobile device
  • Background location awareness
  • Subscriptions through the app store
  • Dynamic designs

Major Components of DrupalGap

DrupalGap has three parts:

  • Drupal Module
  • Mobile Application Development Kit
  • Web Application Development Kit

Drupal Module is responsible for all the reliable communication between a mobile app and a website.

DrupalGap module is responsible for the deployment of View Datasource modules and services that are required for an easy communication using JSON.

The service module provides URLs that can be used by mobile applications of Drupal websites. DrupalGap uses the service module and also manage the user authentication with Drupal.

The ViewDataSource of Drupal is used to retrieve the JSON results from various views on the Drupal website. The View DataSource can be added to any view of a Drupal website.

Mobile Application Development Kit is used to build custom mobile application that can run on any platform.

The web application development kit is used to create amazing web applications.

Tools in mobile application kit

There are basically two tools that are used by Drupal to create amazing apps.

  • JQueryMobile
  • PhoneGap


JQueryMobile is used to build the web interface or the user interface. It allows a proper interaction between the user and the mobile application.

JQueryMobile is an HTML-based user interface system that allows the developers to create responsive websites. These mobile applications developed using JQueryMobile can be used on any type of platform. This is one of the great advantages of JQueryMobile.


It is an open-source JavaScript library used for Drupal, which provides an asynchronous RESTful API to websites created with Drupal.


PhoneGap is a free, open-source framework that allows the developers to create standard mobile applications using various web APIs. APIs are different for different platforms.

PhoneGap is required for compilation of the App before installing it on iOS and Android mobile phones.

It uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript for compilation into a mobile application that is compatible with iOS and Android platform. JavaScript is used to provide access to various device features like GPS, Compass, etc.

HTML5 and CSS are used for the rendering of the applications and JavaScript is used for the logic of the mobile application.

PhoneGap can also be extended with native plug-ins and this allows the developers to add extra functionality to the mobile applications.

In order to build multiple mobile applications, the developer just needs to know basic HTMl, CSS and JavaScript.

Creating a mobile application via DrupalGap

  • Configuring a Drupal websiteIt is important to have a website running on Drupal.
  • Enable the DrupalGap moduleBefore start creating a mobile application via this tool, it is necessary to enable the DrupalGap Module and all the sub-modules on a Drupal website. The module can be checked for proper installation on configuration page /admin/config/services/drupalgap.
  • DrupalGap mobile application development kitKeep the DrupalGap mobile application development kit files to the www directory of PhoneGap in order to access all its features.
  • Saving a copy of.JS filesAfter keeping the necessary files to the PhoneGap directory, the next step is to save a copy of default.settings.js as settings.js
  • Setting the testing environmentIt is necessary to set up a development environment of a PhoneGap mobile application for DrupalGap. This is to be done before building and testing the mobile application.

Now, the development kit has been installed, the next step is to add a custom page using DrupalGap. The above mentioned steps are quite easy to do and this makes your mobile application ready for execution.

Advantages of Drupal mobile application

  • Provide full administrative control
  • The use of templates and styles for dynamic designs
  • It is agile
  • The platform is quite flexible for creating various mobile applications
  • Continual optimization
  • Light-weight mobile app
  • Fast mobile app

PUSH Notifications on DrupalGap

Push notification is a great contribution of the DrupalGap. Initially, it was a very simple and straightforward idea.

Android push notifications can be set up using the Google Cloud Messaging. After setting up the Google Cloud Messaging, the developer can go to the Drupal website in order to install the push notifications and DrupalGap mobile application plugins.

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Supported Platforms

The mobile applications created using DrupalGap are compatible with the following platforms.

  • Android
  • iOS (iPad, iPhone)
  • Windows
  • Blackberry

It utilizes Drupal concepts like menus, blocks, pages, themes, regions for the content and user interface. The Drupal techniques like themes, modules, hooks, templates are used for customization of the Drupal websites.

DrupalGap is a powerful platform for mobile applications as it is the best low cost solution to content management. Mobile application development with DrupalGap will refine more in the coming years as more mobile operating systems come in the mobile OS market. At IndianAppDevelopers company we have brilliant Native and Cross Platform mobile application development teams; you can always feel free to contact us today to know more about DrupalGap app development.

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