Hire Mean Stack Developers: How to Find the Best Tech Experts

In the software development universe, full-stack developers are regarded as the most versatile lot. Handling both server-side and client-side development tasks brings a lot of flexibility to any development project. Among the comprehensive technology stacks, the MEAN stack remains the most popular.

If you want to hire MEAN stack developers for your app project, read this post to get a comprehensive idea about MEAN stack development and about hiring expert MEAN stack developers for your app project.

What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN stack is a complete technology stack comprising front-end, back-end, middleware and database technologies. MEAN refers to four constituent technologies: MongoDB for database, ExpressJS for middleware, AngularJS for front-end, and NodeJS for back-end development. The most significant value proposition that makes companies hire MEAN stack coders is offering the best-in-class technology for every facet of development starting from the database to the front-end to the back-end.

MEAN stack is a technology stack popular among a full stack developer, mainly relying entirely on JavaScript language for front-end, web server or middleware layer and server-side development. The oldest and most seasoned JavaScript framework is used extensively for web and mobile app projects. JavaScript has been primarily established through the MEAN stack as a universal language for front-end and back-end development.

Why Mean Stack Development?

MEAN stack remained the seasoned and staple technology stack for countless web and mobile app projects. Bringing together the leading frameworks and database technologies on every front brought a complete and robust development solution for web and app projects across all niches. The question is, what are the key-value offerings that made MEAN stack so popular and loved among the developers. Let’s find these reasons.

  • MEAN stack allows developers to use the same JavaScript language for front-end and back-end development. This isomorphic coding speeds up development and ensures better utilization of resources.
  • MEAN stack comprises all popular open-source technologies that are updated regularly.
  •  MongoDB, the NoSQL database of the stack, is known for unmatched flexibility as it allows for making smooth data model changes.
  • AngularJS, the front-end framework of the stack using MVC architecture helps fast-paced development and the parallel development of components.
  • NodeJS is a high-speed server-side development framework with easier and quicker execution of server configuration and other back-end tasks.
  • All four technologies, namely, MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS, are leading technologies with an extensive global developer community providing continuous support for all development tasks.
  • MEAN stack technologies use JSON file format, a JavaScript-based file system to help transfer data highly readable. This ultimately speeds up frontend-backend-database communication resulting in faster and more efficient development.
  • MEAN stack development is cheaper as developers have a rich repository of ready to use and free components that can be run on Linux servers.
  • MEAN stack also allows a project to embrace API-focused modular development with a completely decoupled architecture.

Why Hire Mean Stack Developers?

We have now explained the biggest advantages and value propositions offered by MEAN stack for any app project. If you are convinced, you may opt to hire experienced mean stack developers. As a business with no technical background, it is always better to opt for the MEAN stack experts who can develop your app remotely. There are several other advantages of outsourcing a MEAN stack developer. Let’s have a brief look at them.

  • MEAN stack has been there for more than a decade as the leading tech stack. By extending your search beyond the boundary, you can naturally choose among the most competent MEAN stack experts for your project.
  • Since you can find MEAN stack experts in all four corners of the world, you can always get a better bargain among the best MEAN stack development companies.
  • As the full technology stack MEAN stack enjoys the constant support of a large developer community and leading MEAN stack development companies are versed in the ways this community support needs to be utilized.
  • MEAN stack has also been in the middle of an experimental spree for developing many unique apps and when you outsource, you get a lot of MEAN stack developers ready for doing fresh experiments.
  • Many MEAN stack developers in different parts of the world offer a truly competitive development rate despite their proven track record and project experience.
  • By outsourcing MEAN stack projects, you can easily get on board the best front-end and back-end development talents from around the globe.

You can always hire remote MEAN Stack developers with proven expertise, skills, and track record for your app projects through outsourcing the app development. At least, outsourcing opens up your access to a broader pool of talented resources.

Cost of Hiring Mean Stack Developers Across the World

We have now explained the basic advantages of MEAN stack development and outsourcing MEAN stack development projects. In this context, it is also essential to have a comprehensive idea of the development cost for MEAN stack projects. The cost varies from one project to another and from one outsourcing destination to another. But having a good idea of all the factors that impact the development cost of apps built by using the MEAN stack is important.

Before making a rough assessment of the MEAN stack development cost, let’s first figure out the key factors impacting it.

  • Outsourcing Destination: Some countries offer a highly competitive software development market with a robust pool of talented developers in key JavaScript technologies. Here the development cost is likely to be more competitive than elsewhere.
  • Project Complexity: Another crucial factor that can impact the development cost to a great extent is the complexity of the app project and the number of features. It is generally assumed that the development cost will also be higher with the increase in the number of features.
  • App Niche or Category: For certain niches of apps, the development cost is likely higher because of mission-critical features such as payment processing, in-app chatbots, intelligent search function or algorithm, etc.
  • Post-development Support & Maintenance: App projects requiring long-term maintenance and updating support for making incremental value additions may involve less initial cost but a higher cost of development in the long run.

If you want to hire cost-effective MEAN stack developers for your app, it is advisable to embrace an incremental development strategy. Since the front-end technology AngularJS of MEAN stack allows modular development with reusable components, you can always make incremental value additions based on user feedback. This will help you keep the initial cost of development under control while offering flexibility to make relevant changes or develop new features per user feedback.

Now, let’s figure out the actual cost of hiring MEAN stack developers in different parts of the world. The hourly rate for MEAN stack developers in US and Canada varies from $70 to $150 and the cost for the same in Latin America and East Europe ranges from $70 - $90 and $40 - $50, respectively. India offers the most cost-competitive rate for MEAN stack developers with just a $30 to $50 per hour rate.

Key Technologies used for MEAN Stack Development

If you are keen on building the app by using the MEAN stack, you need to understand the key technologies and tools used in the MEAN stack projects. Here we will explain the core technologies and the useful tools used often in the MEAN stack projects.

MongoDB: Every app needs to store at least some data such as user profiles, app content, events, comments, uploads, and other types of data. That’s when the role of the database comes in. MongoDB is a versatile database technology that uses JSON format for documents and allows the front-end AngularJS to transfer data to the Express.js server for processing.

ExpressJS: ExpressJS on the other hand comes as a fast-paced and minimalist web framework built upon NodeJS. Providing powerful models for URL routing and HTTP requests gives a lot of flexibility and firepower for server-side development.

AngularJS: The core technology of the MEAN stack is AngularJS, the versatile JavaScript framework that follows the MVC pattern and component-based development approach. AngularJS comes with two-way data binding and a hot reload feature ensuring delivering a fast and interactive user experience and ease of editing code or making changes.

NodeJS: The final component of the MEAN stack, the Node.js framework brings JavaScript for server-side development. NodeJS is unique by allowing JavaScript code to run outside the web browser.

Why Hire Mean Stack Developers from IndiaAppDevelopers?

Now, if you have decided to build your app with MEAN stack and decided to hire an expert development agency with years of experience in building MEAN stack apps, you have just landed in the right place. Yes, IndianAppDevelopers is the leading MEAN stack development company to help you hire the best MEAN stack developers for your app project. With a long track record of a multitude of successful MEAN stack app projects, the company provides the most experienced talent pool.

Do you want to know what are the most important factors or reasons that made IndianAppDevelopers such a big name among the MEAN stack development companies? Here below, we mention a few of them.

  • The company started its journey with the MEAN stack development service and ever since this stack has stayed very much at the center of its core competency.
  • The company boasts of a large dedicated team of MEAN stack developers with industry-acclaimed experts in every facet of development.
  • The company has already produced many successful web apps built with MEAN stack for different platforms.
  • IndianAppDevelopers having offices in India, Australia, and the USA have a global presence and have completed MEAN stack projects for businesses across niches and international horizons.
  • The development teams at IndianAppDevelopers are versed with the latest development methodologies and approaches such as agile, scrum, DevOps, Rapid App Development (RAD), DevSecOps and several others.

Last but not least, all the advantages of hiring app programmers from IndianAppDevelopers are the lower and competitive development cost. MEAN stack development team at IndianAppDevelopers, taking comprehensive care of all development stages and steps, can complete the job with less number of developers, resulting in cost savings and faster development.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Mean Stack Developers

After you have become completely convinced about the value propositions offered by MEAN stack and decided to outsource your MEAN stack project, you need to have a clear idea about the ways to evaluate the development team before hiring them. The following are the key questions that you need to ask to hire full stack developer with expertise in MEAN stack.

  • What are the apps you developed by using the MEAN stack?
  • How many years have you been into MEAN stack development?
  • What is your opinion? Are the key pros in favor of choosing MEAN stack?
  • What are the MEAN stack's key shortcomings, and how do you solve them in your project?

Apart from asking the aforementioned questions, you also need to test their coding and development skills by giving them a sample development task involving the MEAN stack. Remember, it is the practical coding and development skills that matter more than just the theoretical knowledge of the developers on the corresponding technologies. It is advisable to carry out a coding test and a peer programming test before hiring remote developers.  

So, What’s Next?

So, you have practically understood why and how to go about your MEAN stack project. Do you want to listen to the MEAN stack developer experts with years of project experience and several successful apps behind them?

Well, at IndianAppDevelopers, we make it extremely easier for our clients to contact our development experts, who are ready to evaluate your project and provide a detailed plan and a breakup of the budget.

All you need to do is drop us a message to IndianAppDevelopers and our team of experts will get in touch with you at the earliest.

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