Features Borrowed by Apple to Create Swift Programming Code

upcoming Swift programming language. It is one of the deliverable from Apple that developers are actually looking forward to have. You will see that Swift programming code has been announced with the capabilities of being able to develop apps for platforms like OS X and iOS.

Most developers are looking out for ways to accommodate Swift as part of their programming needs. You will see that to develop Swift programming code, Apple has borrowed a lot many features from many sources. Here is a list of the borrowed features that Apple has included in Swift to enable its swiftness.

Java’s Hash Tables

If you are familiar with JavaScript, then you would find a tool adopted from this platform on Swift Platform. JavaScript is known to use square brackets in order to consult an integer into the traditional array. This generally looks and behaves like a hash table. If you have worked on this, then the good news is that Swift Programming has included the same thing. These hash tables in swift are referred to as dictionaries and have a clean syntax associated with them.

Inferred Data Types

Have a lot of variables in your code? You might want to group them as per the data types so that you can debug them easily. Remember the compiler usually checks for data types and initiates the debugging process based on it. But, as programming languages grew, the programmers did not prefer wasting precious time specifying data types. Inferring data types became a practice in the modern times in order to group them. This inferring technology has been adopted by Swift. This has been borrowed from the functional programming languages.

Declaring the Data Structure

As a developer you are constantly interested in the type of data lying within the data structure. Generic type data were introduced in the 5th version so that programmers were aware of the data type within the data structure. Most of the data types are pushed into hash maps, arrays and collections. With the help of greater than, less than signs as well as brackets are used to specify the data type. Now programmers get this facility within Swift programming language too.

Templates for the String

Numbers were used in programming languages, but somehow that was a long time ago. Today’s programming languages are completely dependent on strings associated with them. Most tools are trying hard to introduce a way to insert the value to the variable used within the template. Mixing data with HTML templates seem to have been introduced by Java and Cold Fusion. With Swift a new template system is coming into place. It includes open close parenthesis methods.

Semicolons from Java

A lot of Java developers can ease down and sip a cup of coffee. With the introduction of optional semicolons, you are in for a wonderful time. You can end the programming statement using this method. The best part is they are optional, so you don’t need to use them if you don’t want to. Swift has ensured borrowing this facility so that developers who are not too comfortable with semi colon don’t need to use them. It’s optional!

Interfaces from Java & C#

Interface proves to be the basis of the object oriented class programming. You tend to define the interface before you begin programming on that platform. With interface you are able to define class and structure for your data. It is this structure that enables the functioning of the whole program. With Swift protocol that etches out a blueprint for the classes can be used making developers even happier. This progress is indeed something exciting.

Tuples Included

Worked on Lisp and Python platforms? Well, you must be aware of the tuples method in that case. You will find that when you use a particular method, it should be able to return more than just a single value. Lisp, the programming language from the earlier times, considered every other data introduced was either a list or a tuple. Python brought about a change in this dimension. An explicit syntax was necessary to return the exact value as per this method. Swift has introduced this kind of tuples that uses the exact syntax.

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