The Major Advantages of Android Studio App Development

Android Studio is going through several updates now further extended its capabilities. As the official Integrated Development Environment or IDE of the Android operating system, Android Studio is well equipped for fast-paced development while ensuring high-quality output of apps across all Android devices. When developers consider how to create an app from scratch for the Android platform, they think of this IDE platform.

Let us have a quick look at the key advantages of Android Studio for app projects.

Faster Coding and Quick Iteration

Being powered by the IntelliJ IDEA, this IDE provides fast code completion time and instant evaluation of the workflow. There are certain features of Android Studio, such as code push for changes and a great code editor for optimized coding output.

Android Studio allows developers to promptly incorporate changes by pushing code and facilitating quick changes without restarting the app altogether. This ensures awesome flexibility for bringing small app changes while the app is still in running condition.

The intuitive code editor of Android Studio is a key feature to deliver one of the key advantages of Android Studio, such as faster programming. At the same time, it ensures state-of-the-art refactoring, code completion and code analysis.

Fast and Feature-rich Emulator

The Android Studio comes with an Emulator that helps start the entire app faster than the actual device. The emulator, by allowing you to test the app across multiple devices, including phones, tablets, Android Wear, and Android TV, can simulate several different hardware features like GPS, multiple touch inputs, motion and acceleration sensors, etc.

Boost Your Self-belief while Coding

Thanks to Android Studio, developers can ensure maintaining the best coding standard while working on the project. Android Studio throughout the app project provides super-efficient coding. Just with every industry-best coding practice under your command, Android Studio ensures optimum output for app projects.

Robust Testing Mechanisms

Android Studio offers many testing tools and frameworks to help test Android apps by using functional UI testing tools.The advantages of Android Studio are also shown with all kinds of advanced testing tools and frameworks for every purpose. The tests carried out by these tools can be on actual devices, emulators or robust integration environments and by using the Firebase Test Lab.

Firebase Support & Integrated Cloud

Android Studio comes with Firebase Assistant that allows connecting any app with Firebase server besides adding many essential services such as app analytics, authentication, notification messages and several others. Android Studio also helps integrate the app with the Google Cloud platform. Any Android app development company in India building enterprise apps considers this Cloud support most crucial.

Layout Editor

Android Studio provides a visual drag and drops editor tool for working with XML files. This helps to create an entirely new app layout with ease. The Android Studio layout editor created in sync with ConstraintLayout API allows creating layout adjustable to different screen sizes. This ensures maintaining optimized design approaches based upon the device requirements.

Powerful Development System

The advantages of Android Studio can be attributed to several advanced features that help in respect of process automation, managing dependencies and customizing the configuration once and for all. Both local and hosted libraries can be incorporated into the project, and there is immense scope of customization for the app projects.

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Perfect for Teamwork

Android Studio offers out-of-the-box tools for version control like GitHub and Subversion, which allows you to manage your team better and incorporate changes whenever applicable. A robust repository of handy tools and established best coding practices allow better collaboration and teamwork in app development projects.

Perfectly Fitting to Android Devices

Android Studio offers a robust and unified platform allowing you to build apps for all kinds of Android devices. The tool also allows you to fix all problems and deliver a device-optimized experience. Android offers the most extensive device ecosystem and gets the edge of device-optimized development attributes thanks to Android Studio.

Cloud Test Lab

Cloud Test Lab, as an integrated Android Studio tool, can carry out testing of all kinds of crashes. Android Studio offers this service, which helps developers carry out testing of the app across several devices and configuration settings. It also provides a complete extension to testing processes to carry out various tests across different Android devices.

Pre-built Templates

Android Studio comes loaded with several sample projects and different code templates to guide developers with time-tested design patterns for their new app projects. While using sample code, you can also try the sample code for searching and finding the web. On top of that, Android Studio allows you to incorporate completely functional apps from platforms like GitHub.

Robust Analytics

Android Studio comes with a powerful static analysis tool and frameworks. The tool provides many quick-fix solutions for different categories, including app security, app performance, and others just by making a single click. With such detailed analytics describing a variety of data points, Android Studio gives more firepower to apps.

App Indexing

Android Studio helps users find the app easily through Google Search, thanks to the App Indexing API.Android Studio now made it even easier for apps to appear in search results by providing an optimized URL structure right within the app code. App developers can also add these URL attributes right in the AndroidManifest.xml file that helps with better indexing through the Google App Indexing.

APK Analyzer

The APK Analyzer of Android Studio allows easy inspection of the APK contents, and revealing the APK size ensures reducing the APK size. The same tool also allows getting a preview of assets and comparing multiple APKs. This analyzer tool ensures better evaluation of different APKs and comparing them in detail.

Vector Asset Studio

Android Studio allows creating new image assets for different densities of visuals. Thanks to this tool called Vector Asset Studio, developers can choose icons supported by google material design. Otherwise, developers can import SVG or PSD files for the same purpose. Vector Asset Studio is also capable of generating bitmap files for different screen densities supporting earlier Android versions.

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GPU Debugger Preview

Android Studio offers a dedicated GPU Debugger to help the game developers with a detailed frame-specific analysis while developing OpenGLES Games with rigorous graphics. The tool can do away with all kinds of graphics rendering issues of games. The tool will ensure better performance for all ambitious Android game projects.

Translations Editor

The Translations Editor tool of Android Studio offers a single robust and consolidated view of every translated resource. This helps easily make additions or make changes to translations. The same tool can also help to detect missing translations. The tool also offers a separate link to services for ordering translation.


Android Studio, right from the start, has been the ideal IDE for App Developers for all app projects on Android. Android Studio has evolved, offering even bigger help to the Android app developers in developing, testing and deploying sophisticated apps.

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