Tips for Successful Mobile App Marketing

It’s not enough to develop a top notch mobile app that promises to be useful to the consumers; it is also important to promote your mobile app to attract the attention of the users. You should ideally market your mobile app in the best possible way so that you can generate maximum audience for your app. It is important to channelize the marketing efforts in the right direction to achieve maximum reach and at least a good percentage of conversions. Before you begin marketing, you should ideally work on the potential of your app. Here are a few questions that will help you determine the potential of your app.

  • How would you know when you are app is receiving enough hits for you to monetize?
  • How would you know if your mobile app is actually being downloaded by your target audience or not?
  • Does your app have an interactive cum good usage ratio?
  • Is your app discoverable on the basis of the ranking it has achieved?

When you start answering the questions, you would realize the actual potential of the app, and will be able to devise a marketing model for your mobile app? You will need to work on marketing techniques that will help you reap long term profits and benefits.  Here are some marketing tips that you should ideally integrate when you are planning to promote your mobile app among the audiences.

Engage with Social Media

When you are promoting your app using marketing model that will help you reach the right audience, you need to sync with social media in the right way. When you engage with social media to promote your app, you gain the right amount of attention and conversion. Make sure your social media strategy is well planned, and effective. Your strategy should be able to make the app visible as well as personify the brand in an effective manner. If you want positive reviews, you should be able to capture the dynamics of the app perfectly.

Create Ad Networks

Are you planning to use affiliate marketing to improve the conversions and raise the revenue for your app? Not a bad idea at all! You can use these affiliates to help you promote the app through their banners and other modes of online advertising. It’s true that click through rates of the app ads are pretty good. In fact, the number of conversions achieved through ad networks is about 1% of the total, which is indeed worthy of considering. This does not really promise a high reach, but definitely promises good amount of conversions and quality reach. It will even help you push your organic rankings ahead, which is in fact the ultimate aim. You will need to work with an ad company that will direct the ads to the segment of audience who are related to your brand.

Organic Ads

You will see that organic marketing differs for both Android app store and Apple app store. When you are promoting your app through organic marketing, you will need to consider these differences and work on them before actually marketing your app. This is so that you can get optimal reach and boost the marketing of your app. You can improve the rankings using the ad driven links in case of organic marketing. If the usage ratio per download increases, this will automatically affect the organic rankings and thus the visibility of your app. You can use push notifications and build your organic marketing reach using push notifications.

Retaining the Loyal Users

Rewards or loyalty points help gain maximum conversions and engage the users in the best possible ways. As part of your marketing plan for the mobile app you have devised, don’t forget to include loyalty points for downloads and every activity connected with the mobile app. The benefits should be connected with your business. It varies for ecommerce apps and gaming apps. Make sure the option that you choose does not have an overhead cost, and helps improve the revenue that you are planning to generate.

With these helpful marketing tips, you can easily gain maximum conversions and profitable revenue with quality reach and good visibility. So, try these tips that don’t require investment, but definitely need quality performance.

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