The Importance of Competitive App Analysis for Tracking your Competition

With the proliferation of multiple apps in diverse domains, it is important to have a thorough competitive analysis of competitor apps. Lack of competitor analysis of the market apps is like driving with eyes closed.

Yet there are many people who just proceed to develop apps, without even gauging the competition that their apps would have to face.  Let’s be frank about this. By not knowing the obstacles in front of you, it is difficult for your app to succeed. Competitive analysis relies on comprehensive risk mitigation and identification of gaps in the market. By allaying risks and identifying the gaps, one can make sure that they develop apps that the market needs and thus promote them accordingly.

Here are some measures for performing a thorough app competitive analysis.

Identify competitor apps

The first step of any competitive analysis on apps is to know about the competitor apps in the market.

A full understanding of the offering and what else is in store in the same domain would get a better idea for you to develop an app for the same. Knowing the competitors is the prime step in competitor app analysis.

Make a note of the company and its website address, their social media pages, and other online links. This info will give quick access to key information that is required to assess the data later on.

Business comparison

Compare your product to the competitor apps so that you do not have to challenge your competitor with the strong points of their apps. Identifying the product feature of each of the apps that the competitors offer is crucial. Your competitor’s web presence will give you better insight about the identity of your competitors and their web standing. is one site that will give better idea about the competitor company and their app popularity.

Gauge their social presence from their actual profiles. Rank each of the competitors in terms of their threat level to your conceived app.

Monetization Model

Check out the monetization model that is generally used by your competitors for promoting their apps. By being clear about your competitor’s strategy, you can check out if the same strategy applies to your app or not. You can even assess if there is some other monetization model suits your needs. Keep yourself updated about the market strategy too, so that you are conversant with multiple models.

Target Audience Analysis

Achieving user validation for your app is important for the success of your app. Your target audience requires certain things from an app and the best apps deliver the same.

Some segments of the market are quite different than the others. Check out how the competitor apps go about fulfilling the segment needs. Targeted marketing of the app can help propel your app to the right audience and get maximum positive results in terms of downloads.

Identify the demographic of your competitor’s app and how they attend to their needs. Track their immediate requirements and something that they might look for. Use the information to define your own app’s features. This will help you define the USP of your app and market the same.

Evaluating marketing mediums

New startups market their product through press media, keyword targeting, advertising networks and even social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Featuring in tech blogs like Techcrunch is one way to market the app for most of the app companies and some of the startups even manage to flaunt their app ‘features’ on their website front page. Key influencers are very important to raise the standing of the apps and help in promoting more downloads.

Use keyword assessment tools like Sensor Tower to know the right set of keywords for your app. Look for keywords that your competitor app targets too. Trawl social media sites to source out the nature of app promotions. You might even have to shell out money to know about the advertising strategy of your competitor through sites like Adbeat but it is well worth it. Also, setting up Google Alerts related to the keywords of your app is welcome.

A bonus useful idea to track your competitor app and their strategy:

Check out and enter the details about your app. Generate a free analysis report and even get a list of competitors from the site. It also provides the keywords to improve your app store’s SEO. This site also provides basic competitor app analysis to get your started.  It also helps one to check out the reviews, ratings, downloads and keywords targeted by the competitor apps. Knowing this information is a huge asset, since you can now think about ways devising an app that is different and yet addresses the need of the market.

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