How and Why for Automated Mobile App UI Testing

When you create an app, you believe in making it usable to your audience. If you have an incredible app, but no one uses it there is no use of such apps. Along with a good idea, the interface and experience delivered through the app should be spectacular too!

What use is an app if it is not going to be used by the users for whom you are creating it? This is probably why it’s said that testing is an integral part of your app creation. If you don’t test your app well before launching it, you will be giving out the bugs present to your audiences too!

Testing: The Importance

You have just created an app that records all the new and utilitarian functions. Let’s say you have built a new interface to offer an excellent experience to your users. Ever wondered how much difference a fully defined and well tested functional app will make? It is not enough to give out an app with a difference; you should also make sure that the features within the app are pretty functional

What does your user expect? That would be the first place to begin defining your app and actually creating it. When testing the app, there will be functional difference between expectation and reality which you will need to work on to provide the best. But, when you manually test your app, there are a lot of things that you might miss testing. For example, you might test a few points written down, and forget major things. If you are in a holiday mood, there will be plenty of misses in testing. The result would be a bugged app that your users won’t find utilitarian and would fail to download. Testing is clearly important to improve conversions and increase traffic.

Now, that it is confirmed that there are some obvious errors with manual testing, you will need to route to automated testing. You will need to figure out what to test and how to test, but when you have an ideal automated mobile UI testing tool, you will see that these things get tested automatically. You just need to schedule the app for testing in these tools, and you will get a favorable response in no time. All the bugs will be recorded, that is impossible to find using your human eye. In case, you have built a unique new version of your app, recording the small bugs is not just impossible but also pretty ineffective with human eyes. You do need the rare UI testing tool. These automated tests are run on various devices and sizes to ensure that your app functions perfectly. Not only that, they are pretty fast when it comes to testing and affordable too! Of course, there are various tools to offer you this testing environment, and each tool is definitely filled with benefits. Let’s see two major tools that are often used for automated mobile UI testing, and which will offer you great advantages over manual testing.

Tools for Automated Mobile UI Testing

Majorly two tools are known to serve this purpose- Selenium and Robotium. Both these tools are known for the way they handle testing and equip you with just the bugs that you have been looking for. Once the tools have given a clear chit to your app, you can launch them into the app store.

  • SeleniumSelenium is a pretty popular IDE testing environment based on Firefox web browser. It initiates recording editing as well as testing of the different web and mobile apps that you have created. Selenase scripting language is used to record and edit the scripts which are finally retrieved in an actionable format in your web browser. Some APIs even use Java, C# to record the data on this tool.
    It is easy to test using the Selenium environment. You just need to install iWebdriver application and run it after installation. The webserver prompted using this tool helps in listening to the different command prompts. It is a remote controlled testing environment derived on specific web browsers. The good news is that you can easily check on applications in iOS as well as Android.
  • RobotiumIf you want to test an environment specific to Android, then this tool will definitely help you achieve it. With this tool you can easily simulate gestures as it uses SOLO. There is a Robotium community which believes in helping you out whenever you are stuck with a particular situation.

There are obvious disadvantages with automated mobile UI testing, and one of them is that you are in for unnecessary and lengthy tests too! As these testers are on the run, you will see them defining a lot of changes at a single time, and even before you can modify a change specified, you are provided with some more changes. That can become cumbersome for the developer. Only the developer or the tester will understand how it works, and so if you are relying on a single person to be the developer or tester, then you are overrelying.

While there are obvious advantages of using this tool, make sure you specify your needs well in advance to avoid confusion!

The professionals at IndianAppDevelopers design and test the mobile app UI for easy to use experience for customers, we developing and testing application for all the major mobile app platforms with new and utilitarian functions for better response from the app users. You can always feel free to contact us today to know more about app UI testing.

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