Lifti is a lift-club app that matches car owners and passengers from the same neighbourhoods, travelling in the same directions, at the same times, to work and back.

As a passenger, you get to work comfortably while being afforded the convenience to share fuel costs with other passengers and the driver.

As a driver, you offer lifts to up to 4 passengers, reducing your monthly fuel costs by sharing.

Who is Lifti?

Lifti is a 100% African Startup envisioned by some of the continents most talented individuals who took their personal experiences of public transport and sought to find a more efficient and convenient solution to our daily commute experiences. The Lifti team of founders and developers is comprised of people from all over the continent, South Africa, Ghana, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Why we believe in better experiences!

The reason we believe in better experiences goes beyond just the daily work commute experience. As young Africans we don't aspire to great experiences like the rest of the world does, we aspire to only better, and we as Lifti carry that across our whole belief system and culture.

We invite you to be part of the Lifti community.


  • Earning for user using advertisement model.
  • Real time tracking service.
  • Day and Night Fare estimation.
  • The audios are available for downloading so that users can hear them in offline mode.
  • Invite and share Ajra points with friends and family.
  • SOS
  • User will get invoice in their register mail id
  • Real time and quick taxi service