Flying Penguin


Flying Penguin is a physics based slide and fly game!

Slide down the mountains of Antarctica and flap your wings to fly. Go as fast as you can to escape from the polar bear. 5 addicting worlds, 40 racing levels.
Clear levels to earn stars - the faster you go, the more stars you get.
Use your stars to unlock new worlds!...

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On demand services are not new in today’s world but Ajra cabs is something different from the regulator Taxi based app that people use in the market. Clients’ expectation was not just to make any on demand service for Taxi but also to have auto-rickshaw driver through the same app. People should also have a chance to earn from the app while they use the app for day to day commute. All these on the single touch of the user.


We have experience team of developer who have extensive experience working on geo-location based on demand apps. We have made a algorithm which serve the approach on not only accommodating the cabs / auto-rickshaws but giving chance for the user to earn money while watching adds. These ads are location based.


  • Control moving around to avoid the obstacles that you encounter during racing.
  • Using vibration mode to move left and right.
  • Tap the screen to fly, help penguin avoid the iceberg and cross the water.
  • Take advantage of all your finesse to achieve the highest achievement.


  • After completion of each level, the scores will be accumulated along with scores of friends have joined the game. Wish you have fun.
  • One of the Best BuildBox Game of all the time.

Happy Gaming !!