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Project Goal

The goal of the project was to develop an epic and different four vs. four multiplayer game.

Chilli Fight is not just another four vs. four multiplayer game in which you simply have to fight with the opponent, but it adds a unique twist to the four vs. four multiplayer games. The game has added "checker tiles" to the gameplay, and therefore, if you want to attack the enemy, you first have to reach there tile by tile to attack them.

Strategize and select weapons between short and long-distance weapons and create your ultimate team to win every match.

Various Characters

There are various characters that you can collect and use. All the characters have their own specialties and unique stats. Collect the most powerful characters and unite them in your ultimate team to win all the battles.


Join the clans to become part of powerful guilds. Take part in weekly clan quests to earn special rewards. You can also play friendly fights with your clan members to find out who is the guild's stronger player.

Premium Plus Membership

The premium plus membership comes with a load of benefits to the player, The premium plus membership can be used to play the game ad-free, and all the members will be rewarded 500 gold every day.

Training mode

Want to polish your skills and become the best player of Chilli Fight? Use the training mode to train at various levels and perfect your strategy with your players. The training can help you in figuring out the perfect strategy with short and long-range weapons.


The best way to form the strongest team is by upgrading your character and weapons. When you complete stages with three stars and compete in battles, you get various upgrade materials that you can use to upgrade your characters and weapons.

Game Modes

There are three modes in the game. The adventure mode is against the computer to unlock more levels and earn rewards. The Hero Academy mode for two vs. two games and to unlock more hard levels with great rewards. The Rumble mode for multiplayer PVP battles.


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