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To create an application for people to commute to their work place and back home together with others who are having a similar route by splitting out the cost instead of commuting alone and spending more. The client is from USA, Kishore Kotapati who is famously known by his initials, KK

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KK disliked the act of commuting from one place to another and spending hours in the traffic congestion every single day. Commuting between 30-50 miles in the USA is normal but people will either have to commute with their personal vehicle or use the public transport. Purchasing a personal vehicle is very costly plus the daily expense for fuel costs, maintenance etc.


The second option is the public transport, yes, it is a cheaper option but there are some problems like: Fixed routes whereby a large number of commuters need to use a secondary commuting option such as walk for some miles, public transportation runs on a fixed a schedule whereby people need to make sure they are on time for the certain vehicle otherwise they might miss it.