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We valued user comfort before anyone else out there cared for UX. We have created one of the first responsive websites in Poland. Our team has been developing startups before anyone else even used the term.

To create an application to reduce the usage of Ac’s and increase the use of greener method such as opening windows and using whole fans when the desired temperature is reached.

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There are two main problems when it comes to using air conditioners at our home, office and even in the public nowadays.


1. The first main problem relates to the life. Ac’s are used almost everywhere to fight the heat and humid temperature in order to feel comfortable but financially huge amounts are paid for electricity bills and in terms of health, many people do not realize that there are severe chances of being attacked with illnesses if they completely rely on it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week such as effects on the blood, hair loss, taste changes, tiredness, etc.

The second main problem is relating to the atmosphere. Did you know that the Ac’s uses 10-20 times more power and electricity then whole fans? Ac’s are now one of the major sources of air pollution because of high number of electricity/power consumption and also emitting dangerous gases into the air.