WWDC 2017 is Just Over: What is Next for iOS Mobile App Development

WWDC 2017 is Just Over: What is Next for iOS Mobile App Development

The 2017 chapter of WorldWide Developers Congress organized by Apple.Inc is just over. Like every year the event which was held between 5th June to 12th June offered us a lot of scopes to look into the unfolding development trends and new technologies for iOS platform. Many of them bring serious messages for the developers community, and in some of them, we could sense the approaching technologies in the coming months. Let us have a look into all that we received from the event.

Drag and Drop Feature on iPad

One latest feature that made the millions of iPad users happy is the new Drag and Drop feature announced at WWDC this year.  As many as four full sessions were given to explain the feature in details including how it works with various apps. The new feature is expected to boost productivity for the iPad users to a great extent. The new iOS 11 allows apps using Drag and Drop not just within an app but also between different apps. The iPad users can be delighted to grab text, images, and location on the map and drop them to another app. For instance, by dropping all these to mail app, they can make the mail content richer.

Apart from making this an excellent feature for the end user, Apple also came with a great developer-friendly API for the feature. The new API will allow developers to introduce drag and drop easily into a number of apps. Apple has clearly mentioned an array of content types that can be dragged for interaction between apps. While the API component UIDragItems guides in regard to the contents that can be dragged, the other component UIDropInteraction guides the developers to initiate interaction with these contents. In any case, after apps started to implement this new feature, it will nevertheless be an exciting thing for the users.


Finally, with much expectation, Apple made their entry into Augmented Reality with ARKit this year in WWDC. With gameplay demonstration, Apple explained how it is going to be rendered on mobile devices for a better game playing experience. Developers have the real delight for this innovative tool. ARKit makes almost all iOS devices capable for augmented reality game playing.

Updated OS: tvOS, watchOS, & macOS

Just like every year Apple also announced new three OS versions for Apple Watch, watchOS and macOS. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

tvOS: tvOS is still an underplayed product from the company, but if we are to believe what Apple CEO Tim Cook said, it is soon going to have a complete facelift. The CEO said that more updates for the new digital TV are supposed to come in later this year.

watchOS 4: This year Apple also came with a new update of watchOS revamped with several cool new features. Some of the key new features offered with the updated watchOS 4 include a Watch face powered by Siri. It can customize contents in real time. This will allow more customization for notifications like reminders, weather information, traffic information, meetings, news, etc.

The fitness feature of the new API offers some new smart controls for a workout as well. The new OS also allows exchanging data with gym devices to help setting workout goals and to allow more controls. The new API now can be incorporated by major workout equipment manufacturers.

Core ML and Vision for Innovative Machine Learning Capabilities

Machine learning is something developers of the years to come will remain engaged with.  In iOS 11, a framework is introduced that developers can enable to incorporate machine learning in in Siri, Camera, and QuickType. The new framework called Core ML will allow more speed and efficiency. To help further, Apple also came up with a new tool that can make consumption of certain models by Core ML easier.

Apple also bought another new framework called Vision which besides Core ML will take machine learning further by analyzing images. By analysis of images, this framework will be able to derive more detailed information and thus will be able to detect faces and facial landmarks such as eyes, lips, eyebrows, text, barcodes, QR codes, etc.

With both Core ML and Vision together being unleashed through iOS 11 we can expect a lot of innovative apps to unearth in the near future.

New Apple Pay money transfer through iMessage

If Apple Pay was about paying service providers and for purchased items, now through iMessage in new iOS 11 will allow you to transact between persons. Thanks to the new feature you can send and receive payments instantly through your phone. It would take only messages dubbed as iMessage or give the command to the Siri for the same. One can transact from the credit and debit cards that are already associated with Apple Pay and receive payment in their Apple Pay Cash account.

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What’s New in the App Store and iTunes Connect

In the new iOS 11, Apple introduced a new App Store app that will offer a new “Today” view that will tell stories about featured apps including inline videos, editorials, and a group of apps that fit well together. On the other hand in the iTunes now developers no longer need to upload a separate asset for the icon. Now thanks to iTunes Connect the app icon will be used directly. The new iTunes Connect offers a great feature called Phased Release thanks to which developers now can allow updating the app for a percentage of devices over time. Instead of allowing updates to all users just after launch, the new update for any app can be availed over a period of time. This will help developers scaling up gradually when it comes to releasing updates or revamping an app.

iOS 11 launched with several new features and promising capabilities, takes the most focus from Apples yearly event for the developers. Apple’s foray into Augmented Reality and introduction of two machine learning frameworks were the most appraising news developers find delightful.

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