Will Apple Pay Manage to Revamp the Mobile Payment Gateways?

For a while now, native as well as third party developers have been trying to create a mobile gateway system popularly known as mobile wallet that would allow convenience to the users. All they need is the mobile and they are ready to make the payments. But, not all the so called experiments have been successful. They did provide a wallet, but somehow did not manage to provide convenience. So, would Apple Pay the all new mobile wallet be able to do that?

Apple Pay: The Mobile Wallet

Apple Pay, the payment app, was launched by Apple on 9th September 2014 along with the other most awaited Apple products like iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and iWatch. Well, this payment app was also something that Apple had created a hype over.

According to the launch summary, Apple Pay would take over traditional wallets thus providing convenience and a secure payment system to the consumers. As part of the launch, the iPhone 6 phones as well as the Apple watch will have this service activated on these devices. For this gateway, Apple has partnered with American Express, Mastercard and Visa as well as instigated collaboration with JP Morgan Chase.

According to some talks by internal sources, it has been revealed that in case the service has been used fraudulently, then the person would have to pay out a certain amount as liability. A small transaction fee would be charged by Apple for this service. Even banks would cash on this service which was initially offered by Credit Cards.

How to Use?

The first thing you need to know about Apple Pay would be how exactly to use it. Let’s say you have gone shopping in the neighborhood. Once you have finished shopping, come to the POS where the actual transaction occurs. Here extend your mobile wallet, your phone or watch, and authenticate the system. For iPhone you need to authenticate via your finger print while for the watch you need to double click the device. Well yes, there is no system security within the watch. So, if iPhone 5s and other iPhone users need to use the payment gateway they will have to access through the Apple Watch which is not really secure.

For the purpose of payments, you will need to feed your credit card information into your Apple Pay. You can click a picture of your credit card or add the credit card details to iTunes.

Applications & Beta Factor

Where all can you use Apple Pay? Once you have a mobile wallet, the world is your limit! You can use this wallet at the mom and pop stores, at an online shop, during a third party transaction etc. The main purpose of this wallet is to replace the credit cards and make way for mobile payment systems. This is probably why you will find it being used everywhere credit cards were used initially.

Firstly this mobile wallet will give out convenience to the people. No longer do you have to carry cards or a wallet. All you need to carry is your mobile, which you anyway will. Secondly there is a lot of security in this system. Your credit card pins won’t get stolen, and third party access to your payment will be restricted as it uses your finger print to scan the details.

The payment gateway is still in its initial stage. Though there have been a lot of things that has been talked about it, there are a lot of security loop holes too. While iPhone 6 can manage to use the finger print scanner and access the payment systems, the iPhone 5 and other iPhone users will need to use the watch as a medium to access payments. This watch does not have a secure mode as of now, which means there can be transaction problems or breach of data. This is why the wait and watch attitude is best for the new Apple Pay.

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Developer’s Perspective

If you look at the demo version of this app, you would realize that from the developer’s perspective and user experience perspective this is one of the smoothest app. It has an excellent interface and brilliantly navigated.

The near field communications that Apple Pay uses is a pretty secure concept. NFC has its own secure dimensions which other medium of communication including Wi Fi and Bluetooth fail to own. The whole app is clean and neatly coded. There is no sense of confusion that arises because this app has avoided clutter.

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