Top 6 Ways To Grow User Retention With Powerful Mobile Application Onboarding

Development of a successful mobile app is not solely based on unique and serviceable app idea. Many more layers are included that defines the success of an app. Among all these layers, mobile app onboarding is one of the most important aspects that are often overlooked by app developers. They think that concentrating on app features and UI design will open success doors for them. But, they forget that app onboarding screen is the first interaction point for a user with your app. It can even make or break your app.

For every mobile app development company, building an effective mobile app onboarding experience is quite significant. Development of best app onboarding not only reduces abandonment rates but, also boost success metrics like engagement rate and user retention rate. Todays post describes the best practices to create an effective user onboarding experience that turns initial download rates into highly engaged and loyal users.

1. Build The Path Of Least ResistanceAn application is an experience that you leverage to users. User onboarding is all about making things easy for your users to start quickly with the app. More the complexities involved, more will be the delay in app inception. If users find it hard to deal with signup, discovering app features or navigation with the app, app uninstallation rate is bound to be increased. So, try to make onboarding process easy and quick. You can develop a single signup screen to help a user enter needed details and start with an app. This pattern is more approached in social media and entertainment applications. Eg. Facebook. The key factors user onboarding screen should hold application benefits and value, demonstrating key features of the app and educating users with proper tutorials. The main agenda over here is to make process simplified as far as possible.2. Reduce Sign-Up/Log-In FieldsThe inclusion of long login forms is not a good idea especially if you are designing it for the mobile screen. One of the best scenarios is, to allow users to signup with a single field like that of social media account. However, there are service based apps that require some more information. In such cases, you need to gather information that is mandatory for users. If the information collection is huge, you can divide the entire process in multiple screens. Try to reduce inputs from users as far as possible for best onboarding information.3. Follow The “One Screen, One Concept” RuleThe people easily digest information that is clear and concise. The onboarding screen should divide the information into screens to describe the app concept louder. Division of information into screen will avoid bombarding a user with information. Such practice is more fruitful for function-oriented onboarding where the main purpose is to showcase the key features of an app.4. Give Feedback QuicklyFeedback assist in multiple ways when used in onboarding among which one of the most common is to show errors or success ratio in the validation process. Feedback can also be leveraged in the form of animation that acts as a support for completion of an action.
Lets consider an example: A user signs up for an app but, when he enters a password, the app feedback indicates the user that an entered password fails to meet the decided criteria. Such feedback makes it easy for users to determine the reason for signup failure. Feedback given to user should be clear, precise, user-friendly and contextual. It helps users to get an idea of what they did wrong. It reduces failures and makes it easy for users to navigate the app.5. Use Animation PurposefullyThere are three reasons to include animations in the onboarding process:
Draw attention on app elements that help user to go ahead in the app.
Give Feedback to Users
Space Concept (To represent content in a way that user do not feel they are leaving the screen)
Animations are generally used with one of the above purposes in mind. And, it should be used rarely. Animation incorporated should be such that it draws user attention rather than irritating them.6. Test!User onboarding is all about users themselves. Considering user reviews and feedback and acting upon them can help you to identify conflict point in your onboarding screen. Reviews and feedback are the best channels to improve onboarding screen and provide best user experience to visitors. Once you have enough amount of data to decide pattern, try out new things in an onboarding page and see whether it converts app visitors into loyal users or not.
Mobile app onboarding is most important and one of the imperative factors to encourage high engagement rates and reduce abandonment rates. The report states that best mobile app onboarding reduces user abandonment rates by 30% and so, onboarding experience is something that needs to be given utmost importance. Following these practice will help app development companies to create a highly effective and engaging onboarding process that is not only capable enough to drive user engagement but also expands app user experience. Follow above key points and double your engagement metrics.

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James Scott is the CMO at Hyperlink InfoSystem



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Want to Make an App for Your Business?

Want to validate your app idea? Want to get a free consultation from an expert?

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