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Cross platform apps are in vogue! Yes, you would find many mobile development companies trying to fight the app development costs. In a highly competitive environment, as a development company, you need to constantly strive for perfection, quality while ensuring economical app development services. Mobile app development, for native platforms, can be a costly affair and the only way you can reduce these costs is by going in for cross platform mobile apps.

You need a development platform to get the cross platform mobile apps development. What could be better than appcelerator Titanium app which constantly strives to develop newer apps that are cost effective and base themselves on the popular platforms of the current times! Titanium app development platform is indeed one of the best platforms secured for cross platforms as it has been supported by latest technologies like JavaScript and HTML5. Before you understand why Titanium app development environment is beneficial to lowering costs, you need to understand the necessity of cross platform apps.

Importance for Cross Platform Apps

Let’s assume you have been an iPhone user since a long time. Suddenly, due to some reasons you have shifted base and moved to an Android phone. Now, you as a consumer of phone, would want all the apps that your iPhone had on the Android phone too. To explain this further, let’s say you move to a Windows platform, which is a budding platform, won’t you want exactly the same banking and other apps on your windows phone too. Now, imagine developing these apps as a developer for individual platforms when you know all the three platforms need similar apps. Isn’t it a tasking job which would prove to be costly? Yes, that is one of the several reasons why you need cross platform apps. Secondly it would also save a lot of time and energy of developers, which can later be used on innovation, to develop apps separately for individual platforms. In order to ensure all the platforms enjoy similar apps and hold a secure environment while saving on costs, most mobile application development companies are venturing into cross platform apps.

Why Choose Titanium?

Titanium app development platform is growing popular by the day. There is a basic reason behind the increasing popularity and that is its code base. If you as a developer intend to use its code base, you would find that it can be used across operating systems to develop cross platform apps using a single code. Interesting, isn’t it? Let’s assume you are planning to develop an mobile application for an Android platform. So, you would have a code base generated for this platform. But, if you are using Titanium app development platform, you don’t need to worry about generating another code base for the other platforms. With this app development platform, you can enjoy the same code base for other platforms as well. This is highly favorable for those of you who don’t wish to keep investing time developing separate code bases for the separate environments.

Apart from a single code base, Titanium app development platform also offers flexibility which poses as an advantage to most mobile app development companies. You can utilize open standards while developing apps and gain access to flexible controls. The most important thing that you need to take care of is user experience and interface when developing mobile apps. This is very important. It cannot change across platforms. Titanium ensures that the user experience remains same across platforms while cross platform apps are developed. It uses all the flexibility and features offered in order to make sure this happens. So if a mobile app is developed on an iOS, Android or Windows platform, it offers the same experience across other platforms too.

Advantages of Titanium App Development Platform

There are other cross platform mobile app development platforms too. Titanium app development platform is joined in this race by Objective C and PhoneGap app development. The benefit that Titanium possesses over these other platforms is that it owns an application programming interface which allows this platform to interact with the native languages. You don’t need Titanium professionals for this purpose who will work with languages like API and SDK. So, you as a developer don’t need to spend a lot of time working on this platform to develop a mobile application. Cost benefits accompanied with this platform are really high. Titanium works equally well with HTML, CSS and Ruby which helps an app developer build the same kind of compatibility across mobile platforms. You will find that the open source app framework that accompanies Titanium is equipped with major features and provides an exclusive user interface which helps develop gaming and other UX related apps using this platform. You can even develop apps, on this platform using languages like Ajax and Javascript to create user friendly and highly flexible apps.

With such amazing advantages associated with this app development platform, cross platform app development poses interesting advantages.

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